Shagaholic Review 2020: Will You Shag or Is It a Drag?

Sep 18 2020

When I was initially tasked with writing this Shagaholic review I figured the name alone was a bit of a giveaway. I had some idea of what to count on prior to I even visited the web site but I was going to method it the very same as any other.

The thing is, the far more dating internet site reviews I do, the deeper I look to get into the scene of dodgy ones. More especially, the far more understanding I achieve of the most significant spam network plaguing the sector.

Through this evaluation, which requires a couple of months, I’m sending dozens and dozens of messages to females of all kinds. I want to see how responsive they are, how friendly, and how easy it is to basically meet up with them.

The target is to get a real feel for how a standard guy is going to do utilizing this web page. Then we examine these benefits to our experiences making use of the finest apps and sites out there where we’ve had a lot of success.

As quickly as I saw this pretty familiar template although, I knew it was a different instance where that process was redundant.

Shagaholic Review — Web sites Like This Are Why We Can’t Have Good Points

Ahead of I get into the breakdown of exactly what’s incorrect with this web page and how it connects, let’s appear at the basics.

Here’s a comparison of the major points against . Getting that AFF is arguably the most significant name in (legit) dating web pages, it is a superior comparison point.

Our group rates each and every web-site objectively primarily based on lots of hours of independent research, the functions every internet site delivers, and how it compares with other internet sites. The ratings are the opinion of our editors and their comprehensive knowledge.

Our opinion of how appealing the common lady is that makes use of this web page and how simple they are to connect with compared to other web sites.

How quite a few persons are working with this web site to basically meet people today compared to other websites.

How straightforward is this web site to use and how promptly can an typical individual start meeting persons compared to other internet sites.

Does this web site take suitable precautions to safeguard its members, their identity, and their data.

Our opinion of how effortlessly an typical individual will be capable to realize their dating goals with this web-site compared to other web sites.

Will the time and cash spent employing this web-site pay off for an average particular person based on the opinions and experience of our editors.

It is no large secret following searching at our comparison above that didn’t fare effectively in any comparison we could do. There have been a LOT of concerns we had with the site and these just became a lot more glaring when we compared it to a legit solution.

A couple of the significant problems had been:

If you have noticed any of my earlier reviews, you’ll see that Shagaholic is just 1 of many websites created to get your facts, photographs and credit card details. They present no actual indicates of helping you meet other singles. So if you want to save your time and dollars, steer clear of Shagaholic.

This site is complete of fake messages, fake profiles, and fake promises.

If you’re reading this review in search of a legit dating internet site, give a attempt. They have a broad and active user base and true dates really take place rather than just spam techniques. Adult FriendFinder even has a free trial that you can use to test the waters. After you log in, you’ll see a selection of really true customers who truly respond and are searching to get busy.

Alternatively, lately. Have a study through that and see what operates for you. It’ll save you a bunch of time and keep you secure from the cretins that operate sites like Shagaholic.

Alternatively, if you want to discover about all the other web-sites that operate the same way, preserve on reading!

Positives and negatives of Shagaholic

As with any other site, I do attempt to obtain a thing excellent to say. Sadly, Shagaholic’s great points are superficial, as you will see beneath:

  • Clean, very simple user interface
  • Quick load time
  • Straightforward to navigate
  • A constant stream of immediate messages you can not reply to
  • A constant stream of messages in my inbox
  • Even so considerably as clicking on one of these messages and you’re prompted for payment
  • Not a single real user on the web site

The plot thickens — Shagaholic is an additional fake dating site, a deeper understanding of how they function

The explanation I knew promptly that this web site was garbage (apart from the name) is their template. It’s one I’ve turn out to be however familiar with in recent months as I continue to review these web sites.

Notice any similarities?

In a current , I noticed a footer hyperlink that pointed to With each other Networks. From some investigation, it appeared they have been the firm behind this complete thing.

Hunting at the Shagaholic footer I noticed it was various. Despite employing the similar template and spam tactics, it points to Bulova Invest Ltd instead. Since my usual review approach is redundant at this point, I decided to invest much more time seeking for a connection here.

As it turns out, Bulova Invest, Together Networks and a host of other people are just shell firms for a larger organization. From what I’ve identified this time around, it seems TopOffers is the main organization behind all of this.

They label themselves as a “Premium CPA Network”. For the unfamiliar, CPA in this context is Expense Per Action— an affiliate promoting model exactly where you obtain a commission just about every time your users take a specific action.

In this case, that action is likely to be either user sign up (so they can sell your data or spam you from other brands) or gathering credit card information. Possibly even each.

How do you know they’re connected?

TopOffers boasts 218 dating internet sites in their network. Thanks to the legwork accomplished by , 72% of these share the identical PO box in the British Virgin Islands. Most of this 72% is owned by a single of the following shell corporations:

  • Bulova Invest Ltd
  • With each other Networks Holdings Limited
  • Nelfor Services Restricted
  • Timespace Holdings Restricted
  • Kingsrock Holdings Ltd
  • Northlock Holdings Ltd

Basically, if you see any of these names anywhere on a website, close it and by no means look back.

The remaining 28%, are spread across other shell corporations, largely grouped in other places like Malta (14%).

It is worth having a read through the Snopes hyperlink above to see just how widespread this is. Frustrating truly.

Significant networks mean massive funds

You will get a lot of people today “favoriting” your blank profile

Yet another detail to come from the Snopes appendix linked above is an concept of the monetary scale here.

From that hyperlink:

“Together Networks currently operates dating web sites such as Be Naughty, Cheeky Lovers and Flirt, which had been sold last year to Polyakov’s Grendall investment firm in a deal worth £45.1m.”

That’s proper, if these numbers are appropriate, just 3 of the websites in this network sold for  ~$52,000,000 USD at today’s exchange price. 

The name Polyakov, described in that quote, is a name understood to be behind at least a fantastic portion of this. Like becoming labeled as the “founder and director” of Bulova Invest Ltd. The pretty identical Bulova shown in the footer of Shagaholic.

Okay, back to the typical portion of this Shagaholic review.

They will duplicate your profile on other web sites. It says so in their T&ampCs.

Considering the fact that their actions are blatantly illegal I’m not completely certain why they bother with terms and conditions. That side, they straight up inform you in these terms and circumstances that they’ll use your photo and info and duplicate your profile elsewhere.

“When you sign up to any one particular of our Services we will send you an e-mail shortly afterwards advising that we have created a duplicate profile on Companion Sites to boost your opportunity of finding a suitable match.”

It does go on to say you’ll be given the chance to opt out. I can assure you I’ve been neither notified of this duplication or given the opportunity to opt out. It’s almost like they can’t be trusted. Who knew?

Going back to the affiliate company behind this, it may possibly be that they get paid per sign-up. If an owner can sign you up to 4 internet sites at when, maybe that’s 4x the earnings for them?

Your images are not protected either

This gem is also hidden in their terms and situations:

“…when you upload a photo to any of our Services you are allowing us to use that photo for advertising and other commercial purposes, royalty-free of charge.”

That’s correct, upload your photo to one of these internet sites and you just could possibly start off to see your face about the World-wide-web.

Neither are your contacts

Last but not least, if you connect your social media to this network or add your friends’ get in touch with information spam them as well.

“If you pick out to upload your Contact’s name and email address and/or mobile number you are enabling us to send an email or social network mobile invitation on your behalf, inviting your Contact to join the Solutions.”

It is a tough no from me. Don’t give them your e mail, a popular password or your friends’ contact information. Totally do not go providing them your credit card or you will finish up possessing to cancel it.

Profiles, photos and members on Shagaholic

One particular scary portion about this is the fact the profiles all look pretty legit. Certain, they’re blank besides their profile pictures but that’s truly not all that uncommon. Initiating a Tinder conversation with girls who have blank profiles is a vital talent for a explanation!

Due to the fact they reserve the right to use your images royalty-totally free, this might really be the case. The images might have been uploaded to one more web page by real women and they’ve just been stolen and posted right here.

As for the “members” behind them, they’re just bots. There’s no actual conversation to be had.

Design of Shagaholic

As I’ve described in the other reviews of this template, the design and style is basically superior. It loads rapidly, the menu is intuitive and the layout is nice and clean.

Even the search functionality is easy to navigate and appears to operate nicely. It’s a shame actually.

Messaging and chatting on

Interacting with “users” on this website is a premium feature. The factor is, even if you sign up for it there are no genuine customers on this web site to communicate with.

All the inbound messages you get are bots. Their purpose is to convince you that a bunch of desirable ladies want to talk to you. Hopefully this will be adequate for you to hand over credit card information and you’re in a world of trouble from there.

Take a look at my inbox minutes right after developing a fully blank profile on this site:

Not only can you do absolutely nothing with those messages until you pay, they’re clearly fake. Written by persons who have English as their second language and don’t appear to recognize how women talk.

“My handsome guest,” seriously? Oh my.

What can you do with a no cost membership on Shagaholic?

As with the other web sites in this network, not a complete lot. Basically a absolutely free membership permits them to use your images around the Web and spam you with fake messages.

There are literally no other rewards to producing a profile on these web-sites.

Advertisements on

Although you will not find the porn and camgirl advertisements on here that you’d expect from other fake web-sites, there are advertisements. Alternatively, they link to other internet sites in their network. Like BeNaughty, this website redirects to Flirt which is confirmed to be owned by the similar group.

You will come across these in the footer as properly as in the side panel when searching at a user’s profile.

Being that they’re all portion of an affiliate network it tends to make sense they want to spread the traffic about.

Pricing of Shagaholic

The pricing for is quite very simple:

  • 1-day membership – $.99 per day
  • 1-week membership – $1.00 per day
  • 1-month membership – $.96 per day
  • 3-month membership – $.54 per day

FAQ about Shagaholic

Final but not least, it is time for the frequently asked concerns. Between this FAQ and the rest of the Shagaholic review, you should have all the things you will need to know.

If I’ve missed something significant be confident to let us know!

What is

Shagaholic is a fake dating web-site that forms portion of a bigger network. It poses as a hookup web-site but does not have any real members and should really not be trusted with your credit card.

How do you log into Shagaholic?

You sign up with your e-mail address and a password. Once your account has been designed, click the Login hyperlink on the house page and enter these particulars.

What are Shagaholic options?

Save yourself the time and stay clear of web sites like Shagaholic. Instead, take a look at our . It’ll help you to commit significantly less time hunting for a decent web-site and additional time on actual dates.

How do you use Shagaholic for no cost?

The default account is a absolutely free membership even though it does not let you interact with any members as messaging is a premium function.

How do you cancel your Shagaholic membership?

Searching at what other folks have to say about web-sites in this network, it’s unlikely this firm will cancel your subscription. You will have to cancel your credit card if you want to quit the payments.

Official directions to cancel your subscription are below but if you have signed up for a paid account, speak to your bank asap.

How do you delete your Shagaholic account?

To delete your profile just follow these measures. Note that you’ll have to cancel your paid subscription just before you can do this.

How much does Shagaholic cost?

The pricing for is quite easy:

  • 1-day membership – $.99 per day
  • 1-week membership – $1.00 per day
  • 1-month membership – $.96 per day
  • 3-month membership – $.54 per day

Is Shagaholic legit?

No. This web page is element of a network of fake dating internet sites. Designed to gather your info and credit card information, I’d recommend avoiding this site completely.

How do you send messages on Shagaholic?

To send messages on this web site you will have to have a premium subscription (not recommended). Once you’ve done that you can click Chat from any user’s profile.

How do you search on Shagaholic?

To search for certain profiles on this web site you can use the search bar at the top of the property web page. It makes it possible for you to pick the gender, age-range and location of women you want to see.