What To Text A Girl Soon after Hooking Up With Her To Preserve It Going

Oct 24 2020

Being aware of what to text a girl soon after hooking up with her can feel so hard. With a sea of “pickup artist” articles and videos floating around demanding many rules, where do you begin?

This is precisely what I’m going to cover in today’s write-up. In theory, it’s scary since there are so numerous things that can go wrong. Sorry to disappoint you though — in practice, it’s far much less difficult. As soon as you have an understanding of the key principles, the rest is just practice.

I’ll be going more than these principles to enable you create your own style. I’ll also give you a handful of simple examples to get you began. Involving the two, you ought to feel so much far more comfy with the complete idea.

What to text a girl soon after hooking up with her

1 thing the pickup neighborhood appears to neglect is girls are humans also. Don’t treat them like robots or anticipate that every woman you date desires to marry you. Think it or not, women appreciate sex too.

No matter whether you have found her on one of our or you connected at a bar, hooking up is not as taboo as it after was.

It is grow to be increasingly okay for them to have casual sex, just the identical as guys. That tends to make it considerably less difficult for each sides due to the fact you can just be open about it. She no longer has a have to have for the good old “I do not generally do this” line and you can be upfront as well.

If you get through this article and nevertheless really feel unsure about what to text a girl soon after hooking up with her, that is okay. The anxiety may perhaps be coming from some insecurities around dating in general — I know that’s how I began out.

If that sounds like you, I can not advocate sufficient. It is specifically the sort of issue I want was obtainable to me years ago.

Intimacy is okay

That is suitable, you can be intimate with a hookup devoid of it turning into something extended term. No matter if we like to admit it or not, both men and girls appreciate genuine intimacy. It feels fantastic and isn’t one thing we need to shy away from.

Hookups are all about undertaking what feels superior and organic and there’s no purpose this ought to be excluded. You just need to have to learn where the line is between intimacy and developing a connection. For example, you will want to stay clear of producing plans also far into the future.

Prevalent guidance is to keep away from intimacy at all expenses and treat the entire factor practically like a business enterprise transaction. To me, that appears like a total waste. There’s nothing at all incorrect with obtaining to know her, kissing intimately or chilling in bed together following the reality.

It is okay to show you care about her. So lengthy as you set boundaries early on (your Tinder profile or an early conversation), she is not going to get the incorrect idea. Even if you’re not looking for a partnership, you didn’t just have sex with her simply because she’s straightforward on the eye, ideal? There’s going to be at least some level of attraction to who she is and it is okay to show that.

Respect is key

The other explanation I have so many objections to the pickup community is the lack of respect. Having been part of it briefly when I 1st started dating, this constantly put me off.

Their “field reports” (a written account of their evening) replace names with a hotness score. Their suggestions usually boils down to “treat ‘em imply, preserve ‘em keen” and the entire factor is viewed as a game.

To me, this is completely devoid of any respect for these girls and the reason I bring this point up. Just as I pointed out above, you can be intimate with a woman and show her respect with no providing the incorrect signals.

I’ve accomplished so about 50 times in the last couple of years and only after has this been an issue. Set your boundaries, don’t speak about a future with each other and every thing else is okay. Bear in mind, she’s an intelligent individual. She understands and is naturally okay with the arrangement as well.

Understanding what to text a girl after hooking up with her does not require to leave anyone feeling bad.

Be sexual

You are texting a woman after hooking up with her so definitely the topic of sex is okay. Talking about the enjoyable you had together or what you want to do to her is fair game. For god’s sake though, don’t send her a dick pic.

Texting her the subsequent day, I’ll generally make some sort of reference to our night. Either what led us to sex or the act itself. If the sex was especially great, I’ll typically be thinking about it the next day so all I have to do is let her know that.

Maybe the two of you have been dancing to a song last night and it just came on the radio. If it tends to make you consider about how hot she looked although she was dancing, let her know that.

It could be that you hooked up in your apartment and now there’s bedding and clothing strewn everywhere. It is funny and you two clearly had a very good time, so make a joke about it.

If you are still considering about final night, she likely is as well. No doubt you appreciate these reminders and you can bet she’ll like hearing about it for the exact same cause. Go for it! You have already hooked up, there’s no require to be scared about her.

A simple gif concept

With such uncomplicated access to gifs from your phone, taking a moment to uncover the right one can make for the fantastic message.

The gif below is a single instance I’ve utilised a couple of occasions in the proper predicament. As long as the evening went nicely and she seemed into it, a gif like this will lead to entertaining conversation. It also keeps the discussion sexual so you are not providing off the incorrect impression.

1 way or an additional, her response to a gif like that is also going to inform you just how into it she is. Most of the time, I’d get a reply like “ugh, I want. I’ve been stuck at perform all day pondering about it )”.

Gifs are so underrated as communication tools.

Some fast examples to get you started

In some cases you just want to see some operating examples to point you in the suitable path. Most of my day-immediately after messages are distinct to whatever we got up to but here are some that are a bit additional generic.

“So last night was enjoyable. We ought to go verify out [social thing] on Wednesday evening.”

Pretty much too generic, this example is playing it protected. If you are not precisely sure exactly where the two of you stand following your hookup, her response can assist you out.

She may well reply with a “that sounds fantastic!” and you know she’s into you. Even if the response isn’t so optimistic, when it comes to hookups, it is superior to know early so you can each move on.

“Every time [x] takes place today I finish up pondering about final night. Well played )”

The last time I utilised this was a initial-date hookup. I’ll spare you the facts but the music they had been playing at the bar was related to the playlist at perform the subsequent day. I kept hearing a lot of the similar songs and it was fairly distracting.

Rather than retain that to myself, I figured I must share the distraction with her as effectively. Her reply was constructive and we both met up again the following evening.

“Down for a lot more shots of Jager or really should we do some thing far more tame on Thursday?”

If the hookup was at the finish of a quite wild night, this is one more stick to-up message that tends to make for simple conversation.

There’s an element of self-assurance to it considering that you are assuming she’s down for a further date. You’re also referencing the exciting you had together and sympathizing over the hangover.

It’s a very simple message and can operate in so many situations. If she’s interested, it’s generally met with some thing like “omg please no additional shots! Let’s surely go with one thing low key”.

Not so scary, huh?

Final ideas on what to text a girl after hooking up with her

If you come across oneself feeling actually stuck for what to say, just go with whatever’s on your thoughts. It was a hookup so the subject of sex is completely okay, just don’t be creepy about it!

Most importantly, try to remember ladies are just as sexual as guys. If you really feel like you both enjoyed the evening and you are excited to see her once again, it’s most likely mutual. As long as you hold it all respectful, there’s no need for subtlety or cryptic messages.

There’s nothing wrong with telling her the hookup was fantastic and you want to do it once more. Just study the room just before you do. If she appears much less enthusiastic you can use one particular of my extra generic examples to see exactly where she’s at.