What Does ‘Hit Me Up’ Mean From A Woman You Are Interested In

Oct 23 2020

So what does “hit me up” imply when you hear it from a lady you’re interested in?

I’ll answer this curious query and also show you how you can take benefit of the situation when you hear these words. That way, you won’t misunderstand her intentions, which will enable you move points forward.

The answer to this query depends extremely on the context of your connection. That is why it can be incredibly confusing to so lots of guys.

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What does “hit me up” imply from her?

When a woman you are interested in tells you to hit her up, it simply signifies she desires you to get in touch with her when you are available.

If you are currently sleeping collectively, it typically signifies she desires to meet for a booty contact. She might say something like, “Hit me up when you’re in town!”

It also applies when you met someplace like a bar and have genuinely hit it off, but she has to leave for a single explanation or another. In this case, “HMU” means you should get in touch with her for a prospective hookup.

However, “HMU” can mean a thing pretty diverse if she’s not that interested in you. The identical applies when you’re not truly dating or sleeping collectively. In this scenario, “hit me up” can mean she’s open to meeting you and hanging out collectively. It doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s currently into you.

“Hit me up” is typically a phrase that good friends inform each and every other when they want to hang out. One thing like “Hey man, HMU when you want to shoot some hoops together!”

So when your crush tells you to hit her up, it might be for many distinct causes.

It could imply you made a fairly good impression on her when you met. Perhaps she’s decided she desires to meet you once again to see exactly where things lead. But it could also just as simply mean she desires to hang out with you as mates and practically nothing far more.

In any case, do not begin looking for any deeper which means behind “HMU” other than that the person desires to see you when you’re readily available. That is unless you know she’s truly into you.

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What to do when you hear “hit me up” from a person you like

Let’s say you’re into an individual, but you are not sure if she likes you back. What could “hit me up” imply?

Due to the fact it is a pretty ambiguous thing to say, you must find out her intentions as quickly as you can.

I suggest discovering this out as soon as she tells you to hit her up, in fact. Simply because you do not want to leave items vague and confusing. Exactly where you met her is genuinely vital here.

If you meet on one of hit me up can mean that she is hunting for sex. If you met in a single of the much more standard it could absolutely various.

The easiest way to do this would be to ask her a adhere to-up query. Like “Sure, I’ll hit you up when I’m free. What’s on your thoughts?”

When you do this, she’ll usually inform you what she desires to do. She will let you know her intentions. She’ll either say she just desires to hang out as mates or what ever. Or she may possibly tell you she wants to go on a date with you.

And if she’s nevertheless becoming as well vague, you can just ask her if it is a date when she proposes you hit her up. Then she’ll have no option but to tell you.

But in some cases, you will not even have to ask her because points will be completely clear.

For instance, let’s say you are hanging out at a party, having to know each and every other and possessing entertaining with each other. You’re flirting a lot, engaging in playful banter and teasing every other. Your hands are all more than her and hers are all over you.

If she then tells you to “hit her up” at the end of the celebration, she clearly enjoyed your enterprise a lot. She may well want to meet you for some thing far more intimate later.

You could then want to take her up on her provide straight away.

How to respond to HMU with out sounding needy

Now that the query “what does hit me up mean?” is clear, you also will need to know how to stick to via. Several guys make the large mistake of sounding also needy when they’re calling or texting girls.

The most essential portion of responding to her is to keep it cool and casual. Attempt to sound like you have all the time in the planet. Let her know you that you may well adjust your availability depending on what she has in thoughts.

Let’s say you are free on Friday and Sunday evening. You can message her to say something like “Hi, you stated I really should hit you up when I’m cost-free. It appears like I’m no cost on Friday, how does 8 p.m. sound?”

If she’s free and the time suits her, that’s wonderful. If she’s not, say anything like “Alright. My Sunday evening is also free. What about yours?”

If she’s not free that day either, do not suddenly get started going by way of your schedule for the rest of the month. Don’t give her a rundown of all the instances you are free to meet her. That sounds like you’ve got absolutely nothing worthwhile going on in your life. That desperation is unattractive.

Rather, if she cannot meet you at these instances when you’re free of charge, say one thing like “No dilemma. Hit me up subsequent week, and we’ll see how it goes.”

This sounds anything but needy. It shows you’re a busy guy with a lot of other things to do, and that is incredibly appealing.

With that mentioned, if you know she’s a busy particular person also, you might ask her “Alright, so when are you absolutely free subsequent week?”

Now you know what hit me up suggests and how to respond. Just bear in mind, if you are unsure of what she definitely suggests by saying this, it’s often finest to ask.