2020 Mixxxer Review — Is This the Ideal Alternative Out there For Obtaining Partners?

Sep 18 2020

The Mixxxer app and site makes a lot of large promises correct off the bat. They actually make it look like finding casual sex is going to be a piece of cake for anybody. When it comes to dating apps and internet websites, they commonly fall into one of 3 categories—legitimate, naturally fake, and not-so-certainly fake. In this Mixxxer review, you will know which category the site falls into.

Because working by means of these hookup web pages can be a time-consuming minefield, we like to do the heavy lifting for you. We often take a look at some of the most pointed out dating websites around and test them thoroughly. This lets you spend your time where it matters most—in the actual globe on actual dates!

It’s critical for us to cover the high-quality web-sites but it is just as critical to uncover the fakes. Most dangerous of all are the sites that seem plausible at initially glance but turn out to be hazardous.

To retain these reviews fair and equal while reviewing the Mixxxer app, I comply with the very same course of action each and every time. Or at least, as much of the procedure as is practical (some web-sites are just so poor there’s no way we’re paying for them!).

Right after that, I completed my profile with images and all the usual info. Applying it as I would any other website for one week, I’ll reach out to dozens and dozens of women and see how many dates I can set up. This gives me a excellent thought of the excellent of women on the web site and how probable it is to get a date without the need of paying.

Lastly, I’ll set up a paid account to unlock any bonus features they may offer you. That way I can give you a breakdown of just how worthwhile that upgrade is. For many reputable web-sites, it could possibly even be worth paying for it just to support the devs. Other sites although, you’ll want to preserve your credit card safely in your wallet.

Signing up for both the free of charge and paid version of an app is the only way that you can genuinely see what it has to offer!

So, which of those three categories of adult dating web pages does Mixxxer fall into? Let’s just say reviewing this web site was. . . fascinating. Let’s take a closer look.

Our Total Mixxxer Review For This Year

Okay, initial items very first, let’s go ahead and evaluate this internet site against the nicely known . I find the higher-level comparison against a recognized, high quality hookup internet sites to be beneficial for context if nothing else.

Our team rates each and every web-site objectively based on many hours of independent analysis, the functions each site offers, and how it compares with other web sites. The ratings are the opinion of our editors and their substantial encounter.

Our opinion of how eye-catching the common lady is that uses this web-site and how uncomplicated they are to connect with compared to other internet sites.

How numerous folks are employing this web page to in fact meet men and women compared to other websites.

How quick is this web page to use and how rapidly can an average individual commence meeting people today compared to other web-sites.

Does this website take proper precautions to safeguard its members, their identity, and their data.

Our opinion of how easily an typical particular person will be in a position to realize their dating ambitions with this web site compared to other web pages.

Will the time and money spent applying this website spend off for an typical particular person primarily based on the opinions and expertise of our editors.

Soon after spending many weeks reviewing Mixxxer we have to say that you can do far better. From the moment we logged in to Mixxxer.com to our last time working with it we didn’t come across much that was encouraging. There had been handful of true girls from what could inform and overall it just is not going to be worth your time and funds to try. There are other possibilities out there that are going to be far much better, in particular for guys.

In case it isn’t currently clear, I’d recommend avoiding this web site and unquestionably stay clear of paying for it. There are excellent choices out there, like Adult FriendFinder, that will basically assist most guys obtain the hookups they’re looking for. Give those a attempt 1st.

Mixxxer has the look of a legit adult dating web page, we’ll give it that. Having said that, after you really attempt to discover folks to match with, it is all downhill from there. For one, there are a ton of profiles that use the very same photo, just with distinct usernames and locations. Then, after you attempt to alter your place, you will see the exact same old profiles.

After you produce your profile and commence hunting for potential matches, you’ll speedily understand that you can not do considerably outdoors of a paid subscription. You can browse and tweak your profile, but that’s about it. But after you start out to think about paying for a subscription, you could (hopefully) recognize that Mixxxer is complete of fake profiles. So what’s the point of paying?

Spoiler alert: made #1 on that list. Assuming you’re just seeking for a hookup, that’d be my personal preference as nicely. They seem to have the biggest user base around, a clear objective and they take their privacy seriously. 

The web site is user-friendly, trustworthy and I’ve had surprisingly quickly results setting updates on there myself. This is more than I can say for Mixxxer so let’s get back to why they scored so low across the board, shall we?

Positives and negatives from our review of Mixxxer.com

We normally attempt to appear at the bright side, specially considering the fact that a team did put some work into making the web-site. Here’s what we identified:

  • No spam messages in your inbox
  • No real customers on the web site
  • Crass language and imagery
  • “Local” profiles the identical no matter where you set your place
  • Horrible user interface
  • Browser-based (no app) but only usable on mobile

This web-site falls into the third, most dangerous category. Initial impressions have been that perhaps it was legitimate. There had been a couple of red flags but nothing obvious adequate that I was initially put off by it compared to other adult dating sites.

The further I got into my review course of action though, the clearer it became that this is one more. . . inventive dating web site to be avoided.

Profiles, pictures and members on Mixxxer

When initial logging into the internet site the profiles essentially appeared as even though they may be legit. Certain, there were some explicit ones in there, like you discover on any other hookup site. But with a handful of exceptions, it is nothing at all I haven’t noticed on other dating internet sites and apps.

Once I began searching closer at the profiles, that’s when the red flags started to pop up. By far the largest flag being the bio text.

Take a appear at how Evelyn chose to describe herself. Combined with her initial photo, that’s rather the impression, huh?

Following viewing the initial profile I was dubious but continued on with an open thoughts.

What you can expect from Mixxxer photographs – Unique profiles, identical photo

However for Mixxxer, I closed the very first profile and noticed a couple of duplicate photographs in the grid of “women close to me.” Considering the fact that Mixxxer’s user knowledge is lacking in lots of places, I thought it might have just been an error—the same profile displaying twice.

I opened each and every even though and discovered it was two distinctive “women” with the same photos. Diverse name, age, place and phone quantity but the similar photos. Going by way of a lot of other Mixxxer photos we ran into the exact same difficulties.

Yep, it becomes quite clear at this point that Mixxxer can’t be trusted. These aren’t actual females behind these profiles, they’re just bait set up in the hopes you’ll fall for it and spend a membership.

I spent a excellent 15 minutes poring more than the profiles shown to me. While some were extra convincing than other people, not a single one appeared to be reputable. If you cannot even trust the images on the Mixxxer dating web site how can you trust the site?

The Mixxxer dating encounter – Distinct place, very same “women near me”

This was the final nail in the coffin, and anything you may perhaps have seen in an additional thorough Mixxxer reviews. When you open the site and log in your browser asks if you’d like to enable access to your location.

If you say no, you will be prompted for your postal code. Out of interest, I tried various various codes from all more than the nation. It didn’t matter if I set my place to NYC, LA or Atlanta on the Mixxxer app, the females “near” me had been the exact same just about every time.

I even tried to give them the advantage of the doubt, hoping this was a caching issue. That maybe they had my location stored locally and that’s why it was showing the same.

Again, no such luck. I tried it in incognito mode on my laptop, desktop and telephone on three unique Net connections. . . same result.

The style on the Mixxxer dating web page

Like all the things else about this web-site, the style is fairly terrible. You are presented with a enormous grid of “women,” you get bombarded with crass imagery and nothing at all is actually explained.

Even the icon for their very classy “let’s shag” button is cringy:

In the interests of a fair review even though, I have to admit the incredibly initial impression of the internet site is not terrible. It gets the point of the web-site across clearly, the colour scheme functions and that certain page is effectively-developed.

Messaging and chatting in the course of our Mixxxer evaluation

However, these features are behind a paywall that we just weren’t willing to pass via. If you are hunting for no cost sex on Mixxxer you’re going to be disappointed, especially if you’ve used any other adult dating sites. Having reviewed so many dodgy sites and observed their unethical techniques, even we have to take caution with the credit card sometimes!

What I can tell you is the messaging functionality seems to be about the similar as any other dating internet site. From any user profile, you have the solution to message them straight. You also have an inbox for incoming messages. The normal fare.

I can also say I was shocked to come across no spam messages in my inbox at all. Taking into consideration the low caliber of this website, that’s really rare. As a general rule, sites like this will fill your inbox with messages from “women.” The hope being that you will believe they’re genuine and spend a membership to chat to them.

Credit where it is due, right?

What can you do with a cost-free Mixxxer app membership?

As with just about any hookup site, a totally free membership fundamentally just allows you to appear about. You can set up your profile, modify your search parameters and view as a lot of profiles as you like.

If you want to interact with any of these “women” although, you’ll have to get your credit card out.

With that stated, I’d strongly advise against it. In case you are just skimming Mixxxer reviews, the web-site is not one you want to give your credit card info to.

As for the question of no matter whether or not any achievement can be had with a cost-free membership the answer is a powerful no. In fairness, the similar can be stated for a paid membership as well.

Advertisements on the Mixxxer dating web-site

Some thing else I found surprising on this web-site was the lack of ads. This might really properly be the purpose why it felt plausible at very first glance and perhaps that’s the intention.

So often on these dodgy dating internet sites, one particular of the first red flags you’ll come across is a sea of porn ads. Numerous porn streaming web sites, cam web sites and adult items left correct and center.

This may possibly also have a thing to do with the restricted screen true estate accessible on a mobile device.

The only thing I’ve found advertised anywhere is their paid membership but once again, that is to be anticipated. How can they fool you into paying them if you don’t know it’s an alternative?!

Pricing for Mixxxer.com

Just after the complex and misleading pricing structures of some sites I’ve reviewed not too long ago, this was a pleasant modify. You have just two options to choose from and the only difference is the time frame.

You can either sign up for a single month of full access at $7.99 per month or three months for $19.99 total ($six.66 per month). Aside from that, the added benefits and attributes are all identical.

With a paid membership you get all the same access as a typical member with all the added positive aspects you see right here:

I discover it exciting the “no banner ads” is a premium function when there are none on the site as it is. Beyond that, the other added benefits are all associated to member interaction. Controlling who can view you, who you can talk to, how you can engage with other members and so on.

Considering the fact that none of the profiles are actual customers, none of these benefits are of any worth. Add to that the basic untrustworthy nature of the website and you see why I so strongly suggest you don’t spend them.

FAQ for Mixxxer

To wrap up this Mixxxer review, it’s time to cover the most regularly asked questions. Chances are every thing you have to have to know is covered in this short article. If you do have a question I haven’t answered even though we’d enjoy to hear from you!

What is mixxxer.com?

Mixxxer presents as a dating website created for effortless hookups. The primary attributes show you “women” in your nearby area that you can chat with if you have a paid membership.

After a tiny digging and utilizing the website myself, these appear to be obvious bait profiles. Just designed to fool you into signing up for a paid membership.

If you take one particular issue away from this review, let it be this: Do not give them your credit card particulars.

How do you log into the Mixxxer app?

Logging into Mixxxer is by way of a simple e mail and password mixture. You can stick to their easy sign-up wizard to produce your account then just click Login and enter your specifics immediately after that.

What are Mixxxer alternatives?

Given the fact there are no genuine females on this website to meet, there are numerous much better alternatives available.

Rather than listing them all in this FAQ, go ahead and check out our for a complete rundown.

How do you use Mixxxer for free of charge?

When building a profile on Mixxxer the account you are provided initially is a no cost, typical account.

With this you can set up your own profile and view other people but that’s about it. To interact with these profiles or restrict your personal you will need to have a paid subscription.

How do you cancel your Mixxxer membership?

Their FAQ doesn’t mention something about being able to cancel your membership. I cannot test it 1st hand due to the fact we won’t be handing credit card particulars more than to them. But I would count on it will grow to be an solution on the Subscription web page.

  • Tap the menu button in the top left
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Subscription

If you’ve paid for a subscription, hopefully you’ll uncover a Cancel option right here.

How do you delete your Mixxxer account?

There does not appear to be an option to delete your profile. What you can do although is disable it.

  • Tap the menu button in the prime left
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Account Details
  • Tap the slider to ‘On’ beside Disable Profile

How a great deal does Mixxxer expense?

A paid membership on Mixxxer has two pricing options. You can either pay a single month at a time ($7.99 per month) or in 3-month blocks ($19.99 per 3 months).

Is Mixxxer legit or even excellent?

Mixxxer is a lot of factors but “legit” is not 1 of them. Despite the fact that initially plausible, this web-site isn’t one particular to go trusting with your credit card or personal info.

I’d strongly recommend searching for a additional trustworthy alternative. Check out or study our breakdown of the if you require a assisting hand. I do not know how you could devote any time on this app and say that Mixxxer is very good.

Is Mixxxer a scam?

We don’t want to go so far as to contact Mixxxer a scam but it didn’t leave us with a good impression. We spent money on a paid membership expecting a useful hookup app and didn’t seriously get something in return.

It may not be a scam exactly but that doesn’t imply it’s worth using. If you want to using Mixxxer as a dating site you have to have to go elsewhere.

How do you send messages on Mixxxer?

To send messages on this web site you want to sign up for a paid membership. Once you have that, tap on a profile and click the message icon and you’ll be taken to the messaging interface.

From there you can initiate a conversation a great deal like you would with messaging functionality on any other internet site.

How do you search on Mixxxer?

Looking on Mixxxer is pretty a great deal the very same as any other dating web page. You can set some fundamental filters like age, and distance and they’ll present you with a grid of suitable profiles.

Be warned, each and every of these profiles appears to be fake, so altering your filters is a little redundant.