2020 MeetMe Review: Is It the Easiest Way to Meet Singles On the web?

Sep 18 2020

From my knowledge reviewing so quite a few dating web sites, they usually fall into one of two categories. They’re either complete trash and a danger to your credit card or they’re reputable. Operating via this MeetMe review, I was surprised to locate that it bridges the gap in between the two.

It undoubtedly made for an fascinating review course of action and I was under no circumstances actually certain what to expect next. If nothing at all else, it was a pleasant adjust from reviewing web-sites that type element of a large scam network.

In today’s review I’ll be walking you by way of my knowledge reviewing MeetMe.com and providing my suggestions. If you’re searching for precise “how to” steps for particular things, check the FAQ at the finish.

Before I get into my expertise with the web page, let’s run through my review procedure for some context. I place a lot of time into this course of action to make certain you can get the most out of it.

To get started, I’ll produce a no cost account for myself and just leave it blank. No profile photo, no bio text or info. I’ll leave it to sit that way for a couple of days to see if I get slammed with fake messages.

If I obtain 65 “women” have messaged my entirely blank profile in that time, we’ve found a winner—it’s a fake website for certain. No genuine lady is messaging a blank profile.

Regardless of the outcome, I’ll then full my profile just as I would on a reliable site. My aim here is to set up actual dates with real ladies so I want my side of things to be legit.

I’ll use the web site with this no cost account for about a week and see if a date is doable with out paying.

Lastly, if the site seems trustworthy sufficient, I’ll upgrade to a paid account and use it for an additional various weeks. Once more, my aim is to set up as lots of dates as feasible. This offers me some top quality insight into how worthwhile the paid perks are.

If I’m on the fence about the web site becoming trustworthy, I’ll look around for some outside opinions. Generally googling the web site name and the word “scam” is all it requires if the internet site is bad. This web-site appears to rely on ad income, so the payment side of things right here is sort of a moot point.

Now that you know the approach we went via to review MeetMe lets get into the final results!

Our MeetMe Review — Will You Essentially Meet a Actual Human?

Now that we have some context for this review, let’s see how MeetMe.com stacks up against a recognized website. is easily 1 of the greatest names in the hookup web page scene so it is best for comparison.

Our group rates every single web page objectively primarily based on numerous hours of independent study, the functions each and every web site gives, and how it compares with other sites. The ratings are the opinion of our editors and their in depth knowledge.

Our opinion of how attractive the standard woman is that utilizes this internet site and how straightforward they are to connect with compared to other internet sites.

How several people today are making use of this web page to really meet people today compared to other internet sites.

How straightforward is this site to use and how rapidly can an typical particular person commence meeting people compared to other web sites.

Does this internet site take proper precautions to safeguard its members, their identity, and their data.

Our opinion of how effortlessly an typical person will be able to accomplish their dating goals with this web site compared to other web-sites.

Will the time and revenue spent applying this web-site spend off for an average individual based on the opinions and knowledge of our editors.

For sites that fall into 1 of the two usual categories, this comparison section is extremely telling. For the MeetMe review although, it is a mixed bag.

The website looks okay and is functional. But the forms of girls I found on there generally had been not. It has a decent-sized, active user base (they claim a user base of 40 million). But most users were nothing at all short of toxic. I didn’t know what to think in the very first few hours of making use of it. My opinions quickly firmed up after I started talking to individuals even though.

I’ll get into my recommendation in a moment but if you’re just hunting for a legit internet site proper now, I’ll save you some time. Stick to the and save yourself the difficulty.

Using one thing like suggests you’re having a actual user base and a protected environment. You know they are not going to steal your credit card information and they take scams pretty seriously.

Chatting with a person for 20 minutes only to have them send you a hyperlink to a paid web site is a frustration you could do without having.

My recommendation

I’ll break down a handful of significant components below but here’s the crux of this review in a few uncomplicated points. My recommendation in two words: Remain away.

Don’t use it. Stick to reputable internet sites and don’t reward web sites like this with your money. The esteemed user “Ok” was type enough to sum up the general sentiment nicely:

Of course, it begs the query if it is such a nasty spot (and it is), why are you so active right here? This isn’t the final you have noticed of “Ok” in this review.

Initially created by two US high school students in 2005, it was launched under the name MyYearbook. It began out with genuine beginnings and was one thing vaguely similar to the original Facebook.

It was renamed MeetMe in 2012 and somewhere along the way it devolved into its current state. This may be exactly where their claims of “40 million users” comes from. A sea of inactive accounts that have been accumulating for 15 years and counting.

There’s a slight chance this quantity is legit, but when you think about it appears unlikely.

The best way to describe MeetMe is a hybrid dating/social media internet site. You have the dating functionality at the forefront (therefore the name), but there’s also a social feed.

Referred to as “Discuss,” this tab will show you a feed of what other customers have shared. This ranges from memes and political rants to new selfies and “people suck” posts.

The a lot more time I spent scrolling by means of this feed and reading several threads, the significantly less I wanted to interact.

Take this charming gentleman for example. He seems to be a decent representation of the users on MeetMe.

Don’t think me? A few memes later in the feed and Derry had this tiny gem to share with the world:

What a charmer.

As usual, I reached out to 50 girls when operating via this MeetMe review. Of these 50 ladies, here’s the breakdown of what I got:

  • 24% scammers
  • 16% normal conversation
  • 24% read my message but ignored
  • 36% message not even study

That’s correct, I spoke to eight% far more scammers than I did real persons. Extra than a single in 3 messages I sent weren’t even read.

Thankfully some of the scammers have been lazy and quick to spot like my fantastic pal “Valentina” under.

Other individuals would hold an actual conversation prior to saying they want to chat on a further website and dropping a hyperlink.

Sadly for us, the moment they sensed I wasn’t clicking the hyperlink they’d block me, so I couldn’t get a screenshot.

The more I read about MeetMe, the a lot more examples I came across of people being scammed.

Some like this 1 on claiming the MeetMe smartphone app scammed them:

A lot of, lots of other people saying they were scammed by customers on the web-site. A fast search for “meetme scam” will show you exactly what I’m talking about:

Do not be fooled by the star ratings either. The 5-star reviews you will discover on those sites are clear fakes developed to bring up that average. That three.1-star rating appears substantially far better than the 1 star they’d have without adding their personal fake reviews.

Even if MeetMe itself doesn’t take your money as “Moeal” claims, a legit web page would quit the scams. They’d actively perform to shut these accounts down and implement some kind of verification course of action. Specifically when said web-site boasts 40 million users. A site of that scale isn’t a minor dev project operating in someone’s basement.

Positives and negatives of MeetMe

With all this in mind, are there any good items about MeetMe? And if there are, what are they?

  • Significant user base
  • Reasonable internet site design
  • Filled with scammers
  • No attempt produced to stop the scams
  • Really handful of actual customers to talk to

Profiles, photos and members in MeetMe

We’ve already covered the unsavory members on this site, but let’s take a speedy appear at their profiles.

The layout of profiles is basically effectively completed, probably owing to the legitimate beginnings of MyYearbook. It’s a shame to see a legit web page turn into this really. I digress.

Below is a look at my fantastic pal “Crystal”’s profile. “Crystal” is one particular of the numerous scammers that urged me to comply with a link and sign up to one more site.

As you can see, the profile pages are split into three tabs. Your private messages among you and her, an Instagramesque photographs tab and the third is a feed. Significantly like visiting someone’s Facebook profile, you will see a feed of almost everything she’s posted.

Of course, all three tabs are blank on Crystal’s profile mainly because she blocked me immediately after I attempted to preserve chatting. Really rude, actually.

Design of MeetMe.com

The style of this internet site is not going to win any awards but it functions just fine. It is easy to navigate even though I have found points a little slow to load. The initial email verification took a lengthy time to come by means of and uploading images was a bit of a nightmare.

These days it’s predominantly aimed at dating, so the house page targets exactly that. By default you are taken to the “Meet” tab exactly where you’re shown a grid of girls.

You can control who you see in this grid by clicking the dropdown box at the top rated and altering filters. No matter what you change right here even though, you will get individuals from about the globe chatting with you.

Messaging and chatting on MeetMe

If you come about to come across a real, active user, chatting with them couldn’t be less difficult. Just click on their photo or username and you will be taken to the messaging tab of their profile.

No need to match or anything, just start out chatting with them. That is it. Considering the fact that only 16% of my attempts at conversation received a response from a genuine lady, I wouldn’t bother trying.

What can you do with a free of charge membership on MeetMe.com?

In fact, everything. There is a MeetMe smartphone app that is said to be just as scam-riddled. That’s the only place you can give them funds.

I spent some time specifically hunting for paid capabilities and the only area I located was the “Live” tab. This tab is basically a bunch of non-nude cams. Community members can go reside and interact with their members just like a cam internet site only. . . with their clothing on.

You can purchase perks right here with Credits but the only way to buy those is through the app.

That implies the internet version lets you search for women, chat with them and add them as a friend. You can also be an active portion of the (really toxic) neighborhood. All for totally free.

Advertisements on MeetMe

The website’s business model presumably runs on ad income. You will notice advertisements like in the screenshot above and they’re in really prominent positions around the web site.

They’re also component of Google’s ad network rather than some sketchy no-name one. At least that signifies prominent, targeted brands in your advertisements as an alternative of porn web pages, correct?

FAQ about MeetMe

Ultimately, we’ve reached the Often Asked Concerns for this MeetMe.com review. Below are all the most widespread queries we come across for dating web-sites in basic.

If you have a query I haven’t answered right here please let us know. The far more information I can cover right here the improved.

What is MeetMe.com?

MeetMe.com is a hybrid dating/social media platform. While it originally launched as a social media platform back in 2005, it is since deteriorated.

It now focuses additional on the dating side of issues, therefore the name, and is complete of scammers.

How do you log into MeetMe?

You can develop a profile applying an e mail address and password. You do have the selection to log in with Facebook rather, but I would not recommend doing this.

Once you have made an account you can just click the login link and enter your facts.

What are MeetMe alternatives?

There are so numerous far better on the net dating alternatives than this web-site. Check out our overview for the appropriate now.

How do you use MeetMe for totally free?

If you’re utilizing the web site version, not the app, MeetMe is absolutely cost-free. The only function that you can invest revenue on is the “Live” section.

This is a collection of non-nude cams exactly where you can pay for different attributes. If you just want to watch and chat though, even that is no cost.

How do you delete your MeetMe account?

Deleting your account is almost as straightforward as creating it. Just comply with these actions:

How substantially does MeetMe cost?

Practically nothing. The internet version of MeetMe is fully free.

Is MeetMe legit?

Not actually, no. Even though it is not a straight-up scam like quite a few other dating internet sites, it does host a lot of scammers.

I wouldn’t recommend employing it at all. The neighborhood is extremely toxic and the volume of scammers renders the website quite useless.

How do you send messages on MeetMe?

This is the easiest I’ve ever seen on a dating web site. To send a message to a different user just click their username or profile photo. You’ll be taken to the Chat tab in their profile and you can begin typing suitable there.

No need to match with them initial or even add them as a buddy.

How do you search on MeetMe?

When you log in you’ll be shown a grid of women who fit the default search filters. To modify these filters, click the dropdown box at the top of the grid on the ‘Meet’ tab.

This dropdown box will show you all the filter alternatives you can modify. See the screenshot above for more information.