No cost Cougar Contacts 2020 Review – Is FreeCougarContacts A Scam?

Oct 02 2020

In our review of Totally free Cougar Contacts we will use our experience to evaluate the web site and see if it is legit or a waste of time. As we have carried out over and over in our we appear for all the warning indicators that point to a scam website.

There are a lot of fake web-sites out there that you need to have to prevent. We have reviewed dozens of the most common web sites for dating older females and have become incredibly great at spotting the fraudulent internet sites and separating them out from the genuine ones.

We look at every single crucial characteristic of the web page from the quantity of existing customers, how preferred they are in Google searches, to how updated their design is.

In our review below, we will see how measures up to the other cougar dating sites around.

Free Cougar Contacts Review – Is FreeCougarContacts A Scam?

Right after a thorough investigation of the website, we have expanded on our findings beneath.

No cost Cougar Contacts Warning Sign #1 – Tons of advertisements for other dating sites

If you appear at the picture to the left of the Free of charge Cougar Contacts internet site you can barely see anything but ads. This site is a substantial collection of ads for other dating internet sites. At least 75% of the accessible screen space it taken up by numerous ads for other dating web pages.

Any dating site the spends all of its time advertising for other web-sites is virtually absolutely a scam. This is usually adequate to turn about but we will move forward.

The only legit web sites we found are and

As we review dozens and dozens of sites for our just about every year it has develop into pretty obvious that there is only 1 web page especially for meeting cougars that is worth anyone’s time (if you want a partnership), . If you have one web-site to use to meet for genuine relationships, it is this a single.

Of all the cougar web pages out there they have the most members (7 million+), they are the easiest to use, and they will give you the most effective likelihood to in fact come across that single cougar you are seeking for.

You can so you don’t have to take our word for it. Verify them out and see what we mean.

On the flip side, if you are just seeking for sex is going to beat out Cougar Life when seeking for women 35+. You can still come across a lot of ladies on Cougar Life who are searching to get laid but Adult FriendFinder is 100% focused on connecting people for that.

With more than 50,000,000 members, they have by far the most cougars and every single lady on the internet site is seeking to meet a guy for a fling. The only other comparable app the delivers something close is Tinder and there just are not several women more than 30 that us it.

Warning Sign #two – All the new members are men

When investigating we located that you have the capacity to see who the most recent subscribers are. Naturally, we believed this would be a great way to see who is at present using the web site. It turns out we have been suitable.

From our cursory investigation, it appears that only males are registering for this web-site. The “new members” section is essentially dozens and dozens of males all searching for cougars to date. Sadly it doesn’t seem that any of the girls they seek are actually on this internet site.

Warning Sign #three – The female profiles are fake

Soon after some looking, we have been capable to come across some actual female profiles on the web site. Unfortunately, the profiles of the desirable ladies, if not all the women, are clearly fake.

There are a bunch of profiles that have appealing females on them on but they are extremely apparent fakes. You have wonderful models who are claiming to be cougars but list their age as 17, the hair color as “a small grey”, and that they are seeking for cubs. It appears that the creator of this web page just randomly filled a bunch of profiles with images of models and random profile information and facts.

Warning Sign #four – No members

If the fake profiles were not terrible sufficient there simply are not adequate profiles on this site. Searching across the whole site for girls there are only a total of 649 profiles.

If the investigation we did into these profiles we did look at is any indication virtually all of these profiles are also fake. Basically place there are no ladies on this web site.

Warning sign #5 – Pretty low internet visitors

To get a much better idea of who is essentially working with the site we dug a bit deeper into the actual net visitors. Employing a few tools that we have at our disposal we were capable to see particularly low numbers of people today browsing Google for this web page.

We identified that on average much less than a thousand persons are going to the web site every single month through Google. This is exceptionally low! Most reputable internet sites will have tens if not hundreds of thousands of people obtaining their website making use of Google each month. How else will they get new members???

Dating internet sites depend heavily on continually attracting new members to the website. If they don’t they will immediately disappear. With an nearly comprehensive lack of new members coming in it isn’t hard to think that this internet site is fairly dead.

Warning sign #six – Outdated celebrity photographs

If you appear on the homepage the very first point you are going to see is that they have a image of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. If you comply with celebrity gossip at all you will know that this photo is various years old and they have not been collectively for a extended time.

If you look around the website a small more you will swiftly recognize that extremely little else has been updated because that photo was taken. Not specifically what you want to see in a dating site.

Any web site that desires to attract new members demands to continually update their site design and style to be relevant for new members. Desirable older females are not going to be incredibly pleased with what they see when they come to this internet site.

Warning sign #7 – Even their user base claims are quite weak

When you initially log onto the web site you see the claim that “Free of charge Cougar Contacts has thousands of members from all more than the world including the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Ireland.”

Sounds pretty fantastic at initial appropriate?

Well as soon as you consider that any well-known web site will have hundreds of thousands or millions of users just inside the USA it does not sound quite as superior. The worth a site can give to its members is straight related to how several users are in fact on the internet site.

Do you definitely want to commit time on a web page that Might have a couple of thousand registered customers across the entire world? These are not incredibly good odds even if you live in a significant city.

Free of charge Cougar Contacts Conclusion

Free of charge Cougar Contacts is one of the extra apparent fakes that we have noticed. With high quality sites about like these on our list there is simply no explanation for these websites to get any visitors. Sites like exist only to send you to other web sites. They have no interest in providing you with a platform to meet older women and are a waste of time.