How To Message A Girl On Facebook And Get The Conversation Going

Oct 08 2020

Facebook can be a fantastic platform to meet appealing older girls when utilised properly. But how do you flirt with a girl on Facebook and get results, you ask? It all starts with how to message a girl on Facebook.

How to message a girl on Facebook

It is not easy, but grabbing the attention of a woman by way of Facebook Messenger can spend off major time if you are prepared to apply a little work and finesse. When accomplished suitable, communicating on Facebook can cultivate intimacy and attraction, virtually guaranteeing the lady will want to meet you in individual.

Read on to learn how to message a girl on Facebook and land that initially date.

1) Get your profile in order

After sending your 1st message to a lady on Facebook, you better believe she’ll be stalking your profile. Ahead of deciding if she wants to answer, she’ll want to discover who you truly are — And your Facebook profile is a terrific window to the genuine you.

If you make your profile interesting and engaging, you can be certain she’ll check you out much more than as soon as. To do that, you really should start out by filling out the ‘About’ section so she knows you happen to be single and employed. If she knows you have a job, you’ll appear extra stable and responsible rather than a great-time guy searching for an older lady to foot the bill.

Never forget to like some pages and other factors you’re genuinely interested in, either. Older females aren’t as interested in appears as younger women — they want a connection. Displaying her that you have something to speak about, even as easy as a preferred television show, book or movie, can be a great conversation starter.

It’s also a fantastic thought to go via your pictures. A mature woman is not interested in seeing photographs of your last rager exactly where you got blitzed with your buddies. You should really trash any photographs that make you appear immature and replace them with photos that show who you seriously are. She wants someone she can have adventures with, but also someone who has his life together.

Don’t forget, your profile is all about generating a wonderful very first impression and convincing the woman you want that the two of you will have a terrific connection.

two) Do your study

Learning how to text a girl you like on Facebook is not difficult, but it does take a small bit of effort. It is not a great idea to just shoot her a message with no figuring out something about her. You can start off by reading her profile to obtain out what she likes and exactly where she operates.

The amount of research you can really do will depend on two issues:

1) How connected you are to her

two) Her profile settings

If you are Facebook friends currently, you’re probably superior to go. But if not, a little extra exertion will be required.

If you run in the exact same circles but are not good friends, acquiring some common ground is a wonderful way to snag her interest. Attempt commenting on photos of the individuals you’re each mates with, specially if she’s tagged in them. You can also attempt liking a thing she’s posted on a mutual friend’s wall.

As soon as she knows you exist, you can attempt sending her a buddy request. Following up the request with a casual note is a good concept. It lets her know that you think she is worth a bit of work — and women nearly constantly respond to that.

three) How to message a girl on Facebook – Your first message

When writing your initial message, asking for a date probably is not the greatest strategy. Try keeping it cool and casual.

For instance: “Hi Carrie, I’m Brad. I’m FB mates with Diane and saw a picture of the two of you hiking. The trail looked incredible. I like to hike as well. Can you inform me exactly where the two of you went? I’d enjoy to verify it out.”

This sort of message lets her know you are not some random weirdo, but that you have mutual mates and interests in prevalent.

If you have no mutual buddies, your only selection is to send her a buddy request and hope she accepts, otherwise any messages you send will land in her ‘Other’ inbox and she may well under no circumstances see them.

When it is time to send a message, attempt to make it private. Sending a “hey” or “how’s it going?” note is not most likely to grab her focus. Keep in mind, a lady desires to know she is worth a tiny effort.

As an alternative, you can attempt one thing like: “Hi Carrie, I’m Brad. Facebook recommended you as a pal and, right after seeing your profile, I felt compelled to introduce myself. It looks like you’re a hiker. So am I! Would love to chat sometime on Messenger about the trails you have accomplished. Maybe you can advocate some to me.”

This kind of message shows you are not a scammer or a stalker. Alternatively, you come off as someone with a shared interest that she could possibly love connecting with.

4) Establish a rapport

Finding out how to text a girl you like on Facebook is not rocket science — it’s basically about making a connection. Now that your 1st message has been sent and she has answered back, the ball’s in your court to maintain the conversation going.

Compliments might look like a fantastic idea, but will likely creep her out rather than place a smile on her face. If you inform her she’s attractive or hot, she’s going to know you have been scrolling via her photos and she may possibly believe you’re a perv. That is surely not the impression you want to leave her with.

If you focus on establishing a bond with her as an alternative, she’ll know you are interested in her as a person rather than as a potential a single-night stand. You can get started by asking her about her about her hobbies or her job. Do your ideal to retain inquiries open-ended so she cannot respond with a single-word answers.

Focusing on things you have in common is also a good way to hold her chatting. For instance, if her profile shows that she’s a football fan and you are as well, try to get a conversation going on which teams have the very best possibility of making the playoffs.

If her likes reveal that you take pleasure in the similar varieties of music, you can speak about that. For instance: “I noticed you like classic rock. So do I. My favored band is The Eagles, which groups do you like?”

Shared interests are 1 of the greatest strategies to develop a connection and maintain her actively engaged in conversation with you. And conversation virtually always leads to some thing far more. If she enjoys chatting with you on Facebook, you’ll be properly on your way to having a ‘yes’ when you ask her out.

five) Stay away from lewd photos and comments

Even just after your on line relationship has progressed with the lady you like, you’ll likely want to steer clear of sex talk. You certainly don’t want to come off as a guy who is employing Messenger to attempt to get laid.

Most mature girls are not on Facebook to get propositioned and possibly won’t respond properly if you start talking about sex just before you’ve even met.  If you send the woman you are interested in a dick pic or inform her “I like your tits,” she’ll most likely tell you off and block you from contacting her once more.

So how do you flirt with a girl on Facebook? By appealing to her intellectually. There is practically nothing sexier to an older lady than a younger man who can have a mature conversation. That’s where establishing that critical rapport we’ve already discussed comes in.

Once you’ve established a strong connection, by all suggests, sneak in some compliments. You’ll want to keep away from saying issues like: “You have such a good body” or “You’re so hot.”

A superior selection would be: “That new picture you posted truly shows off your astounding smile” or “I saw that new image you posted your eyes are such a wonderful shade of blue.”

Finding strategies to let her know you come across her attractive without the need of creating it sexual will both intrigue and impress her. She’ll see you as a man seeking for a meaningful connection rather than a guy who just desires sex. And that will make her want to take your partnership to the subsequent level.

six) How to ask her out

If you have been chatting up the woman you want for at least a week or two, it is time to make a move. Don’t be forceful you want to let her know you’re willing to adhere to her lead. This not only shows you’re a gentleman it shows you respect her — and that wins you serious brownie points with older ladies.

You could say something like this: “Carrie, I hope you have enjoyed chatting with me as substantially as I’ve enjoyed messaging with you. You look like the kind of woman I’d like to get to know superior. Would you be interested in meeting for dinner?”

Most women will not be comfy providing out their address to a person they haven’t met in individual, so recommend meeting up at a restaurant or coffee shop to support put her at ease. You will also want to set a precise date and time. Being vague about “getting with each other quickly,” she’ll probably make other plans for her evening or weekend and you’ll be out of luck. If she says she would like to meet, it’s finest to nail down the time and spot suitable away.

If she puts you off, you really should try to figure out why. Does she want extra time to get to know you, or is she just not interested in taking the connection any additional? In this case, being direct is normally the very best choice. You can merely ask her if she’s interested in acquiring with each other in the next couple of weeks.

If she’s vague in her answer, it in all probability means she sees you as a pal or isn’t attracted to you. If that is the case, it’s time to move on.

How to message a girl on Facebook – Takeaways

Finding out how to text a girl you like on Facebook could be the distinction among landing a date or getting snubbed.

You can be effective by remembering these key takeaways: be a gentleman, be genuine, show interest in her as a person and, above all, use your messages to show her why she would have a good time if she went out with you.

If you stick to this guide on how to message a girl on Facebook, you’ll absolutely up your probabilities of scoring a date with the woman you want.