Our Total Review of Gleeden.com Following Spending Weeks Making use of It in 2020

Sep 17 2020

Gleeden.com is marketed for these in relationships who want to indulge in affairs. It claims to offer you the discretion, security and confidentiality to pull this off with ease. In this Gleeden review, we’ll show you whether it’s a genuine marital affairs web-site or a waste of time

Keep in mind that you will have to pay to send a message to other members, and it is not precisely low-priced. This is why I believed it was significant to run the rule more than Gleeden to make certain it is worth your funds.

But due to the fact messaging expected payment, we opted for the paid version of Gleeden appropriate away. This expense £39.99 for 100 credits. Though keep in mind that it expenses five credits to message somebody new.

We always use the similar opening lines and profile specifics when testing out an on line dating web page. This way, we can give you a fair comparison to the other web sites out there. Our objective was to discover women who have been willing to meet up right after chatting for a while.

By spending a couple of weeks making use of the internet site everyday, we’re in a position to give you a thorough and complete review of Gleeden.

So, were we able to make a connection with some married girls or is Gleeden also good to be true?

Study on to discover out…

The 2020 Gleeden Review Outcomes

For these of you who are not bothered about mastering each essential detail of this website, there is a fundamental summary below. We rated Gleeden out of ten for the most critical elements of online dating.

To make some context, we have compared Gleeden to for each of these elements. Adult FriendFinder is a hookup web page that we think to be pretty ideal for organizing no-strings sex.

Our group prices every web site objectively based on many hours of independent study, the functions each and every web site provides, and how it compares with other websites. The ratings are the opinion of our editors and their substantial practical experience.

Our opinion of how attractive the typical lady is that uses this site and how quick they are to connect with compared to other websites.

How lots of men and women are making use of this internet site to really meet individuals compared to other internet sites.

How effortless is this site to use and how quickly can an average person commence meeting individuals compared to other internet sites.

Does this web page take suitable precautions to safeguard its members, their identity, and their information.

Our opinion of how quickly an typical particular person will be capable to achieve their dating objectives with this web-site compared to other web sites.

Will the time and money spent making use of this site spend off for an typical particular person primarily based on the opinions and practical experience of our editors.

Gleeden.com: Our Recommendation

Whilst it is fair to say that Gleeden.com is a genuine website, it’s just not the very best about (we would know just after ).  When comparing the price of employing the website to its competitors, it’s fair to expect a lot extra. I spent £39.99 to be able to message 20 girls. But most of the female customers in our location chose not to upload public pictures.

Perhaps that’s to be expected on a marital affairs web page where users have extra incentive to retain their privacy, but we all know that appearance plays a key function in online dating. It is hard for us to grade the high-quality of the women on this internet site.

Having mentioned that, Gleeden does enable users to upload pictures to a Private Photo Book, which can be revealed to users if they make a request and it’s accepted. This fees a single credit.

Here is a summary of the main issues you will need to know about gleeden.com

At the time of writing, Gleeden boasted far more than six.eight million members worldwide. And it was promptly clear that there was lots of activity going on, in London at least.

When you log into the web site, you are presented with Gleeden’s ‘members of the day’, newest members and a selection of those who are at the moment on the internet. This is based on an algorithm of who Gleeden thinks you may well want to meet. You’ll also see a list of who has viewed your profile. You can also manually search for ladies and there are plenty of filters on the ‘advanced search’ web page.

Although only 4 of the 20 women I messaged got back to us, it seemed clear that there have been genuine folks behind the accounts. However, the aforementioned lack of public profile pictures tends to make it hard to inform just who these folks are.

Gleeden gives you the opportunity to supply a lot of information and learn a lot about who you’re speaking to.

Gleeden requires into account much more than just what you look like and what you’re searching for. They also encourage customers to involve particulars like your character, your sexual preferences, your hobbies and extra.

I also like that it’s probable to see who is on the web at any provided time. It is also useful to be able to see someone’s relationship status at a glance. It is not just women hunting to cheat on their man either, but the private Photo Book is most likely to be a useful function for those who are.

On the web dating is a numbers game for most guys. Even the most attractive males will need a decent-sized user base of appealing women in order to secure a satisfactory number of dates. Whilst Gleeden could have this user base, it’s going to cost you a lot much more than it does on other internet sites to spread your seed far and wide.

That’s since Gleeden charges you 5 credits to begin a conversation with a new member. Bear in thoughts that you can only purchase credits in packs of 25, one hundred or 400. These cost £14.99, £39.99, £99.99, respectively.

This spend-per-conversation model does help to eliminate 1 of the hurdles of on-line dating: females becoming overwhelmed by possible suitors.

Gleeden is fully totally free for females to use. However, this model could end up costing men a quite penny if they’re determined to attempt and make Gleeden function for them.

Adult FriendFinder is , and it’s stacked with women who aren’t afraid to reveal who they are or what they want. In our tests, females were far keener to message our profile and it was simpler to swap speak to particulars.

Adult FriendFinder has a far larger user base, and you will not be mainly restricted to ladies in unhappy relationships. Honestly, if you’re struggling to pick out among the two internet sites, we’d urge you to 1st. Otherwise, you can have a appear at other that we’ve attempted in the previous.

Positives and negatives of our review of Gleeden

Gleeden has its personal pros and cons that you might want to look at before signing up.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Plenty of girls to talk to
  • Detailed profiles
  • No sign of bots, cam girls or scams
  • Not so quite a few profiles with public pictures
  • Pay-per-conversation model can prove to be pricey

Profiles, images, and members

Gleeden will show you what percentage of a profile the members have filled out, and the majority of them appear to have taken the time to add a lot of information about themselves. My primary gripe is the lack of public pictures. In many of those that are uploaded, the ladies choose to hide their face.

This lack of photographs indicates it is achievable that the web site is stacked with fake profiles.

Gleeden.com Design and style

Gleeden launched all the way back in 2009, but its web page has been updated to hold with the instances. It’s extremely easy to navigate, and the household page does a wonderful job of presenting girls you could possibly be interested in contacting. It’s up there with the greatest designed on the internet dating internet websites in recent years. Gleeden also has a mobile app, which functions fantastically properly on smartphones and tablets.

Messaging and chatting from our Gleeden Review

You can view profiles and see who has viewed your profile for absolutely free, but it will price you 5 credits to message a new profile. Click to view a woman’s profile and you’ll see a ‘Messages’ button appropriate at the leading of it. After you have sent one particular message, you can continue your back and forth for cost-free.

When reviewing on the web dating web-sites, we normally leave our profile blank for 24 hours to see if we obtain messages. If our blank profile receives messages or chat requests, that is a excellent indicator that the website is full of fake profiles. Nonetheless, our blank Gleeden profile didn’t acquire any.

There are two kinds of messaging you can initiate.

  • Chat. An instant message service. Only obtainable when members are at present on the internet. It charges four credits to send the very first message or three credits to study and reply if she messages initially.
  • Messages. These are obtainable to send regardless of regardless of whether the user is at the moment on the net. It charges five credits to send the 1st message or three credits to read and reply if she messages you first.


We messaged 20 women, got four responses and swapped speak to specifics with a single of them:

Then there’s this fascinating lady who appears like exciting. But then she admitted that she only wants us for our money.

We also got a further 1 who appears like a genuine individual. She seems nice enough, but then she didn’t respond right after the first handful of messages.

The chat function allows you to send ‘crushes’ or ‘virtual gifts’ to indicate that you genuinely like a person. These are free to send and might encourage a woman to message you initial.

Gleeden suggests that sending a ‘virtual gift’ increases your possibilities of meeting in particular person by 30%, but there is no way I can think that’s accurate!

What can you do with a totally free membership?

As we identified in our Gleeden review, girls can access all capabilities of the web site for totally free. Guys can view profiles, see who has viewed theirs and send virtual gifts. But as you cannot message other profiles, a cost-free membership is primarily useless.


We didn’t obtain any adverts for porn, cam girls, other dating websites or weird solutions. In truth, there are no adverts on the Gleeden website at all.


You can buy credits by means of your credit card. Below are the prices:

The superior thing about Gleeden is that you don’t have to have a monthly subscription. It is one and performed as soon as you have purchased and utilised your credits. That way, you won’t have to be concerned about canceling your subscription if the website does not operate out for you.

Often Asked Concerns about Gleeden

The URL is www.gleeden.com

Enter your username and password in the leading hand corner of the household web page.

If you are looking for the ideal alternatives to Gleeden.com, verify our guide on the . These may not necessarily be stacked with ladies who are in unhappy relationships, but that’s necessary for cheating on your partner, is it?

Generate an account and log in as typical. You will be capable to browse the whole website, but it will not let males to send or view messages till they best up their credits. Do this by navigating to ‘Purchase Credits’ in the prime appropriate of the principal menu.

Navigate to ‘My Profile’ from the primary menu, then ‘My Account’. Right here, you’ll come across a delete account choice in compact writing in the bottom-ideal hand section of the screen.

Right here, you’ll be given the choice to re-enter your password and deactivate your account.

When you opt for this choice, your profile will no longer be visible to other users. So you will not obtain any far more e-mail notifications. Nevertheless, you’ll be capable to reactivate your account by logging back in to the web site.

To delete your account, adhere to the same steps you would take to deactivate it. Navigate to ‘My Profile’, ‘My Account’ and ‘Delete My Account’. Then, as an alternative of entering your password to deactivate your account, click the hyperlink at the extremely bottom of the web page which says ‘Delete My Account’.

When you do this, you’ll have to make a new account from scratch in order to access Gleeden.com

Gleeden.com operates on a credits method. You have to invest in credits, then commit them in order to message other members.

You can invest in credits in the following packs:

25 credits – £14.99

one hundred credits – £39.99

400 credits – £99.99

You can conclude from our Gleeden review that this is a legitimate internet site for certain, but it is far from 1 of the best.

There’s no Gleeden scam to warn you about here. It’s a legitimate web site.

Click on the profile of whoever you want to message. You’ll see a button at the top of the subsequent web page that says ‘Message’.

There is a ‘Search’ solution in the main menu. When you click this, navigate to ‘Advanced Search’. There is also a additional fundamental search tool in the left sidebar.