What If She Says No? The Top rated Blunders To Prevent

Oct 23 2020

What if she says no is not a scenario most guys love thinking about. Rather we commit a lot of time speaking about how to find older girls to date and generate attraction. All of this leads up to her saying “yes” literally or figuratively if you met her at a bar or on a single of the we advise.

I would wager that 99% of every thing written about cougar dating is focused on acquiring to that “yes”. Having said that the reality is that you are most likely going to hear a lot of “no thank you” before you truly turn out to be a master of dating older females.

There is great news even though! What if she says no will come to be a smaller sized and smaller sized concern as you acquire practical experience. When a woman turns down your request for her quantity or a coffee date it is generally not purely a reflection of you, she barely knows you.

There are millions of motives why a lady would decline an invitation and it isn’t worth agonizing more than what her distinct purpose this time may be. Older females dating younger males have a lot far more going on in their lives than younger women generating it even far more pointless to speculate.

Whilst this can be frustrating it can also be freeing. Focus on the items you can adjust and continually attempt to boost in those areas. As you make progress you will discover that the query of “what if she says no?” will come up less and significantly less often.

If you receive the unfortunate “no thank you” from a lovely cougar keep away from these prevalent mistakes to put oneself in the best position going forward.

What If She Says No?

Do not get mad at her

Finding angry or upset at the cougar you are pursuing is a excellent way to blow any future possibility you could have with her. It is also a fantastic way to sabotage your probabilities with any of her single close friends. Older girls dating younger guys really like to share stories of their current dates with their girlfriends.

If you blow up and get angry at her I assure you that is the very first story she is going to be telling the next time she talks to her good friends. This is a Huge red flag for ladies. Guys with anger concerns can be harmful and the final point a woman desires is for a person she cares about to be about a guy who cannot control himself. If just pondering “what if she says no?” starts to get you angry you could want to look into some counseling.

The reality of the circumstance is that it is not her fault. It is up to you to make the level of attraction required for her to want to invest a lot more time around you. She does not owe you anything. Even if you spent all night acquiring her drinks and dinner it is nevertheless up to you to generate a level of attraction that extends beyond her adore of free food and drinks. Staying cool, calm, and collected in the face of rejection can simply put you in line to date her single friends.

Never get mad at your self

Whilst creating adequate attraction to move points forward is up to you, do not get mad at oneself. As we talked about earlier there are millions of motives why a lady could not be interested in furthering a connection with a man. Perhaps you remind her too significantly of her brother? Possibly she is a vegan and can’t date someone who loves a great steak? There can be many small “deal breakers” like these that you can not anticipate and an older lady could not even be conscious of.

What if she says no is a situation that is OK to believe about but you never want to dwell on it. Having angry at your self, specifically when she is nevertheless around, you are shooting  yourself in the foot. Just like obtaining mad at her this can be a Large red flag for females. Guys who have anger challenges, even at themselves, are not going to be the sort of guys that a lady recommends to her friends.

Don’t speak poorly about her to other folks

It is incredible how connected our planet has develop into. This is specially true for singles. Speaking poorly of a lady who declined your offer you is only going to have damaging consequences down the road. While it may make you really feel a little improved in the brief term you should really demonstrate a tiny class and maturity and respect her selection.

If you are rejected by a lady and belittle her to your good friends they could laugh and agree but they will remember. They will bear in mind that you speak poorly of other individuals behind their backs. Do you feel that they are going to set you up with men and women they care about if they consider you will trash them if factors never go your way? Do not count on it!

Don’t repeat your mistakes

You are not going to get far better and dating older females without the need of practice. You cannot practice with out obtaining some rejections. If you can get comfortable becoming told “no”, taking that encounter, and learning from it you are guaranteed to be results dating older females. Dating cougars and creating attraction with females is a talent that most guys require to practice to develop.

If you strive to understand from each interaction you have with females than even the situation of “what if she says no” is going to be valuable. It is a really typical saying in company that you discover more from your failures than from you successes. Cougar dating is the exact same way.

Don’t give up

Finding out any new talent has a specific period of understanding at the starting that is uncomfortable. This is no different. Becoming turned down can be a painful and unpleasant knowledge. The very good news is that it is worth it. For each and every guy that requires action and functions by way of the discomfort there are twenty guys who are paralyzed by fear thinking “what if she says no?”. There is no downside to being better with females. You are going to be dealing with females the rest of your life!

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