Our MeetBang Review For 2020: Who Can You Meet and Who Can You Bang?

Sep 18 2020

On the web dating is meant to be exciting and exciting. You get to meet up with girls you find eye-catching, realizing there’s at least some degree of mutual interest. Of course, this is only accurate when you’re working with a top quality dating app or web page. In the case of this Meetbang review although, I can’t say that is the case.

I do a lot of these reviews of different dating web-sites if there’s enough demand for it online. For the most component, I’ll run via the identical course of action so they can all be evaluated equally and of their personal merit.

Following that, I’ll set up my profile and use the internet site like a common person for a while, seeing if it’s possible to set up a date. Finally, I’ll switch over to a paid membership and use the web site for one more a number of week to get a genuine sense for how the site functions and how quick it is to essentially meet up with people today offline.

In that time I’ll attain out to about 50 ladies on the internet site to see what sort of response I get. I’m trying to safe as quite a few dates as I can or, in the case of a sketchy web page, to see if the responses really feel legit.

This is the only way that you can legitimately see how beneficial a web-site or app will be for you. Don’t listen to any reviews that aren’t signing up for the PAID version!

Now, in the case of Meet Bang, I under no circumstances got the possibility to do any of this. Let’s take a look at why.

MeetBang — A ‘Dating’ Site as Terrible as Its Name

Let’s 1st review the fundamentals. In this MeetBang review, you deserve to know all about the web site and how it holds up to its competitors. In the graphic below, you’ll see that there’s no contest.

Our team rates every web site objectively based on several hours of independent analysis, the characteristics each and every internet site gives, and how it compares with other websites. The ratings are the opinion of our editors and their substantial practical experience.

Our opinion of how attractive the typical lady is that uses this web page and how straightforward they are to connect with compared to other websites.

How quite a few folks are making use of this web page to actually meet folks compared to other web pages.

How quick is this internet site to use and how speedily can an typical person begin meeting individuals compared to other sites.

Does this web site take correct precautions to safeguard its members, their identity, and their information.

Our opinion of how very easily an average individual will be capable to obtain their dating goals with this web-site compared to other web sites.

Will the time and income spent using this web page spend off for an typical particular person based on the opinions and expertise of our editors.

As you can see, during our review of MeetBang we didn’t obtain a lot of substance. We are made use of to carrying out incredibly in-depth reviews of high-quality dating and hookup apps with the purpose of basically meeting ladies. Occasionally in our reviews we come across web-sites like this that make that impossible.

When you have a internet site like MeetBang.com that barely functions as an actual internet site, and appears mostly set up to direct you to other internet sites, it is going to be very tough to in fact meet ladies using it. based on the comparison above, you can straight away inform that utilizing a reputable hookup app like has so substantially a lot more to supply.

Dating is really hard sufficient with out wasting your time on an app that isn’t even going to give you with any help.You have to have to be using a higher-high quality web site that has millions of folks truly utilizing it. Guys get the very best accomplishment when mixing up on line dating with meeting individuals in their day-to-day lives.

So if you are considering of working with MeetBang, believe once again. You are improved off with a web-site like where you in fact have a opportunity of talking to genuine women and meeting them.

Positives and negatives

To summarize what MeetBang has going for it in this review, right here are a handful of pros and cons of applying the web-site.

  • You can quickly tell that this is not a internet site any reasonable individual need to be employing
  • Questionable internet site
  • A incredibly crass strategy
  • Redirects to fake cam girl video chats

Very first impression throughout our Meetbang.com evaluation

The web site is literally known as MeetBang. MeetBang. The 1st impression wasn’t wonderful just before I’d even typed it into Chrome.

Nonetheless, these reviews are only beneficial if I retain an open thoughts so I soldiered on. Then, I was met with this:

That mix of upper and lower case text ought to be a crime! Also, that’s right, I can get a fuckbuddy for totally free in below an hour! Correct as that may perhaps be, it’s not going to come about on a web page named Meet Bang.

The kicker is surely their call to action — “Fuck Tonight”. Classy.

Mildly amused, I decided to play the game. I click that enticing blue button to see if their claim was accurate. Spoiler alert: it was not. A lot more about that subsequent.

The MeetBang sign-up wizard

By the time I clicked that major, blue and oh-so-crass action button I was 90% certain this internet site was a joke. A moment later this suspicion was confirmed.

It starts with a pretty official warning:

“Before we can show you a list of girls who have requested sex in the last two hours. . .” Seriously? Who wrote this? I digress.

The rest of the course of action is very similar to what I saw when I reviewed InstaFuck recently and this was just as weird. It takes you through a series of questions that I suppose are meant to get you excited for that fuckbuddy. They had been:

  • Many of these females are desperate single mothers and wives in search of some fun. They could be your neighbor or an individual you know. Do you agree to keep the identity of these ladies secret?
  • These women have asked us not to let in males seeking formal dates or critical relationships. Do you agree with this request?
  • Do you agree to practice protected sex when you have sex with a companion who you meet on our web page?
  • Are you at least 25 years old? Ladies have requested we not let persons below 25 contact them mainly because of immature behavior by young people today in the past.

I felt like I was signing up for some kind of secret sex society ala Eyes Wide Shut. Sadly though, that wasn’t the case either.

Ultimately, you’re given a series of inquiries around your sexual preferences. Age, physique kind, sort of dating, and so forth. Note that at any point by way of this method, the buttons you click are irrelevant. You can click “No” to all of the inquiries above and the outcome does not alter.

These poor girls have been just requesting sex. Do they deserve no protection from MeetBang?

Now there’s a sentence I by no means thought I’d type as a experienced writer. . .

The plot thickens

This has been a great journey so far, little did I know it was about to get a whole lot more difficult.

After you’ve selected specifically the kind of ladies you want to have sex with minutes from now, you’re asked for an email address. Make no error, you will get a lot of spam from a host of fake dating web-sites almost quickly.

You click Continue, expecting to enter a password but this is Meet Bang. They’re practically nothing if not unpredictable.

Alternatively, you’re taken to a payment web page so you can sign up for a paid subscription. At very first glance, I thought this should be a paid-only web site. As I searched for a tiny, gray “maybe later” hyperlink like most of these websites have, I noticed the URL.

We’re not in Kansas any longer. This is an InstantHookups web page. What’s frustrating is this deceit is really intentional — the URL literally shows they’re hiding the InstantHookups branding. They’re hoping you feel this is just a required step in signing up for MeetBang.

Amusement turns to anger on Meet Bang

This is where points go from ‘wow, this is so bad’ to losing that bit additional faith in humanity. The closer I looked at this web page, the extra frustrated I became.

They’re hiding so a lot extra than just the reality they’ve secretly taken you to one more website.

They claim in large lettering that “Lifetime Memberships are one hundred% FREE” and the credit card is only for age verification. If you read the fine print on the proper although, they’re also about to sign you up for several sketchy dating websites.

If you had been to blindly enter your credit card details and click Get Free Access, you’d be signing up for the following:

  • InstantHookups $49.95 per month
  • HookupCloud $39.95 per month
  • Milftastic $29.95 per month
  • TOTAL $119.85 per month

This entire time you were below the impression you had been just offering age verification for MeetBang’s totally free subscription. . .

Angry yet? You possibly haven’t even noticed the icing on this scrumptious cake. The pricing is written in text type in the terms and conditions. This will be to lessen the likelihood of you noticing the extra costs. If you see numbers and dollar signs you’re additional likely to take a closer look. Instead, all you see at a glance is a bunch of tiny text in a light gray font.

Due to the fact we’re clearly dealing with the type of individuals that would rip off their personal grandmother, you can bet there’s no choice to cancel. Do the globe a favor, never even go to any of the websites on that list, they don’t deserve the ad income.

I also noticed a lot of spam coming from hijacked email addresses and domains. Internet sites and emails that appear to be actual but are hosting additional questionable nonsense. People suck.

But wait, there’s more

After checking this web page over thoroughly, I noticed I had two other tabs now open as well. One to ComeWithDaddy and the other for MeetBang.

The ComeWithDaddy tab just shows yet another subscription page for you to sign up to. At this point I just closed it and moved on — no doubt it’s also cancer and gives the identical traps.

The MeetBang page, nevertheless, was extra intriguing.

First off, you are greeted with a full screen “live” broadcast from a webcam model as she undresses and spreads on the bed. Over the prime of this video is a tiny window saying she’d like to trade nude pics and asks if you’d like to accept.

Whether you click Yes or No, you are then taken through a series of inquiries. The precise similar garbage concerns from earlier in this write-up, just shown in a tiny window now as an alternative.

Once once more, no matter how you answer these inquiries, you arrive at the exact same outcome. This time, that outcome is ending up on the sign-up web page for the actual MeetBang. Just kidding, you are taken to however a different fake dating internet site. ‘Xmeets’ this time.

Exact same look, exact same garbage tactics. This brings me to my final conclusion. . .

There is no MeetBang

That’s ideal, the absolute cherry on leading here is the truth that MeetBang is absolutely nothing a lot more than a sketchy gateway. There is no MeetBang dating web-site. You can not develop a profile on it, nor are there any girls to view and you’re totally not having a date from it.

The sole objective of this site is to fool you into paying for three other fake web-sites and spam you with emails. That’s it.

MeetBang FAQ

To wrap things up, I’m going to cover the most often asked inquiries about MeetBang.com. Naturally the answer for every single is going to be incredibly brief since. . . it’s not an actual dating web page!

What is Meetbang.com?

MeetBang is a sketchy gateway web page posing as a dating web page. The closer I looked the a lot more it was apparent this is a straight-up questionable.

If you blindly enter your credit card specifics to sign up you’ll be paying $119.85 per month. For three other web-sites, not MeetBang. Chances are there will not be any way for you to cancel these subscriptions either!

How do you log into MeetBang?

You can’t. Since this isn’t a real dating web site, you can not truly create an account.

What are MeetBang options?

If you are hunting for a genuine dating app or web site, we covered a bunch of these lately. Check out our for additional information.

How do you use MeetBang for free?

You cannot. There is no web page to use, just an try to trick you into signing up for other sketchy internet sites.

How do you cancel your MeetBang membership?

There is no membership for MeetBang. If you sign up for a membership through MeetBang it is for other sketchy dating web-sites.

Even though we will not be handing more than credit card info to this firm to test it initial hand, I suspect if you sign up you won’t be able to cancel.

How do you delete your MeetBang account?

You can’t build an account on MeetBang. Dilemma solved.

How considerably does MeetBang cost?

Since this isn’t an actual dating internet site, there’s no expense connected. If you attempt to sign up for a paid subscription for it although, you will be tricked into signing up for 3 other folks. Also fake.

If you do this, the monthly expense will be $119.85 per month. Possibly until you cancel your credit card.

Is MeetBang legit?

Totally not. This internet site is practically nothing far more than a facade attempting to fool you into signing up for other sketchy dating sites.

Is MeetBang a scam or true?

All talk of a MeetBang scam are worth hunting into. This web site is extremely questionable for so numerous motives.

How do you send messages on MeetBang?

You can’t. There are no profiles on this website, it just provides the look of becoming a dating web page.

How do you search on MeetBang?

Considering the fact that there’s no way for everyone to produce a profile, there’s also no way to search on this internet site.