Free Cougar Dating Web-site 2020 Review – Worth Your Time?

Oct 03 2020

In our Absolutely free Cougar Dating Web page review we will take a appear at to see if they are a genuine web page for meeting older women. We took a deep appear into Cost-free Cougar Dating Site and it wasn’t specifically what we had hoped for.

Cost-free Cougar Dating Website has a dated look when you initially log onto the website but be appears can be deceiving. After we dug a bit deeper below the surface of Free Cougar Dating Web site it became far more clear.

Absolutely free Cougar Dating Web page is not going to be anyplace close to our . With a little investigation it becomes quite clear that this website has no intention of actually bringing young men and eye-catching older women collectively.

Beneath you will uncover the major factors that have brought us to this conclusion.

Absolutely free Cougar Dating Site Overview

Absolutely free Cougar Dating Website Issue #1 – User counts that cannot possibly be correct

When you initial log onto you are greeted by a giant banner. This banner proudly states that Cost-free Cougar Dating Website has nearly fifty-seven million customers.

Now that’s impressive!

Totally free Cougar Dating Site single-handedly has additional customers than the leading dating web pages in the planet which includes and .

Does that sound realistic? Has practically 15% of the United States signed up for a web page very handful of people even know about?

I don’t believe so. This is fairly clearly a transparent work to make this internet site look incredibly well known. There is absolutely no way that this user count is even close to precise.

Ditch this web page and attempt or

When it comes to web pages where you can have a very good shot of meeting a single cougar there are two options based on what you are searching for. If you are open to something developing into a connection you have to have . If you just want a brief-term fling there is Adult FriendFinder.

In contrast to Absolutely free Cougar Dating Web-site, has 7 million Actual members and is by far the most well known internet site to meet cougars especially. Every single woman on it is interested in each younger and older males which makes point sooooo a lot less complicated on a guy.

You can to get a incredibly superior concept of the high quality of the talent in your area. Give it a shot and see.

For guys just searching for some quick-term cougar entertaining with out any of the attachments is by far the very best. You will not come across a different app or website with a far better selection of single ladies 35+ (they have over 50,000,000 active members just after all).

Tinder is strong if you are a great seeking guy trying to date 22 year-olds. If you want to come across girls 35+ Tinder is going to largely be a waste of time. You are going to have much greater selections and far better response prices with Adult FriendFinder considering that each lady on there is really interested in meeting up and not just finding attention.

Attempt as effectively and thank us later.

Problem #two -Incredibly low on the web customers

Even even though we never think the user counts we decided to test them. Possibly we were wrong and Free Cougar Dating Web page seriously is extremely preferred.

To discover out we decided to do a small test. Lets do a search of all the active customers on a common Thursday evening and see how quite a few customers are on the internet. If there actually are millions of customers on this web site we need to see a lot of members on-line.

Well we didn’t. Browsing across the web site for males and women we located significantly less then ten thousand users. Does it sound realistic that a internet site with fifty million members would only have ten thousand on line during the week?

No? We don’t either.

Difficulty #three -All the new customers are guys

This won’t be a downside for the ladies but practically all of the new users appear to be men. Free Cougar Dating Web-site tends to make it quite simple to see who precisely has been registering to the web-site.

Thanks Free Cougar Dating Web page.

Sadly when you actually appear at these profiles they are either males or fake ladies profiles.  Not specifically what we are searching for.

It is in fact quite surprising that the homepage would have such damaging data. It seems that they never anticipate their users to look closely at this.

Dilemma #4 -They advertise other dating web sites

This is a huge red flag that we see rather a bit. When a site like Free Cougar Dating Internet site is marketing and reviewing other dating web sites it is a pretty poor sign.

If a web-site is actively attempting to push you away they are not at all confident in what they are promoting. In this case, they don’t have self-confidence in their own dating site.

They never even list Free Cougar Dating Web-site as one of the “ideal dating web-sites”!

How can you possibly take a web site like this seriously when they do not even have faith in their own product?

Difficulty #5 -Most of the girls are the similar height

This is a strange one. As we were searching via a lot of the female profiles looking for clues we noticed anything peculiar. Pretty much every female profile we looked at on Free Cougar Dating Web site the height was the exact same, 175 cm.

Now women that are 175 cm is not unusual. There are several ladies who are that height. What do you think the odds are that we would randomly choose dozens of women in a row with the very same height?

Not wonderful suitable?

So what does that mean? The most obvious answer is that these profiles are fake. Not only fake but the person in charge of producing the fake profiles for Totally free Cougar Dating Internet site did not even do a fantastic job!

Difficulty #6 – This internet site is pretty much invisible on Google

Possessing a web-site that is easy for potential users to discover on Google is crucial to the achievement of a web-site. If you analysis the quantity of targeted traffic that is heading to a web-site from Google you get a quite fantastic concept of how well known it is.

In this case when we look at the targeted traffic numbers we see a pretty sad story. Despite the claims that are created on the site there is almost zero incoming targeted traffic to the website.

Nobody is looking for this web-site on Google and no one is discovering it on accident for the most component.

No cost Cougar Dating Site Review Verdict

Absolutely free Cougar Dating Web site is extremely clearly a web site you want to stay clear of. Using all of the standards we use in our we can safely say that this web site is one of the worst out there.

Just about everywhere you appear on this web site you run into key red flags that all point in a single direction. If you seriously are interested in dating older females you are improved off spending your time properly away from this web page.