Why Am I Socially Awkward With Females? (ten Motives Why)

Oct 24 2020

Are you frequently asking yourself, “Why am I socially awkward with women”? Maybe you are not so great at talking to or relating with them and you wonder what’s going on.

I imply individuals are just people today. So if you can speak to your friends for hours, why can not you speak to females?

There are basically various typical causes why this may be, and they’re ruining your possibilities at getting a successful dating life.

The ten Reasons You Are Asking “Why Am I Socially Awkward With Girls”

There are actually a number of popular factors why this might be, and they are ruining your possibilities at obtaining a productive dating life.

#1 – Here’s the #1 answer to the query, “Why am I socially awkward with females?”

You believe that women are best for some cause, that they have no flaws.

This signifies that if you screw up, there’s going to be a super harsh judgement placed on you.

Not only that, but it also implies that you’ve lost her forever.

She’ll in no way forgive you for your blunders.

The truth is so various, man.

As the saying goes: “A hot girl’s shit stinks just as undesirable as yours.

You know that girl you’re talking to?

She has insecurities.

She has income challenges and family difficulties.

She gets nervous about guys as well.

She’s awkward throughout sex.

She’s a individual with FLAWS JUST LIKE YOU and that’s OK!

Simply because guess what, that is what she’s attracted to.

Not to you being great but the reality that you have some character.

Sure, she wants a reasonably smooth talker and sharp dresser.

It’s just like you wanting a girl who can dress up, wear some attractive heels, and make you happy.

But whom do you trust a lot more: An individual who admits they screw up in some cases and is not ideal, or a person who in no way admits to creating a error?

Everybody tends to make mistakes.

Nobody’s great, and that’s OK.


#2. You project all your past emotional baggage and difficulties on them

The purpose why so numerous of us have challenges with our dating lives is that all of our past emotional traumas and unresolved problems come out when we interact with the opposite sex.

So all those instances when you had been bullied as a kid?

When your parents weren’t there for you?

When you felt abandoned and discovered you necessary to survive on your own?

When your initially girlfriend cheated on you?

These are all going to answer the “why am I socially awkward with girls?” query.

It is all going to come out unless you perform by way of and resolve it using tools like therapy, supportive close friends, and your own focused consciousness.

In Mark Manson’s post where , he listed the widespread emotional problems males run away from:

“…by FAR the most widespread deep emotional issues and fears that I come across in the PUA crowd are: ex-girlfriend or ex-wife that broke their heart and/or ruined them, divorced or absent parents, death of a loved 1, death of a parent, or just repeated emotional beat-downs increasing up — no matter if it be developing up in the projects, getting verbally abused by girls your whole childhood for being fat, etc., etc.”

Has 1 of these events ever happened to you?

Have you worked through it at all?

Doing so will make your interactions with ladies FAR far better, less complicated, and more enjoyable…

Otherwise, the past will maintain coming up and repeating itself.

#three. You assume that absolutely everyone is silently judging you

While this is a mixture of the initially two points, it is worth mentioning on its personal.

This belief can be inserted into your thoughts from childhood from getting bullied or obtaining more than-judgemental parents that never ever told you that you have been superior sufficient.

For what ever reason, it comes down to you believing that absolutely everyone is frequently criticizing, judging, and considering about you.

It’s correct: we all judge.

We’re all guilty of it (i.e.: that is what 1st impressions are – a judgement).

But the issue is that most people today are so concerned with what’s going on in their lives and how they look that they do not have considerably brain energy or energy at all to devote to thinking about you.

In reality, it really is super ego-centric to believe that everyone’s just thinking about you!

Handle what you can in terms of presenting yourself effectively and learn how to communicate far better.

But then, just focus on getting you.

The suitable folks will remain, the wrong people will leave.

And depending on where you are in life, these “right people” will alter.

Someone who’s attracted to you now could possibly be revolted by you later, because you have changed and grown.

That’s a good thing, as long as you are moving in the ideal direction.

It shows progress.

In reality, verify whom you happen to be attracting into your dating life:

If they are higher excellent females, that are satisfied, mature, and on a mission, great!

But: If they play games, are manipulative, and are imply, the only continual in the relationships is you.


#4 – You insist on utilizing canned lines and playing “the game” with them

The only explanation a person wants canned lines is for the reason that they aren’t confident enough in their own abilities to carry on a conversation.

Of course if you’re just starting out with dating and talking to new folks, it is OK to have some go-tos – nobody’s best.

But, you cannot seriously count on to rely on canned lines for an whole conversation or partnership.

Mystery is well-identified for teaching the Mystery System and getting one of the forerunners of the PUA movement, largely thanks to Neil Strauss’ book, The Game.

But in the book, Strauss talks about how if the PUAs ran out of lines, the girls ultimately discovered out whom they were, and would normally leave.

Sooner or later you have to BE the confident, care-totally free guy you are attempting to project and imitate:

The facade can’t final forever – The truth comes out no matter if you want it to or not.

The only form of girls who will be attracted to you by the canned routines and false identity you are projecting are those that are portraying their personal false identities.

Each of your acts are born from your own senses of insecurity: like attracts like.

Confident girls want confident men and they will not tolerate this nonsense.

#5 – You never have an exciting life that you think is great and worth sharing

Several times if you are not confident or satisfied with your personal life, you’ll sub-consciously sabotage your self from letting persons in to your world.

When outdoors you’re attempting to portray somebody who’s great and satisfied, inside you’re pondering: “Why would everyone be interested in me? I live on my parent’s couch, I work at the CD shop, and I don’t have any future prospects.”

In fact…

#6 – You assume getting women will resolve all of your other challenges

Quite a few times we use addictive factors to cover up feelings of lack or unhappiness.

If you’re unhappy with your job, life, or body…

If your household is going through a difficult time or is normally arguing with you…

If you are failing out of school and do not want to really feel stressed out about the scholarship you may lose…

Then you will turn to factors like alcohol, drugs, video games, or ladies to bury and distract your self to “solve” your issues.

Or even worse, you will treat them as magic pills.

“I’m fundamentally unhappy but after I have ladies, then I’ll be content and can move forward.”

Have you ever said this to your self prior to?

The sad truth is that the “I just need to have X to feel Y” point in no way goes away.

Save oneself the problems: Girls will under no circumstances total you.

The only way to feel content and full is to feel it solely by oneself, and bring women in to share in your adventure.

If you are fundamentally unhappy with your life, repair that initially, then go back to dating.

#7 – You place far as well a great deal pressure on oneself

Even asking your self, “Why am I socially awkward with girls?” is an indication of putting way too much pressure on every thing going effectively.

In North American society, males have INSANE pressures put on them by way of the rock-strong self-confidence and abs of movie stars to generally be “alpha”.

We will need be the Don Drapers women are looking for.

You need to have to say the proper issue.

You can’t show any weakness.

You have to get each girl.

Every single conversation desires to go properly.

If you screw up at all, you’ve lost “the bang”.

All this stress will run in the background of any interaction you have and not only almost certainly tank every thing, but make you feel like absolute garbage when a conversation doesn’t go specifically the way you want it to… even when you have no control more than it.

For instance: A girl legitimately has a boyfriend and you think she’s not interested in you due to the fact she tells you that.

You assume it really is since you weren’t “cool enough”, not that she’s telling the truth about being in a partnership.

The pressure you location on yourself gets placed on other individuals around you as nicely.

Loosen up a bit.

#8 – You have a Substantial attachment to the outcome of every single social interaction

So why do you place so substantially pressure on oneself?

I imply, you are just talking to a girl.

Sure, it’d be nice if items go nicely.

But if not, there are millions of other girls out there.

It is due to the fact deep inside, there’s some thing that is producing you feel like you Want her to like you.

You really feel like you Want to have sex with her.

You really feel like you Will need to have her.

But just simply because you feel one thing, doesn’t mean it’s often true.

In reality, not obtaining a girl you like would be a let down, but it’s not a substantial deal.

There are plenty of cool girls out there.

There’s just some deep driving force inside you producing you feel like you need to have everybody to like you and approve of you.

But you can not control other people’s thoughts and judgements about you, there’s such a thing as totally free will.

Concentrate a lot more on approving of yourself and your personal actions, which you can control 100% of the time, and you will feel far far better.

You’ll also take pleasure in your conversations more.

#9 – You perceive females as possessing a lot more experience than you

If you are especially new to dating or speaking to strangers in common, you may think that Everybody else has it figured out:

How to hook up, be social, be charismatic, and have an wonderful life.

The truth is we’re all kind of looking in the dark, grasping at whatever we can hold on to that feels right in the moment.

But that adjustments.

As you develop, you understand, and you’ll adjust your course.

It is very achievable the lady you’re talking to has a lot more sexual, interpersonal, and life encounter than you.

Or perhaps she does not.

Possibly she does but in front of new persons she gets all nervous and it tends to make her look inexperienced.

Everybody has unique strengths and weaknesses primarily based on their past lessons and memories.

Perhaps she has extra, perhaps she has significantly less.

Who cares.

Just put your self out there as you, and if she does not like you, find somebody who does.

And as you do this, you’re gaining life expertise anyways.

#ten – You have incredibly poor beliefs about your social abilities and yourself in common

Anything will usually come down to the stories you tell yourself and your beliefs.

Whatever the mind can conceive and think, the thoughts can obtain.”

Or, you can state this as the law of attraction.

If all you ever tell your self is how no one will ever like you, then no one ever will.

If you generally assume that you suck at socializing, then you usually will and will usually speak oneself out of doing it.

In reality, you’re being impacted by a bunch of cognitive distortions: pondering patterns that are not displaying you the whole truth, affected by your previous actions, and safeguarding you from previous traumas repeating themselves.

To get improved at socializing, you require to scrutinize all the thoughts you have, analyze them, and see if they’re truly correct.

For instance:

“We were speaking for a bit but then she stated she had to go. She have to not have liked me.”

Did you ask her for her number at the finish?

Was she smiling and laughing through the conversation?

Did she not appreciate ANY of it?

How do you KNOW she didn’t like you?

“If I go up to a girl randomly, she’ll consider I’m a creep.”

What are you basing that conclusion off of?

If it occurred before, does that imply Every single girl will really feel the Exact same way?

Has there in no way been One difference?

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While you could possibly be asking your self, “Why am I socially awkward with ladies?” now, that doesn’t usually have to be the case.