What To Text A Girl Right after Getting Her Number For The First Time

Oct 24 2020

Irrespective of whether you got her number on a evening out or by way of a dating app, you’re going to have to text. Recognizing what to text a girl just after getting her number can be a challenge in itself.

The thing to recall here is that having this correct just requires a bit of practice. So substantially of it is basically finding your head in the suitable spot.

What to text a girl after receiving her number

There’s a lot riding on that very first message so it is natural for us to overthink it. The goal of this article is to break down some of those mental barriers. When you can do that, realizing what to text a girl just after obtaining her quantity will be a breeze.

If you’re anything like I was in the beginning, a significant component of your anxiety comes from individual insecurity. You’re not positive what to do, you do not know if she’ll be excited to hear from you, etc. Perhaps you are not even certain .

If you’re nevertheless having some trouble with your confidence, we’ve got you covered. We created a whilst boosting your confidence. This course will enhance your dating life overall.

Cool, calm and confident

There’s that word currently, confident. 1 of the main positive aspects of communicating through text is time. You have time to feel your response through and edit it before hitting send.

Try to remember that she does not just give her number out to anybody. She desires to hear from you and she’ll be excited. That alone ought to enable boost your self-assurance.

If you’re nonetheless lacking self-confidence, you have the luxury of time to function on that and can ‘fake it ‘till you make it’. I do not recommend utilizing this as a lengthy-term approach but acting confident initially played a enormous role in my later accomplishment.

You can be a flustered, panicky mess on the other end. So extended as your message comes across as calm and confident, you are generating a very good impression.

Unsure what this even looks like? Believe of your favorite (classy) Television or movie character. Whether you are a Gatsby, Bond or Harvey Spectre fan, attempt receiving into their headspace for a moment.

The thing is, these characters are the epitome of suave and confident. You do not want to emulate them specifically but you can draw from their general confidence and deliver it in your way.

It keeps you from sending incredibly weak and needy messages. Right here are two rapid examples, see if you can choose the confident, much more productive a single. . .

“Hey Jess, it was excellent meeting you last evening. I felt so lucky to commit time with you. Any opportunity you’d like to get a coffee anytime you are offered?”


“Hey Jess, last night was fun. I just heard about a new bar opening on 4th, we ought to go check it out Thursday.”

If you can speak to her as an equal and are prepared to take the lead you’re promptly on the appropriate track.

Casual language

In the anxiousness of understanding what to text a girl just after getting her quantity, you could fall into the trap of getting too formal. If you’ve just spent the final hour more than-analyzing this short message, there’s a fantastic opportunity you’ve edited the personality out of it.

If you are worried this could possibly be you, study it by means of as if you have been sending it to a close pal. When inviting her out someplace, feel about how you’d invite one of your buddies to that location.

If you are just saying, “Hi” and searching to get a conversation going, how would you do that with a pal? Almost certainly with an in-joke, a nickname or at least a thing very laid back.

Modern dating is a casual ordeal. If you hit her with, “Good morning, it was a pleasure to meet you final evening. I hope we can do that once again soon” it’s going to feel forced and awkward.

Honestly, you are far greater off with, “How’s the recovery going?” if you both had a big evening. Brief, casual and friendly even though staying clear of the ever-harmful friend zone.

Message her now

We’ve all heard of the 3-day rule and unfortunately, some people today nonetheless stick to it. The issue is, this rule is a relic from a time when rotary phones had been a thing. Don’t know what that is? My point exactly.

So, acquiring back to the 21st century, dating occurs fast. If you meet her on a Friday night and do not message her till Monday you have just carried out your self a disservice.

There’s a superior likelihood she’s also on 1 of the a lot of dating apps out there. In that completely arbitrary three days, she’s come across an additional 40 matches and has numerous conversations going.

You had the advantage in that you met her face-to-face. For the sake of an antiquated rule, you threw that advantage away.

Don’t get me incorrect, dating apps and internet sites are superb. When you get a number soon after meeting her on a night out though, that puts you various methods ahead, which is where you want to remain.


No matter how it went down, the procedure of finding her quantity would have involved conversation. There was likely some playful banter which tends to make for quick in-jokes.

It could be some thing to do with what you’re wearing, a phrase you utilised or perhaps one thing you each observed in the bar. It doesn’t matter what the joke is about, use this to your benefit when you text her for the very first time.

It is a reminder of the fun you had collectively and pulls you both back into that rapport you have been developing.

For me, the jokes tend to revolve around one particular of two items. Either my somewhat distinctive and appreciated hairstyle or my smartwatch.

If that was a topic we had playful discussion about, my very first message will be anything like:

“Hey Carly, it is that guy with the terrific hair. If you promise to maintain your hands off it this time, I have a strategy for Thursday evening. You in?”


“Hey Carly, how’s the hangover treating you? If you’ve recovered by Sunday we really should go check out that occasion on the river. I can tell you precisely how lots of measures we take when we’re there )”

As normally, stupid and goofy humor is my wheelhouse. The other cause these in-jokes function so nicely even though is that it’s uncomplicated for her to reply. She does not have to think about how she’s going to respond to an awkward message. Rather, she naturally falls straight back into what is primarily an extension of last night’s banter.

The simpler you can make it on each of you, the a lot easier the entire conversation will go. Straightforward conversation tends to make for quicker rapport and escalation.

Like I stated, not so difficult when you get your head in the appropriate space. So often your greatest obstacle when sending this initial message is you.

With the support of these ideas and examples and our video dating course, you can overcome that difficulty. Add some practice to that and you won’t have to assume twice ahead of you send her a uncomplicated, successful message.