How To Shave Your Head With A Razor In The Way That Women Adore

Oct 09 2020

If you’re an avid fan of shaving your head, you already know the annoyances and expense that come with finding a barber to do it often. Why let somebody else take manage of that smooth appear you want when you can learn how to shave your head with a razor in the comfort of your personal residence as usually as you want?

Nicely, look no further simply because we’re going to walk you through the course of action. From obtaining the right gear to prep and essentially acquiring to company, we’re going to break down how to shave your head with a razor. Working with our strategies, you are going to have the cleanest and smoothest head you’ve ever observed.

It is important to find out how to shave your head with a razor

You have probably currently produced the decision to shave your head. Regardless of whether you’re losing your hair, you like the style or some unique lady is digging the clean appear, you want to do it appropriate.

It can sound intimidating. You cannot exactly see what you are performing and you are most likely obtaining some flashbacks to your 1st time shaving your face as a teen.

Look, it’s not that terrible and if you take your time, prepare adequately and adhere to our measures, you’ll be nicely on your way to that Vin Diesel or Jason Statham look.

Let’s get began with the equipment you’re going to need to have.

1) Be prepared With The Appropriate Tools

That is appropriate, you’re not going to be able to shave your head with a kitchen knife. If you want a great shave then you have to have to be prepared. It’ll take a couple minutes of out of your day, but as soon as you have the tools required then you’re all set.

The next time you’re at the retailer, take this checklist with you:

Now, just after seeing this list you may well be considering, “okay, thanks but what razor do I even get?”

We’re steps ahead of you child! We’ve done the study and located the most effective head-shaving razors on the industry. No matter your spending budget or preferences, we’ve worked via the myriads of things and pointed you in the appropriate direction.

Applying a very good razor and blade can make all the distinction. That last issue you want is knicks in your dome or scraggly hairs all more than the spot for the reason that your razor sucked. Females are not a large fan of either of these challenges

If you currently have a razor or are creating a shopping cart of supplies, you’re going to be eyeing up the millions of shaving creams and soaps on the shelves. Once again, we’ve got you covered when you are not certain what you are searching at.

Ultimately, you’re going to want to get anything that sticks to your head and decreases friction. Quite a few folks overlook this step and it is the quickest way to razor burn, dulling your blade early or just not having a close shave.

I promise you, what it smells like isn’t a big deal but no woman, regardless of how excellent you smell, is going to let that stubbled, bumpy head close to them. So if you’re unsure if you have a great 1 in your medicine cabinet, take a look at our breakdown of the most effective shaving creams for your head.

Shaving your head doesn’t require you to have tons of tools but the tools that you have do have to have to operate well. If not, you open yourself up to cuts and uneven cuts — Two things nobody desires to deal with.

two) Scalp Prep Is Most Critical Step On How To Shave Your Head With A Razor

So, you have all your tools by your bathroom sink and they’re all prepared to go. But just before you bring that razor even one inch closer to your head, you have to have to prep your scalp.

You ought to commence by trimming your hair down as close to the skin as attainable — Roughly to ⅛-inch. That way, you are razor blade has to reduce via less hair and it stands a tiny much more rigid.

The idea is to get close down to the scalp when you shave so you have that close, bald appear females appreciate. Not undertaking a small hair prep beforehand will dull your blade more quickly and give you an uneven reduce.

Soon after you are done with the initial trim, wet your scalp thoroughly with hot water. It shouldn’t scald you but if it’s just warm to the touch, you are not opening up the pores really effectively and you are undertaking your skin a disservice.

Ideally, the finest time to do this is in the shower. If you are just not feeling the shower, you can use a wet washcloth or towel as an alternative. Place the towel in hot water, rinse it out and then lay the towel over your scalp, especially on the regions you’re going to be shaving. Keep the towel on your head for at least a couple of minutes, allowing the heat and moisture to do its job.

This will help get the hairs to stand up, minimizing the opportunity of razor bumps and ingrown hairs. The entire idea of learning how to shave your head with a razor correctly is to get a clean look ladies like to touch. Razor burn, ingrown hair and a bunch of cuts is not that.

Now that your scalp is prepped, we can move on to the next step.

3) Lubricant is Every little thing

It is now time to lube up that head of yours with some shaving cream.

With a clean scalp, shaving cream is quite significantly a lubricant so the razor glides smoothly. Based on which form you’re applying, you will have slightly various measures.

For canned shaving cream, shaking vigorously before you dispense is crucial. For those of you working with shaving soap, you are going to want a nice and thick lather right here. A shaving oil or gel will not foam, but these most likely have specific guidelines you will want to stick to on the container to guarantee a great shave.

Regardless of the kind, you’re going to want to apply quite liberally but in an even layer on your head. Not only is it going to keep the razor going smoothly, it’s a marker of exactly where you’ve currently shaved. So not obtaining it clumped up in a handful of spots will keep you on the correct paths to stay clear of irritation by overshaving.

4) Go Uncomplicated When Utilizing the Razor

Employing a razor is a great deal different than clippers. That indicates patience and even stress is a big factor right here for the reason that you do not have the protection clippers give you.

Going as well fast will not reduce quite nicely, forcing you to have to do it a number of instances. Going too hard is a excellent way to take a chunk out of your head or give oneself razor burn. Either of these choices is poor, so chill out.

Alternatively, let the razor do the function for you. A little firm pressure and steady movement are needed. The similar you use for your face must be made use of here as well.

5) Path Matters

Now that you are prepared to put the razor to your head, we’ve got a single a lot more critical note regarding the path you shave. This is maybe the largest issue most guys do not even know and the first point in troubleshooting a negative shave.

Initial off, shaving your head against the grain will deliver you with the closest shave. But shaving with the grain will generate the least irritation. So, based on how sensitive your skin is and the closeness of the shave desired, you will will need to choose on the direction of the shave oneself.

Having said that, as a initial-time shaver, we advocate going with the grain of your hair and seeing your scalp’s reaction.

You can shave more than an area extra than once, but you need to know that if you do so, you may perhaps increase the level of irritation with each and every shave. So, you just have to have to be mindful of that when you are carrying out your initially shave.

six) Start From Front To Back

Alright, it is truly time to use your razor. This is the point where you’re probably confused. Don’t be concerned, there’s a method we’re going to teach you to assist you reach an effortless and smooth shave.

You’ll want to start shaving from the front of your head and the thinner hair, towards the back and the thicker, coarse hair.

Retain your head slightly angled so the skin on the back of your neck is tightened. This will give the razor a tight surface to operate with and outcome in a considerably closer shave with no missed hairs.

Use the shaving cream as a guide for your razor on what has been shaved and what hasn’t. When shaving, overlap your razor a small on exactly where you’ve already shaved to make positive you catch any straggler hairs from the final pass.

You are probably going to want to position some mirrors so you can see the back of your head. While you can do it by really feel, you are much more probably to miss some spots back there. Just recall, your movement is flipped around when hunting in a mirror so be careful if you are producing sight adjustments on the fly.

7) Clean Your Razor Often

This is one more essential step so quite a few guys do not realize and it’s one of the initially troubleshooting points to note on a bad shave.

Completely recall to rinse your razor after each stroke to give your self an even shave on the back of your head. You could possibly even need to have to rinse your razor in the middle of every stroke, depending on how substantially hair you left in the prep stage and how fantastic your razor blade is.

A clogged up razor will not shave nicely at all, forcing you to go back over an area multiple times. You’ll wind up with razor burn and tufts of hair remaining. It’s not a great appear and it can all be avoided by rinsing your razor often sufficient.

8) Missed a spot?

I know we’ve said you shouldn’t go over a shaved region many times. But in particular the initial couple of instances, you’re nearly certainly going to miss a few spots. It is absolutely standard until you get the really feel of the contours of your head.

But you cannot just leave those spots, which means you are going to have to go back over them once more. To minimize irritation, you’re going to have to comply with these steps absolutely more than once again.

From wetting your head, applying the shaving cream to the spots you missed and patiently shaving you are going to have to scroll back to the top rated.

Places about the ears and sides of your head are effortless to miss, so pay close attention there when you assume you’re completed. It’s not a negative thought to use your hands to entirely go more than your dry head in each directions when you consider you’re completed.

9) Treat The Skin

You have completed your 1st head shave. See, it wasn’t that really hard, ideal?

Now that you are carried out, you have to have to treat your skin simply because it is in shock. Soon after shaving your head with a razor, you need to have to immediately rinse your scalp with cold water in order to close the pores. Right after you do that, pat your head dry – do not rub it.

Apply an aftershave cream or balm onto your scalp in order to stop irritation. Do your greatest Bugs Bunny impression and give your scalp a tiny massage.

In general, it’s ideal if you pick out an aftershave cream that’s alcohol-totally free, in particular if you have sensitive skin. Of course, we’ve hooked you up with a purchasing guide on the most effective stuff to apply to your freshly shaved head. That consists of a moisturizer with an SPF in it to defend your scalp from the sun.

This may possibly look like something you can skip, but if you want the very best shave, you are going to want to do this step. It’ll calm down your scalp and defend it from the elements so you can show off how good a job you just did.

10) Clean and retain your equipment

Right after your shave, do not just leave your razor with dried hair stuck on it. Make positive you take a couple minutes to clean up your gear. That way, the next time you go to use your razor, it won’t be rusty and dirty.

If you happened to forget to clean your razor and it does have rust on it, you will require to purchase a new 1. Do not test out your Tetanus shot by attempting to shave with a rusty, dull razor. We’ve taught you improved than that.

Understanding how to shave your head with a razor is not as hard as you thought it was.

Of course, the initial time you do it, you are not going to be perfect. But take a deep breath and be patient. As soon as you shave your head a couple of instances, you will find out the shape of your scalp and the very best routine for your head.

The minute you master shaving your head, the ladies will come operating.