What Do Girls Like in Guys in 2020? (11 Factors Every single Guys Needs)

Oct 23 2020

Have you ever wondered “What do girls like in guys?” In this report, I’ll tell you precisely what women like in the males they want to date. I’ll also show you how you can turn out to be an individual females will be attracted to.

This understanding will help you steer clear of a lot of difficulties with ladies and make your dating life a lot much easier. It will also make sure your initial interactions when approaching girls go smoothly and more in your favor.

So right here are the prime answers to what girls like in guys along with a handful of tips on how what to do about it.

What do girls like in guys in common

Very first of all, every single girl is various and has her own likes and dislikes when it comes to guys. So the very first step is usually going to be figuring out what the girl you are attracted to likes specifically.

You can do this by means of many different strategies but the ideal one includes having to know her properly, connecting with her on a deeper level and then asking her directly.

Don’t go asking this as quickly as you meet someone. Mainly because if you do it the incorrect way, it’ll often look needy. It’s like you’re attempting to figure out what she likes in guys to .

That’s why I propose asking these concerns only soon after spending some time with her, finding to know her and obtaining enjoyable with each other. When you see that she already likes you a bit, she’ll be substantially additional eager to share this info with you.

That mentioned, even though each and every girl’s likes and dislikes will be distinct, there will nevertheless be factors about men that most ladies will like. Beneath, I’ll go over the most crucial ones in detail.

Girls like guys of action

Girls often like and appreciate guys who take action and go for what they want. This doesn’t imply just in dating but in life in general. For the reason that girls are attracted to guys who see a good opportunity to do one thing and then do it devoid of excuses or hesitation. It is all a part of becoming decisive and ambitious, which is a aspect of what makes a guy manly.

Basically, girls do not like guys who do nothing at all great with their time. They don’t want guys who just sit at dwelling watching Television, playing video games and not going out into the planet. They do not want a guy who’s also afraid to take a threat and make a adjust in their life.

Guys like that often lack social expertise and become complacent in their lives. This is very unattractive to women for the reason that they don’t want to be with a guy who’s going nowhere in life and has no active interests.

Girls like guys who are not afraid of them

This is a quite significant point that a lot of men miss altogether.

Positive, it’s from time to time cutesy and endearing to show a little shyness around girls, as if you are dumbstruck and paralyzed by their beauty.

But in most cases, it is quite vital to show you’re not intimidated by ladies at all. They want you to appreciate their beauty and strength of character, not be scared away by it.

If you are afraid of just talking to girls or getting oneself around them, what’s to stop you from running away when you are faced with a genuine challenge? You can’t just run off at the initially sign of confrontation!

Women want to really feel protected and safe in the know-how that you can stand up for oneself and others.

So next time you are around girls you like, do not show any signs of timidness or meekness. Even if you’re a small unsure of your self, do not come off as insecure or needy.

Have a small confidence in your self and show her that you’re a guy she can rely on.


Everyone desires to be around caring individuals, and girls are no exception. Ladies need to have to know they essentially matter to you and that you’re not just utilizing them for one thing.

She wants a man who can assure her that she doesn’t have to go by means of life alone. No matter what happens, assuming she’s in the suitable, you will have her back and be supportive. She wants you to be there for her when she desires you, whether or not it’s just for a fast trip to the mall or when she’s going through a hard time in her life.

On major of that, women want a man who can take care of himself and is also capable of caring for her and any future kids they may well have.


Girls like guys who are robust physically, emotionally and mentally.

Girls are biologically hardwired to be attracted to physically robust guys. But it doesn’t mean you have to look like a Greek god and have muscle tissues on your muscle tissues to become worthy of really like and a great relationship.

It merely means you shouldn’t be a weakling since most girls do not like a man who’s as sturdy as a wet noodle. As I said just before, girls want to really feel safe when they’re with you, and knowing you have adequate physical strength to take care of yourself is comforting.

So, barring some incredibly uncommon circumstances, like when you’re a normal guy and your girlfriend’s an Olympic athlete, you really should at least strive to be a bit physically stronger than her. This is especially vital for when you’re in bed as females turn into immensely aroused when they’re about a guy who can dominate them physically.

That said, mental and emotional strength matters significantly as effectively.

This kind of strength shows women you won’t crumble under stress. This strength implies you have sufficient willpower not to succumb to various temptations like cheating or indulging in a variety of partnership-ruining vices.

This is another element of getting manly and eye-catching to girls. Mainly because when you don’t let feelings get the far better of you, it implies you won’t let other people control or manipulate you effortlessly.


So what do girls like in guys extra than quite substantially something else? The answer is their attention.

In reality, the lack of consideration in a relationship is a single of the greatest reasons for breakups.

This issue arises when guys either do not have the time for their partners, do not want to be about them for one particular purpose or an additional, or simply start off taking them for granted.

So make certain you give the girl you like enough interest by spending time with her or checking up on her when you’re apart.

Keep in thoughts that females have distinct thresholds for interest, so you have to balance the interest you show them.

The trick to obtaining this balance is to give her little displays of your like, affection and appreciation anytime you can.

Discover about the numerous factors she enjoys and surprise her on occasion. Respect her opinions and listen to what she has to say. Text her some thing sweet every after in a while. Program good evenings together and focus on mutual pleasure.

But you really should also respect her individual space by giving her some “me time” when she needs it.

Girls like independent men, not lost little boys

One more large answer to the “what do girls like in guys?” question is independence.

Women like guys who are independent, comply with their own path in life and do not appear to other folks for answers, only encouragement and understanding.

Consequently, they vehemently dislike guys who are looking for girls to “complete them.” Since it implies these males are not content on their own and believe that somehow obtaining a girlfriend or wife will solve all their troubles. This usually tends to make items worse because they end up expecting also much from their partners.

Girls like guys who can make them laugh

An additional big thing that all girls like is a guy who has a terrific sense of humor. In truth, females usually say that a sense of humor is amongst the most eye-catching items in a man.

It tends to make every practical experience a lot a lot more enjoyable and memorable. It lightens the mood when it’s vital and lets you connect with 1 a further significantly a lot easier.

Plus, it makes the entire attraction and seduction approach go incredibly smoothly. That is why I constantly urge guys to understand if they want to be effective in dating and relationships.

Granted, some girls can be very serious, so they’re not hunting for a guy who jokes around a lot. But even critical ladies have a funny bone that you can tickle, although it might take extra time to get her to crack a smirk.

Appears fade, money comes and goes and most items are fleeting. But humor is some thing that can remain forever a cornerstone of a wonderful partnership.

Excellent manners are attractive

When pondering about what do girls like in guys, lots of folks tend to overlook anything as simple and inconspicuous as great manners. But excellent manners and respect go hand in hand.

Truth is, when girls see you are a person who has very good manners, they can quickly turn into more attracted to you.

Having said that, it is important you not only treat the girl you’re seeing with respect, but also other persons in general.

For example, a man who treats a girl nicely but yells at waiters is not a effectively-mannered man. Likewise, a properly-mannered man treats each the CEO of a organization and the janitors with the similar level of dignity.

I’m positive if you saw the girl treat your waiter rudely, you wouldn’t want to date her. The similar factor goes for you as nicely.

So treat other people with respect and show fantastic manners, then ladies will like you far more.

Girls like guys who don’t pressure them into items

Everyone’s moving at their personal pace, so it is wise to give them the required time to do various items.

Girls want a man who can acknowledge the pace of a connection. Some females are okay with sleeping with you on the initial date, while other individuals are not. What’s universal is that they all appreciate men who are prepared to accept “no” or “not now” for an answer. This applies to every thing from kissing to meeting each other’s households to going on trip with each other.

That is why females like and appreciate men who are chill, relaxed and do not stress them into anything. They want a guy who will date them and let them pick out what to do without the need of becoming on their case also a great deal.

It feels pretty liberating for most females to hang out with a guy who respects what they want.

Girls will usually like guys who can be themselves

All girls want an genuine man who is honest with himself without the need of pretending to be an individual else. Authenticity is also about not feigning interest in a variety of items that aren’t truly interesting to you just to score some brownie points.

Ladies appreciate this good quality significantly since it also encourages them to drop any masks and just be themselves about you. They want to show you their real personalities, be vulnerable with you and share their deepest thoughts as nicely as secrets. And they want you to do the identical.

Females really feel comfortable with guys who can be sincere with themselves and with other people. She’ll feel even additional at ease if you are capable to express your feelings honestly.

So subsequent time you’re about females, do not attempt to hide your personality. Allow her to see into your world by telling her about your hobbies, interests and quirks. For the reason that these are the things that make you who you are and contribute to your exclusive worldview.


Women want to be able to talk to you about almost everything and nothing at the very same time. They want a man whom they can speak to about both severe topics and silly, random issues.

Communication and the capacity to listen are massively critical in a partnership. And women really like guys who can listen to them with out actively searching for challenges to solve.

You may possibly not truly care about the random stories they tell all through the day. You could not care about the intricacies of the color maroon and its influence on the curtains she wants for her bedroom. But it is still significant to let her speak about this with you. Simply because she has to know you’re often open to communication, which is 1 of the keys to a wholesome connection.

Likewise, ladies want a man who can communicate with them as well. Too many guys are afraid of expressing themselves by means of words due to the fact they consider it is not manly. But if you want a woman to seriously get to know you, you have to talk to her about what’s vital to you too.

Communication is a two-way street. Females want a man who can both listen and speak up when they have to have to.

Now you have the answer to “What do girls like in guys?” Now this doesn’t have to mean that you must possess all these traits for ladies to like you. Alternatively, it’s most effective to strive to turn out to be a man who has most of these traits. That way, you can be a superior particular person who is a lot more probably to attract girls.