How To Not Give A Fuck When It Comes To Girls (And Attract Them)

Oct 08 2020

It is time to learn how to not give a fuck when it comes to females and dating.

This is a very important yet frequently overlooked subject. But finding out how to stop caring what other folks assume of you can be immensely beneficial in your dating life.

I’ll explain this phenomenon in good depth under and show you how you can stop providing a fuck when it really matters. I’ll also make it extremely clear how this attitude can be super valuable around women so they obtain you more desirable.

The “how to not giving a fuck” mindset

Initially off, not giving a fuck around women is closely tied to the abundance mentality.

Visualize you have plenty of females in your life since you are great.

Even superior, imagine you have several fuckbuddies for each day of the week. You can get in touch with them up whenever you want, invite them more than and have sex as much as you’d like.

But wait, I’ll do you 1 even much better: Envision you can stroll up to any attractive girl you see and then introduce yourself to her confidently. Then you can have a great time with her, generate sexual tension and lastly seduce her.

Fundamentally, imagine believing there are lots of fish in the sea and that you can get a girlfriend or lover anytime you want.

Knowing this, would you then be afraid or feel anxious when talking to women?

Would you be afraid to tease women, joke about, make them mad, argue with them, challenge them, oppose their views and, dare I say it, stroll away from them if they’re being rude or obnoxious?

Of course, you wouldn’t!

If you had numerous females in your life, you wouldn’t give a damn if some of them gave you attitude. You also wouldn’t tolerate bullshit, terrible behavior and rudeness from ladies.

That is simply because you wouldn’t think of girls as a scarce commodity. So you’d never be afraid of “losing them.” As a outcome, you’d stop being a nervous mess about females in an immediate.

If a girl rejects you, you wouldn’t even flinch or think twice. You’d just move on and go talk to someone else you discover eye-catching.

All of this breeds unflinching confidence within you, as well as high standards. This is massively appealing.

If you never really feel like you can pull off not providing a fuck, this .

Here’s how to not give a fuck when you are about girls

So how do you do it? How do you behave this way around females?

Properly, the 1st step is to feel really difficult about all of the above. And then repeat the following to your self:

There are lots of single girls in the planet. Some of them will like me, and some of them will not. Nothing’s stopping me from approaching them, discovering out who they are and dating them. If they reject me, I’ll learn from my errors and move on to a person else.

When you internalize this mindset of abundance with women, your life’s going to adjust.

You’ll shed your worry of talking to females. You will not be nervous around them anymore, and you will not hesitate to get closer to them.

You also won’t be afraid of walking away from girls who are terrible for you. It’s because you know that there are tons of other ladies in the world who are not imply or malicious.

And, most importantly, you will not be afraid to give it your all. You can flirt with and tease girls by getting unabashedly yourself. You’ll be protected in the understanding that there are extra than sufficient girls to go about. And as lengthy as you focus on enhancing yourself, several of them will like you.

If you assume and internalize this mindset about women and people in common, you will exude a confident and calm vibe.

As a result, women will never see you as a person who’s desperate or needy.

When you study how to not give a fuck, you will immediately cease being a desperate and insecure boy. Alternatively, you’ll turn into a man who has standards and clear boundaries. That’s massively desirable to any and all girls.

It’s all in your head

The hardest component of internalizing the “not give a fuck” mindset lies in convincing your self you can do it.

Most guys get started from not becoming extremely excellent with females. As a result, most guys do not have that many girls in their lives.

If you’re a guy who’s single and lonely and you don’t have several girls, is it even probable to have this mentality?

The answer is a definite “YES!”

I’m certain you have heard of “fake it till you make it.”

Typically, it is not a very excellent thought to pretend to be an individual you’re not. Guys who do that are generally becoming disingenuous and inauthentic. That is not really attractive.

Having said that, when it comes to not giving a fuck, “fake it till you make it” can be immensely helpful.

You don’t have to go around telling people you are a chick magnet who has many lovers. That would be blatant lying, and you don’t want to be a liar.

As an alternative, all you have to do is picture this in your personal head and it will do the trick.

By doing this, you will instantly begin behaving in a unique manner. When you see a woman, your self-assurance in your self will make you think, “She appears good, but is she a exciting and exciting particular person? Would I like to hang out with her? Let’s come across out! If not, then that’s as well undesirable — I’ll go come across somebody else!”

Having thoughts like these when you are approaching and talking to girls will make a planet of difference.

When you feel this before you method, you will in no way act needy around girls. Your physique language will turn out to be extra confident and relaxed. The way you make eye speak to will become stronger and extra intense. And your anxiousness will begin to evaporate tiny by little till it is gone.

Quit giving a fuck like a negative boy

I’ve already mentioned in a further post how you can be a negative boy whom women will like.

Well, not providing a fuck is the sort of behavior undesirable boys are popular for. And it’s 1 of the biggest reasons females locate them so appealing.

Something we can understand from these poor boys is realizing you can not please every person. You can’t make every person like you, no matter how really hard you try.

That’s because no matter who you are, no matter how good you appear or how charismatic you sound, some people today just are not going to like you. And there’s practically nothing you can do about it except accept this reality.

However, also several guys make the awful mistake of believing they have to do all the things possible to make a girl like them.

As a outcome, guys attempt their hardest to impress females. They also by no means argue or express their powerful opinions. They’re terrified of creating females mad at them.

You see, females have zero respect for wimpy males who can not stand up for themselves. And they confident as hell do not respect men who are afraid of them.

So let me put this as clearly as achievable: As extended as you are terrified of offending ladies, ruffling their feathers and disagreeing with them, you will not get incredibly far. You will not be capable to stir emotions in females.

Ladies want powerful males in their lives. They want guys who can make them really feel great and are not afraid to challenge them. They do not want timid small boys who are boring and run away at the very first sign of confrontation.

Just don’t be an asshole

Poor boys who don’t give a fuck can teach us a lot of points, particularly when it comes to creating raw, gut-level attraction with females.

However, it’s pretty effortless to take items also far with this and turn into a real jerk.

So though you are mastering how to not give a fuck, try to remember to usually check yourself. That way, you won’t develop into a genuine asshole whom folks in fact hate.

There’s a extremely fine line between not giving a fuck because you are secure and not providing a fuck due to the fact you don’t care how other individuals really feel.

A excellent example of not giving a fuck about females would be the following: You happen to be in a group of girls and you tell a raunchy joke. Some of them laugh, some chuckle, but a single finds it offensive mainly because she does not like sex jokes. And she says if you don’t take your words back, she will hate you.

In this case, it is entirely her problem. You do not care what she thinks mainly because it appears like she’s becoming as well sensitive.

A poor instance, on the other hand, would be when you are in the identical group and make a sexual joke. But one particular of the girls there has been sexually abused. She tells you that she does not like these jokes simply because it reminds her of the abuse.

In this case, you saying you do not give a shit is just heartless and mean. You’re being an asshole.

So be careful with how you choose to not give a fuck. Show a bit of empathy towards other people today. And do not use it as an excuse to turn into an evil prick.

Now you know how you can stop giving a fuck the proper way when you’re about females. This mindset is extremely liberating and can enable you with dating and females considerably.