2020 QuickFlirt Review – Is QuickFlirt.com Genuinely A Fast Scam?

Sep 18 2020

We have spent the previous several weeks testing out and reviewing Speedy Flirt and we’re prepared to share what we found. Some dating web sites emphasize passionate romance, even though other people sell ribald sexiness. Couple of web sites market place themselves as a “flirting” web-site, so I guess that sets QuickFlirt.com apart. Of course, flirting ought to lead someplace, but it’s hard to know what’s genuinely to be anticipated from a internet site based on that name. The quantity of dating internet sites appears to boost by the hour, so how can you know which are legitimate?

We’ve spent a LOT of time on Swift Flirt and this is how we performed our review:

For this review, we spent weeks testing out both the cost-free and paid version of Rapid Flirt. We gave it an sincere opportunity and made use of all of our proven skills to message and meet up with single girls. Any website that isn’t utilizing both versions is providing you a negative review!

We have had a lot of success on other dating apps so we know what functions and what does not. We messaged dozens and dozens of females and gave Rapid Flirt each chance to prove that it functions.

We’ve gone by way of the trouble of reviewing numerous sites to uncover so we know how to seperate the great from the terrible. That way, you save time and money isn’t that what the world wide web is all about? In this QuickFlirt review, you will locate out if they’re worth a glance or if you must maintain walking.

QuickFlirt Review – Is QuickFlirt.com Definitely A Swift Scam?

Very first, let’s take a look at how this website compares to one of the most effective around:

Our group prices each and every website objectively based on a lot of hours of independent study, the characteristics every single web site provides, and how it compares with other sites. The ratings are the opinion of our editors and their substantial expertise.

Our opinion of how attractive the typical lady is that makes use of this web page and how quick they are to connect with compared to other web-sites.

How lots of individuals are using this website to basically meet people compared to other internet sites.

How straightforward is this web page to use and how immediately can an average person begin meeting individuals compared to other web-sites.

Does this web site take appropriate precautions to safeguard its members, their identity, and their data.

Our opinion of how very easily an typical particular person will be able to accomplish their dating objectives with this internet site compared to other web sites.

Will the time and cash spent making use of this web site pay off for an typical individual based on the opinions and encounter of our editors.

Right after spending more than sufficient time attempting to get QuickFlirt.com to show us something positive we have to give up. This web page is definitely awful and no one really should contemplate working with it. There are essentially legit internet sites out there that can assist you meet girls promptly (like Adult FriendFinder) so you don’t have to have to stoop so low as to use Quick Flirt.

We go into significantly greater detail beneath but the major causes you have to have to stay away from this website are:

From the minute you sign up for an account, you will start getting messages from lovely females who just wait about for new members to join. At least that’s what Fast Flirt desires you to believe.

In reality, there are a bunch of bots that will spam you with fake messages (that you cannot read with a absolutely free account) in order to trick you into paying for a membership. Do not fall for it. As an alternative, you must be operating.

You will not be capable to discover any genuine profiles

We looked at a lot of profiles and numerous of them are certainly fake. There are some that could essentially be genuine men and women but there are so several fake profiles about it we couldn’t possibly be confident.

There is no way to tell if there is even a single true lady working with this website. It could quite very easily just be millions of fake profiles and bots without a single living, breathing lady. If you get even a hint of fake profiles in this quantity you have to have to get out as fast as attainable.

There are other possibilities that are FAR greater

What it actually boils down to is that you can do far better and you should do greater. With legitimate solutions out there for guys, there is no reason to invest a further second on QuickFlirt.com.

The Rest of Our Review of QuickFlirt.com (Diving Deep)

The online has entirely changed the way we interact with the planet. reports that, for all age groups, the average time spent on the web is escalating. For example, the average monthly web usage for Americans age 25-34 is now almost three,000 minutes, or 50 hours. And that doesn’t even consist of time spent on a smartphone!

That is a lot of time, which tends to make sense due to the fact many of the items we employed to do in our automobiles or on the phone can now be completed on the internet.

The net has revolutionized each and every market. Pew Analysis Center  roughly eight in ten Americans shop on the internet. Individuals uncover their next pet and their next job making use of on the web services. And, of course, individuals are getting appreciate on the net in record numbers.

Online dating tends to make much more sense than ever ahead of. Every one particular of those three,000 minutes spent on the internet every month is a potential connection. You can browse single women who reside in the subsequent town over, or even across the country if you want. But, you also have to be cautious not to get scammed.

Fast Flirt looks retro in a undesirable way

One of the 1st things I noticed on QuickFlirt.com was that the logo looked like it was produced for a computer software corporation circa 2001. The “Q” resembles a speech bubble, which I suppose is vaguely clever, but it is hardly seductive. The rest of the name was in a boring, gray font. It’s the sort of factor that was becoming churned out by Silicon Valley graphic designers back when Myspace was nonetheless cool.

Having a poor logo is not the end of the world for a dating site. You aren’t going there simply because you want to appear at cool designs, immediately after all. You’re there to obtain a lady, and so the layout and usability matters much more than the appears. QuickFlirt.com is surely not the worst when it comes to those issues, but neither is it the finest. There was a straightforward menu bar, an effortless search function, and a fairly friendly color scheme. All round, I give the internet site style a solid B.

You should really be using instead of QuickFlirt

I know we are spoiling factors by sharing the results this early in our QuickFlirt.com review but we didn’t want to waste any additional of your time. You require to “quickly” get away from this site and try out a legit web page. We prefer immediately after attempting just about .

We are quite busy so we wanted an app that offers us a lot of options with women, is truly beneficial for a regular looking guy, and is easy to use. We discovered that is the very best option for all 3 of those points.

They have more than 60,000,000 active users (that suggests a lot of females) even though Quickflirt is fortunate if they have ten% of that. They truly have quite strong benefits for typical seeking dudes given that it isn’t purely based on a two-second choice to swipe left or proper. Women really commit a little time contemplating your profile prior to selecting.

They also had a way bigger variety of ladies, not just ladies under 28 looking for focus. Give absolutely free trial a shot and you can see as well.

Loads of messages (just not the type you want)

It was really quick to make an account with QuickFlirt. I just had to answer standard inquiries about my age and confirm my email. In reality, it was a small bit also straightforward. In my practical experience, the better dating web-sites will have a a lot more involved profile creation application. But, I continued with no as well significantly trepidation.

After I logged in, I started receiving messages appropriate away. Any guy who has spent any time in the online dating globe knows having a message is not so uncomplicated, especially if you don’t have a picture posted or some sort of paid “boost” account. The very first message I received said, “Are you up for some cheerful chat? Look at my profile and reply ‘Yaas’!”

I clicked on her profile and attempted to reply to the message, but that’s when I got taken to an account upgrade web page. This is the typical game for sketchy dating websites. They make positive you get a message correct away (far more on that under), and then they make you spend ahead of you can respond to it.

Speedy Flirt with whom specifically?

As quickly as I realized I couldn’t message an individual who messaged me devoid of initial paying, I became extremely skeptical. I decided to look into these profiles a bit a lot more to see if they had been even actual. I went to the search page and looked up girls in my location. That is when I noticed her.

She was a lady whose picture I had observed on other dating websites. I believed it was a bit strange, so I looked into her profile and it was rather sparse. I definitely couldn’t message her to ask, “Are you even genuine?” So, I reverse image searched her profile image on Google. That’s how I learned the picture was adult model superstar, Niki Skyler. Of course, Niki Skyler doesn’t live anyplace near me, and the profile doesn’t belong to her.

Attack of the fake profiles!

When I looked into other profiles, they also seemed fake. So, I went to QuickFlirt.com’s user agreement to see what they had to say about it. I came across this unsettling piece of details: “We might, from time to time, generate profiles which are made, maintained and managed by our personnel.” Oh, so it’s like that.

The worst of the dating web pages out there will do this. They produce a ton of fake profiles that they use to lure in men. The guys may possibly fall for their flirty messages and be eager to see more, so they pay for a profile. It is only then that they have adequate interaction with a fake profile to realize it is been a bot all along. Bummer.

QuickFlirt even admits in the fine print:

“To increase interaction among our members and in order to notify them of newly registered matches and any activity of that new user . . . we may perhaps, from time to time, use an automatic pop up notification system and other communication channels.”

I know a waste of time when I see it.

No user count

Another way to verify a web-site has actual customers is to appear for their user count. Legit dating web-sites will want to boast about how numerous individuals use their web page. It is a way of showing off. Scam dating sites that use fake profiles will always hide this facts since they may well not, in truth, have any real users at all.

So one red flag on this website was they wouldn’t let me do a complete search for females in my area. They stated, not surprisingly, I had to spend to see all of the profiles. Why would I spend for a web page just before I can even see what they have to offer?

Who owns this racket anyway?

The firm that runs QuickFlirt.com, it turns out, is primarily based in the Virgin Islands. Yes, that location where people today make bank accounts to stay away from tax fraud. That’s where they are primarily based. Their name is Together Networks Holding Restricted. It sounds a small significantly less romantic than QuickFlirt, doesn’t it?

When I read by way of their user agreement, I realized these guys were not out right here to assistance any one uncover romance. The user agreement was the textbook definition of sketchy. It was complete of liability waivers and declarations about how unsafe applying their web page can be. This is a single deal with the devil you are confident to shed out on.

Your pictures are up for grabs

I noticed another clause even though reading the fine print for this review: “By posting facts or content which includes but not limited to copyrighted content material, name and likeness and photographs to your profile pages or any public region of the Services, you automatically grant . . . a non-exclusive, royalty free, worldwide license to use, copy, publish, show, reformat, translate and distribute…” That is a lot of power you are signing away from the get go.

That is when I remembered how insistent they had been when I logged in that I upload a photo. Some of the messages I received also asked for pictures. There was a pop-up that mentioned I must upload a photo for better dating success. Of course they wanted me to upload content, simply because then they could permanently store it in some database to use for their personal advertising and marketing! I’m glad I didn’t upload anything.

My conclusion: Rapid Flirt is definitely a waste of time

I hope this QuickFlirt review has shown you their scheming techniques. On-line dating can be a great way to meet persons, but you want to make certain the people today you are meeting are really actual. Regrettably, QuickFlirt isn’t going to support you out in that division. No one on the internet site is going to steal your heart away, but they extremely nicely could take your funds and your individual photos if you let them! Do not do it. Remain far away from this a single.

Frequently Asked Questions About QuickFlirt.com (FAQ)

These are the queries we have received the most pertaining to QuickFlirt:

What is Quickflirt.com all about?

Quick Flirt presents itself as a dating app that can rival the finest out there. In reality, it looks fairly decent but is in fact a comprehensive waste of time. There are a lot of really suspicious factors that happen on this web page when you sign up that you can not ignore. You should absolutely stay away from this website and instead, attempt out out one particular of our favorites from .

Is the QuickFlirt app worth utilizing?

We can strongly say that the QuickFlirt app is not worth working with. It does not matter if you are applying the app or the internet version of the site this is not where you must be spending your time.

Is Speedy Flirt a scam or legit?

As you noticed from our comprehensive review of QuickFlirt above we believe that they are a waste of time. We would enjoy to say that they are legit but there are far also numerous red flags. This is a single of the worst websites we have seen.

How do you log into QuickFlirt.com?

We do not recommend that you log into QuickFlirt but if you absolutely ought to you can go to quickflirt.com and click on the top rated appropriate “Login” section. You will have to sign up for a absolutely free profile to enter.

What are some better alternatives to Quickflirt.com?

Just about any web-site is a superior alternative to QuickFlirt but there are a handful of that stand out from the crowd. Each and every year we place with each other a that you really should take a appear at if you want a legit app or internet site.

Is Speedy Flirt a dating site?

In our knowledge, Quickflirt.com is not a dating website. It seems to focus extra on helping individuals discover hookups but in reality, it does not provide anything. It is a huge waste of time.

How can you use Quick Flirt for cost-free?

Any one can sign up for a cost-free membership on Quickflirt.com but what you can do with that membership is restricted. You can browse the profiles and look at a single image for every member but all communication is restricted.

If you want complete use of the web-site you will have to pay for a membership. At this point, there is not any way to get full access to QuickFlirt for free.

How do you sign up for a cost-free membership on Quickflirt.com?

Signing up for a totally free Speedy Flirt membership is actually uncomplicated. You just need to have to follow the following actions:

  • Log into Quickflirt.com
  • Click on the “Sign Up” alternative on the major left
  • Enter your email address and password
  • Go to your e-mail address and confirm the email they send you
  • Total the profile and upload an image (or do not, you do not have to enter any profile info to check out the website)

How do you cancel your QuickFlirt membership and delete my account?

We wholeheartedly encourage you to cancel your membership to quickflirt.com and you can do it by following these methods:

  • Log into your account
  • Click on your profile image
  • Click “My Settings”
  • Click “Remove Account”
  • Enter your password