Our In depth 2020 Blendr Review (Worth Placing Oneself Into The Mix?)

Oct 13 2020

We have put in the time to do a full review of Blendr to see if this app is worth checking out or just a further time waster. There are so a lot of factors why we’re a fan of on line dating but there are some traps you have to have to keep away from. Like any well-liked movement, dating apps and sites have come to be saturated with low-excellent imitations.

To save you the aggravation of testing out the sea of potentials, we cover the most talked-about for you. The less time you invest on questionable web sites, the much more time you can commit on fascinating dates in the actual planet. Let’s not even get into the risk of handing more than your credit card to some of these providers!

In this Blendr review, we’re taking a close appear at the dating website (now also a handy app) Blendr.

Not only that, I started with a totally free account then upgraded to Premium, to see what all the choices have been like. I sent out dozens and dozens of initial messages. I had real conversations and arranged actual dates with females nearby. All of this was to see just how nicely Blendr stacks up to the competition out there so you can invest your time on the web sites and apps that will really get final results.

I wanted to see if the hype about Blendr was warranted. Getting reviewed a bunch of horrible dating web-sites lately (and some very good ones), I can inform you right now, this was a refreshing adjust. Let’s take a look at what I located.

Let’s begin with the fundamentals behind a fantastic dating web site. The Blendr app was released relatively recently but I’ll be focusing predominantly on the original internet site here.

As you can see below, Blendr was a pretty fantastic expertise all around. Not fantastic but quickly 1 of the greatest web-sites I’ve employed in current months. Pretty on par with eHarmony, a single of the greatest names in on the net dating, which is no smaller accomplishment.

Our Complete Review of Blendr

Our group rates every internet site objectively primarily based on a lot of hours of independent analysis, the options every single web page offers, and how it compares with other web sites. The ratings are the opinion of our editors and their in depth practical experience.

Our opinion of how eye-catching the standard woman is that makes use of this web site and how quick they are to connect with compared to other sites.

How many individuals are making use of this website to in fact meet people today compared to other internet sites.

How effortless is this web page to use and how promptly can an average person commence meeting individuals compared to other web pages.

Does this web site take appropriate precautions to safeguard its members, their identity, and their information.

Our opinion of how easily an average particular person will be able to obtain their dating ambitions with this web site compared to other internet sites.

Will the time and money spent making use of this website spend off for an typical individual based on the opinions and expertise of our editors.

All round, the Blendr app is simple and quick to use. I recommend giving it a attempt for yourself I had no difficulty setting up a date in less than 24hrs.

My largest gripe with this website was having my profile set up. Fortunately, you only ever have to do this after, but it was mainly about how it handles images. I chose to hyperlink mine to my Facebook account, and it offers you the option to pull images from that.

Want to add just one much more photo from your Facebook account? Guess what – by default, it’s deciding on all of your recent(ish) FB profile pics. Yep, even the ones you didn’t want in your profile. And some seemingly random pictures from other FB albums. The most effective component is you have to delete each and every of these images 1 at a time.

On the other hand! Beyond this infuriating small bug, I loved employing Blendr. So significantly so that I’d put it practically on par with my private preferred on the web solutionsThe most important downside getting that they do not have quite as a lot of users as other web pages (like AFF). You really want to have as lots of solutions as probable when you are working with dating web-sites and apps.

The web page feels rapidly, modern and safe. The verification procedure was incredibly easy (just take a speedy selfie, and in seconds, you will be verified) and anything just worked. There are a couple of techniques you can view nearby potentials also, which tends to make it so substantially faster than swiping.

All in all, I propose attempting this internet site out for oneself along with some of our other preferred apps out there. Blendr may possibly not be at the top of the but it is pretty strong.

Even though we’ve covered a lot of the key characteristics of Blendr in this review, we want to make positive that you have a thorough view of the internet site. Let’s dive deeper and explore the positives and negatives of Blendr.

  • Significant, active user base
  • Intuitive and quick to use interface
  • Straightforward to see pages of profiles at a glance rather than 1 at a time
  • User verification means no fake profiles
  • Not a single questionable interaction
  • Setting up a profile can be extremely irritating
  • The regularity of popups pushing their premium offering can be a lot
  • Some profiles in “People Nearby” appear to be there to trigger the popup to invest in premium

The Specifics of Our Blendr Overview

Blendr profiles, pictures and members

The general high-quality of the profiles on this site is a massive indication that it’s reputable. For most, the images are the same high-quality you’d expect to see on Facebook and Instagram. That tends to make sense, of course, considering that you can hyperlink directly to your social media and pull images from there.

Becoming in a position to see verified members makes it even simpler as effectively. You know the profile you are seeking at has been verified by Blendr (although admittedly, I don’t know exactly how verification works on their finish).

The only negative I came across have been the “People Nearby” popup triggers that I referred to above. When searching at that view, you’ll see a grid of profiles, as shown here. You can hover more than an image and click the heart if you like them.

Every now and then, you will come across a profile where, when you click the heart, you get a popup. Each time you click the heart on that certain profile, the popup is all that takes place. Initially, I thought I’d hit a “like” limit. On additional testing though, I could nonetheless like other profiles and get no popup.

That is a little frustrating and takes away from the good quality really feel of the website to an extent. Nevertheless, it’s rather a niche trouble, and I had lots of good results with Blendr regardless.

In terms of how desirable the women are on the website, it is your standard on the web dating fare. I’d say it is exactly on par with both Tinder and Bumble. Neither above or below average just typical persons in your location.


As a minimalist fan, I definitely love the style of this internet site. No clutter or complicated menus to navigate, just the necessary items proper where you expect to discover them. As a side note, if you have ever made use of the dating web page Baddoo, Blendr will really feel really familiar. It seems they’re owned and operated by the exact same company.

No flashing or animated porn advertisements, no retina-searing colors pushing for your credit card facts. Just a clean, intuitive interface so you can focus on what you’re there for – acquiring ladies to date!

I’d even go so far as to say this is one of the ideal searching dating sites I’ve used. This clean and modern appear is however another aspect that adds to the qualified and trustworthy feel of Blendr.

Messaging and chatting with females on Blendr

When once more, clean, basic and productive. As soon as you’ve matched with somebody, they’ll show up below each Matched and Messages in the left pane. As opposed to a lot of dating websites and apps, you can also message women without having having to match.

After a conversation has started, you can discover these messages below Messages. Crazy, huh?

From there, it looks and feels a lot like any web-primarily based chat interface you’ve ever made use of. A list of conversations down the left, your actual conversation with the chosen particular person on the appropriate and a text box at the bottom. No added gimmicks, just a quite clean and very simple chat knowledge.

All of this occurs on a free account as well. The difference with messaging as a paid member is that your messages take priority in her Messages interface. You show up above absolutely free members, so she’ll see you even if she’s been flooded with attention.

In the month I’ve been using Blendr, I’ve yet to see a single questionable message. No spam or attempts to direct me to yet another site.

The response rate has been nicely above average also. I got a response from 100% of the girls I reached out to, which is a 1st for me personally. In fairness, I was picky about my choice course of action, but I am with Tinder, Cougar Life, and Bumble also. The response rate on these apps is closer to 70% for me by comparison.

The Messages window shows a green dot for customers that are on-line at the time, much like Facebook Messenger. I’ve noticed these ladies had been active really frequently. Not sufficient to look fake, but I do get the feeling Blendr prioritizes active customers, which is a good touch.

What can you do with a free membership?

A further point that I was pleasantly surprised to see on this web page was how considerably you can do for absolutely free. That is to say, you can use it effectively without the need of spending a cent.

The paid membership does give you a list of perks, of course (), but you do not will need them. They’re just nice additions to give you that further edge.

With the free of charge membership, you can see girls nearby, match and chat to them devoid of restriction. There does not look to be a limit on likes and you don’t have to match prior to you chat. Even as a no cost member.

This indicates each and every conversation, phone number exchange, etc. would have happened with or with no paying.

No matter if the perks of a paid membership are worth it to you is entirely subjective. Given that they don’t use ads on their website, it may be worth paying premium just to help the site devs, honestly. In particular due to the fact $69.99 offers you lifetime access to the premium features.


This is a delightfully short section of this Blendr review. Like any higher good quality and trustworthy dating internet site, there are no ads. Easy.

The Blendr pricing model

Pricing is possibly the most difficult portion of this web page, so let’s take a look at it in extra detail.

The biggest paid alternative here is Blendr Premium. It unlocks the below functions:

  • See who has liked you
  • Your messages are highlighted in her Messages window so you stand out
  • See who has added you as a preferred
  • Undo your vote (misclicks come about)
  • Come to be invisible  (you can check out profiles, and so forth. with out anyone knowing)
  • Chat with new customers as quickly as they join Blendr
  • Get access to Blendr’s “most popular” customers

They’re good perks for positive. Whether they’re adequate for you is entirely your decision.

Blendr Premium Pricing

  • One particular day $.79
  • A single week $four.50
  • One particular month $14.99
  • Three months $35.99
  • Six months $53.99
  • Lifetime $69.99

As generally, the longer you commit for, the less costly it gets per day. Realistically, if you’re thinking of 3 months or more, you may possibly as properly spend for the Lifetime choice.

Blendr Credits

In addition to Premium, you can also obtain Blendr Credits which allow you to do a couple of more factors. Credits let you purchase the following perks:

  • Show up 1st in search results so you’re noticed by additional females
  • Have your profile “Featured” on every single page for even far more exposure
  • Show up much more generally in “Encounters”
  • The capacity to send Gifts in Messages
  • Add Stickers to your messages
  • See more people today in Encounters
  • Chat to additional folks in Messages
  • Notify females that you are on the internet

Every of these options can be unlocked by exchanging Blendr Credits. For example, it charges 250 Credited to unlock stickers in Messages. These perks are separate from Blendr Premium and expense the exact same either way.

As you may expect, Credits get less expensive as you invest in larger quantities at as soon as. Here’s a appear at the pricing selections.

  • 100 Credits $2.50
  • 550 Credits $12.49
  • 1,250 Credits $24.99
  • 2,750 Credits $49.99

When again, no matter if these perks are worth it is extremely subjective. To me, not definitely. If your objective is to get as quite a few dates as attainable, then Premium and Credits are your good friends.

Blendr FAQ

For the final component of this Blendr review, let’s take a look at the internet’s much more often asked concerns. As often, if you have concerns I haven’t answered in the review, be confident to let us know!

What is Blendr.com?

Blendr.com is a dating web page (there’s now a Blendr app also) designed to aid you come across girls nearby.

You set an age variety and no matter whether you’re searching for guys, females, or each and Blendr does the rest.

How do you log into Blendr.com?

Blendr gives you a host of alternatives for signing up and logging in. You can make an account in the old-fashioned way by deciding on a username and password.

Alternatively, you can use your current Facebook or Google accounts to authenticate. Personally, I prefer this system, due to the fact it signifies 1 significantly less username/password combo to remember. You can use other accounts also they’re just lesser-known websites (e.g. Yandex, MSN, and so forth.).

What are Blendr.com alternatives?

There are countless alternatives for on-line dating websites. Since this question is an whole topic in itself, we decided to go ahead and shortlist the very best for you!

Verify out our review of worth employing as alternatives.

How do you use Blendr.com for totally free?

By default when you log in, you’re set up with a absolutely free account. This makes it possible for you to do every little thing you will need to set up dates with women.

There are a variety of paid choices that give you access to exclusive perks. Whether or not or not these are worthwhile depends on what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re all about volume, a couple of dollars will give you a lot additional exposure.

Otherwise though, you can still see women nearby, match, and chat with them just fine.

How do you cancel your Blendr Premium membership?

You can cancel your Blendr Premium in your account settings. Just following these methods:

How do you delete your Blendr account?

Deleting your Blendr account is equally simple. Stick to these methods:

How significantly does Blendr.com cost?

You can use Blendr for totally free without having any main restrictions. If you want access to the exclusive perks, you’re provided two paid possibilities. Blendr Premium and buying Blendr Credits.

Every single of these offers access to distinctive factors and have rather a distinctive pricing model. For a lot more info about price and perks, verify out .

Is Blendr.com legit?

Yes. Blendr is a legit site and 1 you’re going to come across plenty of good results with. It is simple, quick to use, and isn’t loaded with questionable or explicit ads like many competitors.

Is Blendr.com a scam or genuine?

There is no Blendr scam, plain and easy. Some people have been asking about a potential Blendr scam on line. From my encounter, there’s no explanation to really feel like this web-site is a danger in the slightest.

How do you send messages on Blendr?

Sending messages on Blendr can be done in 1 of two strategies. This applies whether you are employing a free of charge or paid account.

After you’ve matched with a person, you will obtain them in your Messages section. Alternatively, you can mouse over a profile, and click the speech bubble or click Message from within their profile. Either of these will permit you to message her with out even possessing to match.

How do you search on Blendr?

Blendr functions far more like Tinder and Bumble in that you can not definitely “search”. Instead, you set the gender and age range you’re hunting for and Blendr will present you with appropriate people in your region.

Have you provided Blendr a go? Tell us how you felt about it!