Do Girls Like Facial Hair On A Guy? 12 Points You Need to Think about

Oct 02 2020

If you’ve ever thought to your self, “do girls like facial hair?” Wonder no far more. We’re breaking it down in this article and telling you almost everything you will need to know.

Man’s facial hair is like any other trend–80s power suits, low rise jeans and clashing prints–it comes and goes in cycles. From time to time it’s on-trend, and then it disappears, only to resurface a decade or two later.

Suitable now, it’s nevertheless relatively trendy and prevalent to have a beard. But do women prefer the lumberjack look or a clean-shaven man?

So, Do Girls Like Facial Hair?

You’d consider the planet would be over beards by now. But this is a trend that refuses to go away.

Facial hair continues to be a important style accessory for the contemporary man, as they redesign their own sense of masculinity.

The beard has often been a sign of a rugged, outdoorsy-form, man’s man.

And of course, some males simply never want to shave. This leaves them with a beard by default.

But the question every person desires an answer to is–do girls like facial hair or not?

Girls like facial hair when it’s rare

According to a , girls (and males) come across facial hair most appealing on a man when it’s uncommon.

In the study, participants viewed a series of faces with a wide variety of facial hair as well as clean-shaven ones. The faces with beards or stubble had been deemed additional attractive than clean-shaven faces. However, beards were most popular in the line-ups where there wasn’t a lot of facial hair on show. Likewise, when facial hair was the norm, the participants preferred clean-shaven faces.

This may possibly explain why beards have a tendency to go in and out of style in a cyclical pattern. To begin with, a man with a beard stands out in the crowd. But when the trend catches on, it becomes much less noticeable and for that reason less desirable.

Facial hair can enhance your perceived masculinity

One particular of the primary causes why girls like facial hair on a man is mainly because it signals strength, dominance and masculinity. These can typically be desirable traits to women when hunting for a possible partner.

In investigation by Neave and Shields (2008), the effect of facial hair on women’s perceptions of men’s attractiveness was put to the test.

Female participants rated a series of digitally altered male faces on attractiveness. They viewed different degrees of facial hair including light or heavy stubble, a brief or extended beard, and a clean-shaven face.

Girls then rated every single alteration on how masculine, aggressive, dominant, mature and eye-catching he appeared.

Outcomes showed that females perceive faces with complete beards as the most masculine, aggressive, and mature. Lighter beards were deemed the most dominant men.

Stubble indicates a fling, although a beard represents commitment

Many girls do like facial hair on a man. But what does that facial hair signify to them in terms of relationships?

Different styles of facial hair suggest diverse issues when it comes to commitment.

According to a study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Behavior, ladies rated men with light stubble as the most appealing for a casual fling or a single-evening stand. In contrast, males with full beards have been seen as the most desirable for a long-term connection, and/or to father their future youngsters.

This makes a lot of sense seeing as . Naturally, they would be perceived to be much better fathers.

For the duration of ovulation, ladies enjoy males with beards even additional

In case you didn’t know, ovulation is the portion of a woman’s menstrual cycle where she’s fertile and capable to conceive.

The study above discovered that females view men with beards as greater potential fathers. The same study discovered that when a woman is in the ovulation stage of her cycle.

So girls who are ovulating appear to be drawn even a lot more than usual to guys sporting a beard.

If you are searching to settle down, a beard may attract females seeking for the identical thing. But if you are satisfied getting fun and not committing, then a beard may possibly be giving off the incorrect signals.

Girls adore stubble

Other study has discovered that women like on a man. In particular, they like the sort of development that comes from not shaving for around ten days. In this study, ladies rated heavy stubble as the most desirable appear for a man. They viewed this as a sign of maturity and dominance–a “manly” man.

Girls favor beards to mustaches

But stubble is not the only sort of facial hair that females like.

In a study of just about 2,500 women, more than 50% said they preferred a man to have . But much less than seven percent of these ladies said they preferred a mustache on its personal. And just beneath 44 percent preferred a beard on its own.

It’s safe to say that females adore a beard compared to a ‘stache!

Do girls like facial hair? Yes, but it can be scratchy!

If you’re a guy who has ever grown some type of facial hair, you’ll know from direct experience that it can be uncomfortable and itchy.

On top of that, you are used to it simply because it’s your hair. But just envision how it feels when it’s rubbing against our skin.

So while lots of women like facial hair on a man, we do not love the irritation it occasionally causes us. And some girls have extremely sensitive skin, which is prone to rashes and discomfort. This may well imply that whilst some women like the look of facial hair on a man, they could not get pleasure from dating someone with it.

If you know you can’t develop a beard, don’t bother

Some men are blessed with genes that let them develop a complete, luscious beard. These of you who aren’t will know that not shaving only leaves you with patchy sections of hair. As a lot as you want to believe it is a beard, I have to break it to you: it is not.

If you can not develop a suitable beard, then don’t go there at all. Stick with the clean-shaven look you had been blessed with and embrace your bare face.

Girls like facial hair if it is well-groomed

Increasing facial hair is 1 point, but it’s so crucial that you look soon after it. A messy, untamed beard just will not reduce it. You may well be in a position to roll out of bed with no laying a finger on your hair, but beards are unforgiving.

Girls tend to like facial hair that’s neat and tidy. It shows that you take some pride in your look.

There is such a issue as too a lot

Something extra than a couple of inches of facial hair tends to be a turn-off for most females. Less is extra here. So don’t go overboard and attempt and grow your hair as lengthy as you possibly can or get lazy with grooming.

Do Girls Like Facial Hair? Yes, But Not These Designs

In case you weren’t positive what to prevent when it comes to facial hairstyles, we’ve rounded up a few of the notorious culprits under.


These either scream that 70s pornstar vibe or worse still, a creepy sex offender. I’m not sure there’s any man who can make a solo mustache appear great–not even the most beautiful guys in the world.

If you want to grow one as a joke for Movember and raise some money for a fantastic bring about, go for it. Otherwise, just don’t do it.

Soul patches

A soul patch is a tiny section of hair underneath the center of your reduced lip. That’s it. It was cool in the 90s and early 2000s. But today, not so substantially.

I do not assume we will need to elaborate on why this is a facial hair flop. Avoid.


Believe Craig David at the beginning of his career. A thin line of hair running all the way from your sideburn, around your chin and back up to the other side. It creates a type of strap for your hair.

This may well be a superior way of shaping your jawline and appearing additional chiseled and masculine. But there aren’t several times it operates in your favor.

Develop Facial Hair for You, Not for a Girl

The investigation doesn’t lie–your facial hair says a lot about you.

If you’re seeking to keep points casual and have fun, then light to heavy stubble may well advantage you. But if you’re hunting to settle down, discover “the one” and have little ones, then a beard (with or without having a mustache) could assistance you attract a woman with the similar connection goals. So get clear on what you seriously want.

That being stated, the way you groom your self must be completely your decision. By just getting you and generating your personal alternatives, you’ll naturally attract the right woman for you.

And as we’ve observed, some girls like facial hair while other individuals don’t. Some are fully indifferent to it. So soak up the advice in this write-up, but bear in mind to remain correct to your self. The ideal woman will like you whether or not you can develop the manliest of beards or you can’t develop one at all!