2020 UpForIt Review – Is UpForIt.Com Legit Or Scammy?

Sep 19 2020

Obtaining a very good dating or hookup app can be really tough if you haven’t attempted a lot of distinctive ones. How can you inform if the apps sucks or you’re just not connecting effectively with the ladies utilizing it? That is exactly why we put collectively this complete review of UpForIt.com.

We have a ton of encounter and results making use of dating web-sites and apps and know how to determine what functions and what does not. This is how it performs:

During this time we’re sending out TONS of messages to all distinctive sorts of females. We want to set up as many dates and hookups as probable to truly see if there are Genuine girls working with this website and if they truly respond to guys.

Just after all this time we compile our final results and examine how the web page performed up against the ideal possibilities out there for guys. Then we publish our findings in this review.

We place our credit card on the line for you!

That’s where we come in. We put with each other to support you know which internet sites can aid you get what you are searching for, and which ones will waste your time and revenue. Keep reading our UpForIt review to see what you can count on.

UpForIt Review – What Is UpForIt.com Definitely Up To?

We start off our review of Up For It with a direct comparison to the web-site we feel gives most guys the greatest final results, Adult FriendFinder:

Our team rates every single website objectively primarily based on a lot of hours of independent analysis, the options every single web site gives, and how it compares with other internet sites. The ratings are the opinion of our editors and their extensive practical experience.

Our opinion of how appealing the common woman is that utilizes this web site and how quick they are to connect with compared to other websites.

How many people today are applying this web site to actually meet individuals compared to other websites.

How easy is this website to use and how rapidly can an typical person start meeting persons compared to other internet sites.

Does this web site take proper precautions to safeguard its members, their identity, and their information.

Our opinion of how quickly an average particular person will be capable to obtain their dating targets with this web site compared to other web-sites.

Will the time and income spent employing this web-site pay off for an average individual based on the opinions and expertise of our editors.

It doesn’t take extended to realize that our UpForIt review isn’t going to be quite. You can inform by the comparison above this web-site just cannot examine at all to the top web-sites out there like Adult FriendFinder.

These are a few of the main concerns we had:

Even immediately after spending all that time attempting this web-site out we don’t know if we received a SINGLE message from a real woman! It is crazy!

As soon as you make your profile you commence having hammered by messages from fairly hot females asking random queries. That would be terrific if this wasn’t even just before we had a opportunity to add a photo or involve any details on our profile.

Unless there are dozens of babes just waiting to message blank profiles this web site is complete of bots.

Every single handful of minutes we have been acquiring “browsed”, favorited, or messaged by all types of ladies. Some of them super hot, some pretty normal hunting. There was such a wide variety that did this prior to our profile was even total that we lost all faith that ANY profile on this web page was actual.

You cannot trust the messages and you can trust the profiles so you seriously only have one particular option here….

Get out as fast as you can!

There are legit options out there that will really help most guys meet girls looking for the similar thing. We’ve seen the finest results with Adult FriendFinder and think most guys will as properly.

Up For It makes a decent first impression

As I opened UpForIt.com, I located a pleasant sign-up web page. They had a image of a pretty woman in the background and the web-site had a clever logo of a heart with devil horns. It looked professionally produced, which is a lot more than I can say for far too a lot of dating web pages.

Scrolling down by way of the front web page, though, points got a little much less attractive. There was a ton of promotional text, most of a bit odd. It didn’t get started out too undesirable: “You might come across your like here, you may well come across your soulmate if you’re fortunate. But what you will do is meet up with girls you fancy. That is what on the net dating really offers you.”

From there, it got weirder:

“Find a minx you obtain deserving your sex-drive, reach out with a lewd present, flirt and have zipless top quality time at her place or at some hotel room. Each and every third couple in a chat meets for true, so hurry up and have a good bite of the sex-pie correct now!”

I had so several questions. Who wrote this? What precisely is “zipless good quality time” or a “sex-pie”? Did this kind of writing genuinely perform for any person?

Hopefully whoever was hired to create the copy for the internet site enjoyed themselves, but none of the text explained the genuine services on UpForIt.com. A decent dating web-site need to at least be capable to supply a concise, clear description of what is has to supply.

There are a lot extra women who are “up for it” on

We started off our review of Upforit.com as positively as we could but now we are going to get real. Up For It just is not a web-site that is worth your time to use. We highly doubt you are going to meet ANY single women, let alone come across actual results.

If you want a hookup website that will Truly Enable YOU is the initially one particular you ought to attempt. We have and AFF has been at the top rated for numerous years now.

Tinder is a further excellent option if you exclusively meet ladies beneath 28 and you are a great looking guy. If that isn’t the case, we bet you will get much better benefits from Adult FriendFinder (that’s what we saw).

It is effortless to sign up and . Give them a chance and you could fill up your dance card fairly speedy.

Up For It comes at a value

Once I signed up for the internet site, I noticed that they had all types of advertisements for account upgrades. There was a substantial banner ad at the bottom of every web page telling me to sign up so that I could get more solutions and see extra members.

I was quickly disheartened. My experience with these sorts of pushy sites is that they have a tendency to finish up becoming areas exactly where you cannot even interact with other members until you spend. Then, as soon as you have paid, you end up chatting with automated bots. It was all also familiar.

Web-sites that say they are free, like UpForIt, and then don’t even present a fundamental package of solutions, such as chatting with other members and viewing their complete profiles, are usually negative news. It is not just false marketing, they are also commonly scam sites, with fake profiles and other schemes.

I was pretty confident I knew what UpForIt.com had in shop for me. I was about to be shocked.

The pricing for UpForIt.com is quite basic:

  • 1-day membership – $.99 per day
  • 1-week membership – $1.00 per day
  • 1-month membership – $.96 per day
  • three-month membership – $.54 per day

How quite a few members does Up For It have?

Now that I had signed up, I looked for other members who had been close to me. 1st, I searched for members in my neighborhood. There had been none. Okay, not fantastic, but I could widened my search. I expanded the parameters to my whole city. Once more, absolutely nothing. This was a difficulty.

I decided to try looking for members in a major city. There would have to be some members in New York City, absolutely. I changed my location to NYC and looked for members within 100 miles. The results: none. Not a single member among 9 million people. That did not speak effectively for UpForIt.

In truth, I couldn’t come across a member anyplace on the web page. Not a single profile. On their sign-in web page, the copy had boasted that 26,559 members were active in the last week. Nicely, they had apparently all left.

It was obvious that UpForIt.com was just the mold of a dating web page, the shell of 1 possibly nonetheless in construction. There was nothing at all to offer you on the inside. I had opened a properly wrapped gift on Christmas just to locate out that the box was empty.

Is Up For It even a dating web site?

Just after discovering the web-site had zero members, I looked into the terms and situations for more data. Perhaps it would clarify in the fine print that I have to do one thing to unlock their member profiles. I wanted some explanation, but what I discovered created items worse. The fine print explained:

“We present on line entertainment and social solutions by way of our web sites and mobile applications enabling you to contact and engage in interaction with other customers.”

To put it plainly, UpForIt.com isn’t a dating web-site at all.  It’s an “entertainment and social” website, what ever that meant.

The terms went on to say, “we will automatically broadcast custom messages developed by any user, or chosen from a default list of template messages.” In other words, they send fake messages from their members. I hadn’t received any messages, yet, but I guess it is really hard to get messages, fake or otherwise, if a web-site does not have any members.

Privacy challenges and third parties

Yet another factor I noticed in the fine print was the site’s sketchy policies regarding privacy and third parties. I know you are not most likely to be tempted to use a web page that does not have any members, but in case you were nonetheless thinking of it, read this: “In accordance with our Privacy Policy . . . your data may perhaps be transferred as it is deemed to be an asset of ours.”

UpForIt.com will take your data and do with it what ever they please. That is scary sufficient from a web page like Facebook, but the final place I want obtaining all my private information and details is a dating web site with a questionable on the internet presence.  

The terms and situations continued on to say:

“We have industrial partnerships with third celebration cam providers (‘Cam Providers’) which we market to our web site customers. We do not guarantee or confirm the Cam Provider . . . Models affiliated with the Cam Provider may possibly produce a profile on our web-sites.”

Not only does UpForIt use fake profiles (when they have any profiles at all), but these profiles could lead to sketchy, unverified cam web pages. Seriously, this was one of the worst scam dating websites I had ever encountered. Which, contemplating how lots of sites I’ve reviewed, is honestly type of impressive.

Do not get down with Up For It

UpForIt.com isn’t just a scam site, it is an incredibly lazy scam web page. Really, they barely pass for a scam, provided that they don’t even have fake member profiles in place of true ones. They have all of the infrastructure for a classic scam dating web-site that steals your cash, time, and data, but they haven’t place in the time to make it function.

It is doable that the internet site creators will get around to acquiring some fake profiles on the website soon, but do not waste your time with them. It’s clear that whatever UpForIt is up to, it is not a legitimate dating service.