Our 2020 UberHorny Review: A Familiar Design with Familiar Techniques

Oct 12 2020

We’ve spent the final couple of months trying out and placing collectively this review of UberHorny. We spend a lot of time these days attempting out all the new dating and hookup internet sites and putting collectively these reviews for great explanation. It’s not just due to the fact folks are looking for them, it is mainly because most dating internet sites out there are rip offs.

Of all the hookup sites I’ve reviewed over the previous 12 months or so, I can count on one hand how lots of had been legit. Of those, only one or two proved to be worth the funds.

To give every single web site a fair and detailed review, I run by means of the same procedure on every site. Or at least, as considerably of that course of action as is feasible. I’ll often commence out with a free of charge, blank account and just let it sit for a day or two. I want to see if I’ll receive a bunch of messages or e mail spam just before I’ve even added a profile. Since no real user would ever message a fully empty profile, this sets up a possible red flag.

Following that, I’ll go ahead and comprehensive my profile, just as I would any other dating site. I’ll add top quality photos, my age, gender, place and a quality bio so I have the greatest likelihood of finding true dates. I’ll then use the web page as a no cost user for a couple of weeks to see if I can manage actual dates. Following that, I’ll move on and essentially sing up for a paid account if the internet site appears even remotely genuine. For the remaining many weeks I’ll use the internet site with this premium account and see if I’m in a position to get any a lot more dates this way.

In the end, I want to see first-hand if the web-site is legit and no matter if or not the paid features are worth the dollars. By sticking with this procedure, I can give you a detailed run-down of what the web page is really like to use. Far much more valuable than just skimming the residence web page and producing assumptions.

Now, let’s speak about what I located whilst setting up for this UberHorny dating site review.

Our UberHorny Review — A Familiar Design and style with Familiar Tactics

Prior to I go any additional, let’s take a appear at this website compared to as a good baseline. From my encounter, Adult FriendFinder is one of the finest hookup internet sites out there. It’s legit, reputable and complete of genuine folks. Let’s see how UberHorny.com stacks up:

Our group prices each web page objectively based on many hours of independent research, the functions each and every web-site provides, and how it compares with other internet sites. The ratings are the opinion of our editors and their substantial knowledge.

Our opinion of how desirable the standard lady is that uses this internet site and how uncomplicated they are to connect with compared to other internet sites.

How quite a few people are using this web-site to actually meet persons compared to other web pages.

How uncomplicated is this web page to use and how immediately can an average person begin meeting folks compared to other sites.

Does this web-site take suitable precautions to safeguard its members, their identity, and their data.

Our opinion of how simply an typical individual will be in a position to reach their dating ambitions with this website compared to other sites.

Will the time and income spent making use of this internet site spend off for an typical particular person based on the opinions and encounter of our editors.

The a lot more of these web-sites I review, the far more familiar I get with the prevalent low-excellent web site templates. Far more often than not these days, I can spot a dodgy web site the moment I log in and see the layout.

In the case of this UberHorny dating internet site review, that is exactly what occurred. It is a direct replica of HornyMatches and no doubt a host of other low-excellent web pages that I have yet to verify out.

As you can see here, the layout is the same, the internet site name is equivalent too. As you will see under, the tactics they use were fundamentally identical which came as no surprise. Red flags were popping up from the moment I had an account.

Reading all of this in the terms of the internet site wasn’t a fantastic get started. Still, I’ve produced wrong assumptions about dating web pages ahead of so I pressed on. I made the blank profile as usual and was amazed to obtain that I didn’t have any inbox spam. Sadly, inside about 20 minutes I began to get some messages but hey, credit exactly where it’s due, suitable?

Sadly, I can’t even read the message:

This is anything I saw on HornyMatches as effectively and it’s a claim I cannot seem to validate. They don’t say what year they allegedly won this award. Browsing for proof of this win does not turn up any evidence at all.

Close to as I can inform, this is a false claim. Contemplating how obviously fake this “dating” web page is, I cannot see AVN (Adult Video News) providing them a damn factor. The AVN awards are no joke but this web-site certainly is.

Plain and easy, this web-site isn’t a single you should be trusting with your credit card information. The profiles are really most likely fake, the conversations make no sense and every thing is made to get you to pay for a membership.

Rather, you should use anything more reputable like . They have over 60 million actual users and have a strong reputation as a genuine internet site to find hookups. If you want to discover other solutions as well, we covered in a separate post.

Whichever way you go, do not waste your time on web pages like UberHorny.com. By all indicates though, spend attention to reviews like this one particular so you’re superior educated on what a negative dating web-site looks like.

I’ll be covering that in more detail beneath.

Pros and cons of UberHorny

Primarily based off our recommendation, you can currently tell that this web-site doesn’t have a lot going for it. But with that said, it isn’t all negative.

  • Most fake profiles are straightforward to spot
  • Setting your search parameters is straightforward
  • Search benefits are effortless to skim
  • The website is not trustworthy
  • The vast majority of profiles are fake
  • Continual fake messages
  • Dwelling page cluttered with profiles from out of state

The site’s terms set an ominous tone

Possessing carried out so several of these reviews, I’ve learned to read through the boring legal ramblings just before signing up. I can frequently get a fantastic thought of what to count on just based on what they set out here, expecting nobody to read it.

In the case of UberHorny, I located a handful of gems that seriously set the tone for every thing else. Here’s what I discovered:

Honestly, at 1st, it seemed like possibly we were onto a winner right here. They particularly set out, in bold, that they do not create any profiles on the web page. Primarily based on my practical experience, this seems to be a bold lie rather than a bolded statement. More about that later.

You can see the long-winded legal jargon below but in the end, it boils down to this. By producing a profile and uploading pictures you’re providing them the correct to use them for marketing and advertising purposes.

This use is royalty-free of charge and they can use your material to market UberHorny and “… all other websites which share a common database…” with it. If you don’t want to risk becoming the face of UberHorny, HornyMatches and who knows what else, stroll away. Unquestionably do not upload any pictures!

That is right, irrespective of whether you like it or not, by making an UberHorny profile, you’re going to show up on other web sites. It does not specify which other web-sites specifically, just that “… your profile will be shared with other dating and “hook-up” websites…”.

I assure you this is not a tactic legitimate dating websites use. Typically, the cause they do this is due to the fact they’re portion of an affiliate network. They get paid by the network based on the quantity of profiles and/or paid sign-ups they get.

That suggests if they reserve the correct to duplicate your information across 10 web sites, they get ten times the revenue. I have no way to verify that’s precisely what’s taking place here but that’s generally why this occurs.

As you’ll also see in the last screenshot above, they also reserve the ideal to use your videos. If you upload anything to the web page, they can add their personal watermark (UberHorny or any of their other fake internet sites) and use that clip. Also royalty-absolutely free.

If you pick out to use the site and attempt a paid membership, there might be a likelihood you can get your funds back. I wouldn’t count on them honoring this but it is in their Terms. You can see the actual text beneath but basically this line is the most essential part:

“If the sole cause you upgrade your membership is to correspond with one particular specific member and such member does not respond to your correspondence, you may request a full refund inside ten (10) days…”

In quick, if a pop-up message from a possibly fake user fools you into paying for a membership, you can get a refund inside 10 days.

Design and style

As you can see from the screenshot beneath, there’s a lot going on right here. Photos, boxes, notifications and menus all over the location — it is challenging to know exactly where to appear! After you have spent some time there it becomes a little far more tolerable. That mentioned, it’s not the sort of website you want to be subjecting oneself to for that long!

To me, it feels like it is in all probability a internet site they set up back in 2005 and have just added things to because then. Simply because it’s not an actual dating web-site, they most probably run with the superior old “if it ain’t broke, do not repair it” idea.

What can you do with a totally free membership?

Not a entire lot, actually. When we initially , they’d let you attempt conversations with their “members.” These attempts have been a bit of a joke. In this case, they lock these failed conversations behind a paywall. Now, you need to spend before you can do anything. You cannot even open a user’s profile devoid of a paid account!

What you can do although is appear about the web-site and search for members nearby. When employing the ‘Search’ function you can choose a quantity of parameters to search by. The usual elements like age, gender, location, and so forth. You will see a grid of customers like in the screenshot under but you can not interact with them in any way.

Essentially, as a free user it’s a case of “look but don’t touch.” I suppose the far more you can touch, the simpler it is to see that this site does not function, appropriate?


Real dating web sites earn their cash by means of ongoing subscriptions. They don’t require to gather advertising income by putting ads for other internet sites on their personal.

So, one more prevalent red flag that a dating website is fake or at least low good quality is specifically this — advertisements to other web sites. In the case of UberHorny (and, unsurprisingly, HornyMatches), you are going to uncover CamSoda advertisements. Really subtle ones like the screenshot under, promising free of charge tokens when you sign up.

As you can see, this present is for “Uberhorny.com Members Only”

But it’s also for “Hornymatches.com Members Only.” It is nearly like these guys cannot be trusted or anything.


If you decide on to sign up for a paid account on UberHorny.com you have a handful of possibilities out there.

Given that you can not genuinely do something on the site, you have no decision but to pick out a paid membership. If you insist on trying it oneself, at least you know you can do so for $1.14.

UberHorny: Frequently Asked Inquiries

Finally, let’s run by means of some of the most often asked queries to wrap up this UberHorny review.

What is UberHorny.com?

UberHorny is a terrible dating website. Whilst it claims to be a legit site aimed at facilitating hookups, I’m but to see any evidence that it is a legit internet site. A direct replica of the equally questionable HornyMatches, I’d suggest hunting elsewhere for on the web dating.

How do you log into UberHorny.com?

Logging into UberHorny is uncomplicated. If you have an account, just click Member Login in the major ideal corner and enter your login info.

If you don’t have an account however, the proper side of the home page is a pretty very simple kind for you to total. This gives you a UberHorny.com profile you can use to log in. By default it’ll be a free of charge account and if you choose to upgrade later you can do that from your profile.

What are UberHorny.com alternatives?

Considering the fact that you are not going to meet genuine women on this web-site, you’ll need to appear elsewhere. Take a appear at our review of the for some excellent alternatives.

How do you use UberHorny.com for free?

If you want to log in and appear around the web-site, all you require to do is make a free of charge profile from the household web page. As a cost-free user, it is essentially a case of “look but do not touch.”

How do you cancel your UberHorny.com membership?

Cancelling your paid membership with UberHorny is very uncomplicated:

How do you delete your UberHorny.com account?

The actions to deactivate your UberHorny account are extremely similar:

How significantly does UberHorny.com cost?

UberHorny offers various pricing solutions for their paid membership. If you want to attempt it for your self this can be carried out for as little as $1.14 for their two day trial.

Is UberHorny.com legit?

No. It is a replica of a further low-high-quality dating web site, HornyMatches.com. You will not come across true customers on this web-site to interact with.

How do you send messages on UberHorny.com?

With a cost-free account? You can’t. As a paid user, you can just click on either Send Message or Fast Chat in a user’s profile to interact.

How do you search on UberHorny.com?

Browsing for profiles on this internet site is straightforward. Just click Member Search from the menu. Of course, this is a pointless venture given that there aren’t any real customers for you to obtain!