The Comprehensive Guide to Incredible Period Sex (Enjoyable and Clean)

Oct 20 2020

Initially I’m going to tell you something you currently know: sex is amazing. What you could not know is that period sex is some of the most amazing sex you’ll ever have. Contrary to misguided stereotypes, period sex comes with a host of exceptional rewards that will leave you begging for much more.

Having sex with a lady on her period might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you believe of wonderful sex. But that time of the month is 1 of the most tantalizing moments for you to delight in each other.

Taking steps to minimize awkwardness assists to make certain harmony amongst you and your partner. Know what to keep away from, how to manage the mess, how to have clean sex whilst on your period, and capitalize on the benefits of period sex. The full guide to awesome period sex is your blueprint for intoxicating romance any day of the month.

The advantages of period sex

Element of what tends to make period sex so wonderful is the lineup of distinctive added benefits.

No other sexual circumstance brings such a diverse set of virtues. Think about these rewards a proverbial present basket from Mother Nature herself. It is her way of saying, “hey, sorry about that menstruation business enterprise. Let this be a tiny reparation.”

If you are seeking for a partner to try out period sex, take a appear at the we’ve identified.

You’re welcome.

Organic lube

Period blood is an outstanding all-natural lubricant. The silky texture of blood provides the proper consistency for delicious friction. You will be slipping and sliding in no time. Taking benefit of her natural lube saves you revenue and the inconvenience of re-applying every handful of minutes.

She’ll have a shorter period (and PMS)

When a lady orgasms, her uterus contracts. Contractions are a crucial function of the menstruation process. The additional contractions she has, the shorter her menstrual cycle is. All you require to know is that it could mean fewer days of PMS and a excellent purpose to have period sex.

She’s much less most likely to get pregnant

Girls with normal menstrual cycles aren’t really fertile throughout their period. The possibility of pregnancy is highest for the duration of ovulation, the 14 (or so) days before her period. For most ladies, ovulation lasts for one particular to two days, but fertility can final up to a week.

That said, can trigger a lady to nonetheless be fertile just before, during, or following her period. So unprotected period sex ought to still be discussed. It’s a superior notion to use some kind of protection if you’re attempting to steer clear of pregnancy. If you have been following us for any time, you currently know who is comfy with her body and significantly less probably to get pregnant.

It promotes intimacy

Let’s face it period sex can be messy. We reside in a society that shames girls for normal human functions, like periods. As a result, period sex is still one thing that tends to make several women uncomfortable. Period sex is an intimate act that demands vulnerability, trust and communication: three traits of a healthful partnership.

Her sex drive is ravenous

Most ladies knowledge raging hormones during their period. The higher sex drive is due to . Progesterone, a hormone developed in the ovaries, is most elevated during ovulation (about 14 days before the period). So, by the time a woman has her period, her progesterone levels are low.

Progesterone suppresses the sex drive. So, low levels of this hormone (throughout the period) lead to a high sex drive. To reinforce the impact, and rise for the duration of the period, two hormones that also contribute to a high sex drive. That is a winning cocktail of sexual arousal.

Her vulva is much more responsive to touch

In the course of menstruation, a woman’s blood circulates more quickly. That is especially true for her lovely lady components. Her vulva is already coursing with blood, engorged, and sensitive to touch. She’s ready for action. Even the lightest touch brings her excitement and pleasure. Consider what takes place when you give her all you got.

All the (other) rewards of orgasm

Getting sex with a girl on her period also comes with all the advantages of orgasm. Let’s dig into the science of orgasms for a minute.

Pressure relief

Extended after orgasm, the hormone oxytocin has lasting effects of .

Discomfort reduction

Oxytocin operates in conjunction with the endorphins dopamine and serotonin to decrease discomfort. One study showed a .

Better sleep

The endorphins vasopressin and prolactin are released throughout orgasm. When they work with each other with oxytocin, .

Closer relationships

Oxytocin’s extra notorious reputation is due to its effect as a bonding hormone. You when you have elevated levels of oxytocin (like through and right after orgasm).

Stronger immune technique

Orgasms are good for immunity. A single study showed an post orgasm, and a further showed a immediately after orgasm.

Headache relief

Your physique releases all-natural painkillers in the course of orgasm. A single study showed that virtually half of folks with migraine or cluster headache following orgasm.

Fewer meals cravings

Sex is good exercising. But beyond that, oxytocin has shown to rein in food cravings. One study showed a right after orgasm.

A longer life

Orgasms are superior for life. A single study showed that the of guys who have much more orgasms was half that of their orgasm-less counterparts. And, guys who ejaculate more than 21 times a month have a .

What to count on with period sex

By knowing what to count on though having sex on her period, you can stay clear of unnecessary surprises and strategy accordingly. There’s nothing sexier than a man who comes prepared. And as we all discovered, understanding is half the battle.

Below are the major side effects of sex for the duration of periods for guys.

You can still get an STI

Most STIs are transmitted by way of fluids, and period blood is a fluid. Getting unprotected period sex can for blood-related infections (i.e., and ). So if your partner has an STI, you can contract it by means of seminal fluid or blood.

It’s necessary to get tested regularly, speak about STIs and use protection regardless if you’re obtaining sex with a girl on her period.

It can be messy

Most females shed of blood all through their period. In the grand scheme, that’s not quite significantly. Most females won’t bleed far more than a quarter to a half teaspoon all through sex. Evaluate that to the amount of semen in the average ejaculation . That said, it can look pretty messy when combined with all the other love juices.

The good news is, research has shown . So you might not have to convince your lady. If this is your very first time having sex on her period, it’s essential to go over the mess prior to diving in.

You will want to do it once more

No matter if you are a veteran new to the game, possessing sex with a girl on her period is a treasure of sexual pleasure. Even though poor fools are out there commanding “BJ week,” you will be reaping the bounty of getting sex with a lady in her hormonal prime.

There’s one thing unique about that a single week when she’s slippery, horny as hell, and generous in the bedroom.

Speak about it in order to have remarkable period sex

Over time you’ll get to know the distinctive qualities that make your period sex amazing. But there are basic jumping off points to assistance make sex on her period mind blowing from the get-go.

Communication is the most significant issue in getting sex with a girl on her period. Lay your expectations out just before you are romping around and, oops, she’s drooling blood from her vagina. No surprises.

The last point she desires to see is a appear of shock, horror, or disgust creep across your face at a standard physique function. If it is your initial time or you’re hesitant to have unprotected period sex, let her know. If you’re full of enthusiasm, she’ll want to be privy to that as well.

1 or each of you might belong to a religion that discourages period sex. You will want to establish these boundaries just before you get started. Your partner might feel uncomfortable mainly because of societal stigmas or previous experiences. It’s critical to get those out in the open. Lots of girls really feel unattractive during their period when they’re bloated and cramped. Remind her that she’s attractive.

Understanding what every single of you brings to the bedroom will help you gauge where to start and how to proceed. The fundamental concept is to have a clear understanding of each other’s expectations. Getting an open discussion makes it possible for you to ask queries, air your insecurities, and plan strategies to make it awesome for both of you.

Try period friendly sex positions

The reverse cowgirl is entertaining, but if you are trying to handle the mess, opt for far more period friendly positions. Several of them are intimate and sexy, which can support assuage any discomfort you could have about period sex.


An oldie but a goodie. Thanks to gravity, you can curb the mess by lying your companion on her back. Propping a pillow below her pelvis will reduce the likelihood of leakage even far more. Her cervix is reduce and extra sensitive during her period, so deep penetration can be painful.


Lying face-to-face on your side is an intimate position. Appear past the morning breath and take in the complete glory of your companion. Lying on the side assists relieve pressure from the hip, enabling your companion to expertise deeper penetration with out discomfort.


The closeness of spooning tends to make it a popular selection for period sex. You can attain your partner’s clitoris with your hand and kiss her neck. Lying on the side relieves stress from the hip. As a outcome, numerous females can practical experience deeper penetration sans discomfort.

Doggy style

Sex from behind offers a further angle to lessen leakage, specifically if your partner angles the front of her physique down. Most ladies practical experience swelling in their breasts, making them bigger than usual. Appreciating her enhanced cleavage can make her really feel attractive.

Shower sex

If you want to make positive there’s no mess, take it to the shower. Shower sex on her period is one particular of the very best alternatives available. The water washes away the blood promptly.

Beneath normal situations, females can dry up in the shower when the water washes away her juices. The texture of blood minimizes that effect, creating shower sex on her period the greatest time of the month to have shower sex. You can bend her more than at the hip and spread her legs, or attempt doggy style if there’s adequate room.

If shower sex is not your issue, bath sex is a great alternative.

Consider options to period sex

Obtaining sex with a girl on her period isn’t limited to sex positions and wipe downs. Mix issues up. Think outside the box so you can get pleasure from every single other in as several approaches as probable, all month extended.

Oral sex

You don’t have to take oral sex off the table, specially if she’s wearing a . You can have your cake with no earning your red wings. You can concentrate your efforts on her clitoris or mix points up by kissing other body parts. If she’s feeling frisky, she’ll return the favor.

Anal sex

Anal play is yet another wonderful way to be intimate without vaginal stimulation. You can play with her clitoris when you penetrate her from behind, or brush her perineum with your fingertip.

Mutual masturbation

Your sex organs aren’t the only appendages you have to achieve orgasm. Release yourself to the eroticism of period sex through masturbation. You can use your hands, or if you’re concerned about the mess, grab a toy (or 3).

How to have clean sex although on your period

If the mess is an issue, that is okay, but anything you should really talk about ahead of time. You and your companion may well be questioning how to have clean sex whilst on your period. You can maintain the mess below manage to enjoy yourselves without having distraction.

Lay down a dark towel or sheets

If you’re having sex on her period in a bed, trade the white sheets for a darker color. Some couples have designated black or red “period sheets.” You can also lay down a dark towel or to soak up the blood. If your companion is a heavy bleeder, you can use a below the sheets to shield the mattress. And, if you did get some blood on the sheets, don’t fret. There are established methods for .

Use a cloth to clean up

Hold a washcloth or wet wipes nearby for quick-and-simple cleanup when you’re finished. You may not be capable to use them on bed sheets, but you can wipe the blood off you and your companion, and any challenging surfaces.

Have sex on her light flow days

Most women’s period flow is at its heaviest at the starting of her menstruation. Aim to have sex on her period during the last handful of days when the flow is lighter. You can nevertheless reap the added benefits of period sex without the need of parting the red sea.

Insert a device

You can use a device, like a , , or catch the blood. Devices like these gather the blood as it flows by means of the cervix, leaving the rest of the vagina clear. Some women use tampons to soak up the blood. But tampons can block the vaginal canal, making sex uncomfortable for each of you. Yet another selection is to wear a condom. There will be blood, but the cleanup is as effortless as popping it off and tossing it into the trash.

Is it poor to have sex on your period?

Regardless of centuries of unnecessary stigma, the advantages of period sex prevail. And yet, 1 study shows that just over half (55%) of men consider it “awesome.” That implies nearly half of them feel otherwise. Why?

A prevalent reason is religion. A different well-liked response (80%) is the cleanup. I cannot do significantly about your faith, but as you can see, the cleanup is effortless to preserve in check. With educational tools like this full guide to amazing period sex, far more guys can reap the rewards of this wonderful phenomenon.