2020 LonelyWifeHookup Review: Are These Lonely Wives Legit?

Sep 16 2020

On-line dating is superb when you are applying a legit site. It makes it possible for you to discover ladies you are attracted to and set up dates with no obtaining to leave your residence. The only problems is the number of low high-quality dating web pages out there and the time it requires to test out a new 1.

That is precisely why we like to deliver these detailed reviews of some of the additional usually pointed out dating websites. The way we figure, the less time you devote on potentially dodgy internet sites, the far more time you spend on dates!

This article is a Lonely Wife Hookup review. If you haven’t heard of the web-site ahead of, the name probably offers away the standard premise—find and meet up with married women for casual sex.

From there, I’ll spend for a subscription and use it as a premium member for yet another many weeks. This way I’m getting the full experience of the website so I can give you a detailed breakdown of the web site. Through this time I’m basically setting up dates with ladies and undertaking my ideal to take things offline.

There are a lot of other reviews out there and very handful of, if any of them, essentially cover the paid versions of a site in such great detail. You can’t really recognize what the internet site has to offer unless you do it though!

When it came to acquiring this Lonely Wife Hookup review in motion though, it was immediately clear this wouldn’t be essential. Let’s take a look at specifically why.

The Lonely Wife Hookup Review — Your Important to Uncomplicated Hookups?

The moment I visited this internet site I knew precisely what to expect. No want to spend for a subscription this time about!

Why? For the reason that it’s a carbon copy of two other scam web-sites I’ve currently reviewed. Each and share the same template and scetchy tactics as Lonely Wife Hookup.

As the good George W. Bush after said, “…fool me as soon as, shame on. . . shame on you. Fool me. . . you can’t get fooled again.” How articulate.

So, even though I wasn’t going to hand over credit card info to this company again, I did roll with the rest of the review method. Just to see if there were any additional surprises in shop.

Just before we go any additional, let’s take a appear at the important elements that make for a fantastic dating site. In this case, it actually sets the tone for every thing else.

For context, we’ve integrated a comparison against the well-identified . In case you haven’t made use of it just before, it’s one particular of the best solutions in terms of hookup web-sites and absolutely worth checking out.

Our group prices every single website objectively primarily based on numerous hours of independent investigation, the attributes every web site provides, and how it compares with other web pages. The ratings are the opinion of our editors and their in depth practical experience.

Our opinion of how attractive the common woman is that makes use of this web site and how simple they are to connect with compared to other sites.

How numerous people today are utilizing this internet site to actually meet people today compared to other web pages.

How quick is this web-site to use and how immediately can an typical particular person begin meeting people today compared to other web pages.

Does this web page take right precautions to safeguard its members, their identity, and their information.

Our opinion of how effortlessly an average person will be capable to reach their dating ambitions with this website compared to other web-sites.

Will the time and income spent utilizing this web site spend off for an average individual primarily based on the opinions and knowledge of our editors.

Clearly Lonely Wife Hookup is not going to be a terrific alternative for most guys and my recommendation is to totally keep away from it. The cause web pages like this can be so harmful is that they basically operate to appear legit. 

At least some of the sketchy dating websites I’ve reviewed so far are blatant sufficient that you aren’t probably to fall for it. In this case even though, there’s a degree of plausibility to it. At least till you dig additional.

This time about, when I set up my cost-free account I just let it sit. I didn’t add photographs or open messages, I just wanted to see what would happen. Confident sufficient, I received a host of messages and a continual barrage of suggestive chats.

This kind of issue just does not happen on a legit website. Girls just aren’t waiting to barrage random males with messages like that.

So if you’re looking for lonely women in your area that aren’t necessarily married but are seeking to get laid, use Adult FriendFinder instead. The fact that is a legit website with a decent track record is sufficient to lure you away from the scam that is LonelyWifeHookup.

On LonelyWifeHookup, you never ever know what will occur to your credit card facts if you sign up for a membership. On , even so, you can actually meet real folks and have a great time.

Positives and negatives

We do attempt our ideal to find one thing good about just about every web page we review. But to be honest, it was tough hunting for something positive about LonelyWifeHookup in this review.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Pretty sketchy web page
  • No true users from what we could tell
  • Spam messages attempting to get you to signing up

Lonely Wife Hookup profiles, images and members

If practically nothing else, the profiles on this site make for an amusing read. It is like the guys behind this web-site are a couple of 15-year-olds that have seen one as well quite a few more than the leading porn ads and feel that’s how women function.

Take this profile from the completely genuine ‘livindfantasy’ for example. “He just can not cos he’s dick does not get really hard any longer.” Spoken like a standard 49-year-old woman with a 4-year degree, ideal?

All in all, the profiles are fake, the images are almost certainly stolen and the bio text is hilarious. No actual ladies to see right here, people.

Design and style

Despite the fact that a little dated, the general style of the web site is in all probability the biggest factor Lonely Wife Hookup has going for it.

The navigation is easy and uncomplicated to use and the web page is commonly fairly intuitive. The continuous onslaught of semi-naked women is a little more than the top rated, but there are worse items on the web, ideal?

Seeking at style alone, I’d say it is nearly on par with some of the leading dating web pages. Clearly this is not adequate to alter my recommendation but credit exactly where it is due.

Messaging and chatting

The reason sketchy internet sites like this spam you with chat popups and messages is since they’re a paid function. They want you to feel as although sticking with a absolutely free account is costing you a lot of hookups with attractive girls. Look at just how quite a few messages I received right after a handful of days with a blank account.

As talked about above, I wasn’t going to spend for this website once again. What I can inform you from my practical experience with a paid account on AffairAlert is that it’s all fake.

I tried possessing reputable conversations just to see what would take place. I even tried to escalate with various ‘women’ on that web-site and got the identical response each time:

My guess is they want to stretch out the conversation and string me along. Possibly if they can do it long adequate I’ll be fooled into paying for a further month of the subscription.

I located this to be the case with both the chat popups and messages on AffairAlert and this website will be no different. All communication was just as poorly written as the bio text in every single profile.

What can you do with a absolutely free membership on lonelywifehookup.com

On these web-sites, not a complete lot. You can set up a complete profile and appear at females on the web page and that’s about it. Generally a free account just affords you the privilege of getting continually spammed into paying for an account.

You can not study any of the messages in your inbox with out paying, nor can you reply to a chat request. All you can do is see the notifications and appear at the amusing profiles.

In fairness, even with a paid account, you are not going to reach a whole lot more.

Ads on Lonely Wife Hookup

About the only way this internet site differs from AffairAlert and BlackCrush is the lack of ads. While the other two internet sites had an array of porn ads, I haven’t observed a single a single on here.

There is a likelihood I was only seeing the ads once I paid for a subscription previously. I say this mainly because the place of the porn advertisements on these other web sites at present has advertisements for their VIP membership.

The only other point I see advertised on right here are their “free hardcore porn ads” (free following you pay of course. . .) and cams.

As I noted in my AffairAlert review, the cams section just shows cam girls from an actual cam website. They do not have their own models. This complete tab is fake, just like the rest of the web site.


This web page is such a beneficial resource, it makes sense that we’d talk about the expense as properly.

For this ultimate privilege of chatting to bots or some little ones — I mean, ‘interested hotties — trying to bait you, the breakdown is beneath.

The pricing is a tiny on the confusing side but as with most subscriptions, they want you to commit to a longer sub. They do this by minimizing the monthly expense the longer you commit to.

They know you aren’t going to fall for their nonsense for several months in a row. As an alternative, they actually push the notion of you paying $69.90 now.

Ordinarily, this is where I’d speak about the options that are unlocked with a paid subscription. In this case even though, there’s genuinely no point. You basically just get to interact with much more fake profiles and chat with extra bots.

No matter whether you are making use of a free or paid membership, there’s zero chance you are obtaining a date from this web-site.

FAQ about Lonelywifehookup.com

Last but not least, the regularly asked questions about this web page. This really should be about every thing you have to have to know but if you have a query I haven’t answered we’d appreciate to hear it!

What is lonelywifehookup.com?

Lonely Wife Hookup is a questionable dating internet site. A carbon copy of each AffairAlert and BlackCrush (and undoubtedly a lot more), it’s filled with fake profiles and spam.

Best to stay away from this website entirely.

How do you log into Lonely Wife Hookup?

You can produce an account by following the wizard from the property web page. All you will need to have is an email address and to follow the prompts.

When you have this set up, just click Member Login and enter your username and password.

What are Lonely Wife Hookup alternatives?

While this site is truly sketchy there are a lot of genuine solutions available. Take a look at our for some of the greatest dating web pages right now.

How do you use Lonely Wife Hookup for no cost?

When you develop a no cost account on this site, you automatically get a totally free account. Sadly, it doesn’t seriously enable you to do anything but appear at profiles.

Even extra unfortunate is the fact that even with a paid account you won’t obtain significantly additional. The profiles are all fake.

How do you cancel your Lonely Wife Hookup subscription?

In sticking with their theme of getting a sketchy dating web page, there doesn’t seem to be a way to cancel your membership. Getting gone via every doable area of the web site (like their FAQ) there’s no selection to cancel your payments.

Alternatively, just go ahead and delete your account. I’d suggest keeping an eye on your credit card transactions in the following weeks also.

How do you delete your Lonely Wife Hookup account?

Fortunately deleting your account is uncomplicated. Just adhere to these measures:

How significantly does Lonely Wife Hookup cost?

The pricing for this web-site is put with each other in a really confusing way. As an alternative, here’s the simplest way to appear at it without the need of their confusing layout and phrasing:

three-day trial: $eight.90

1 month: $29.95

3 months: $49.95 ($16.65 per month)

6 months: $69.90 ($11.65 per month)

The reason they make it that substantially cheaper for 6 months is for the reason that they have such a brief chance. Extremely handful of folks will be fooled by this website for additional than just a handful of days. So it’s unlikely any individual will spend two months in a row.

Is Lonely Wife Hookup legit?

Not at all. When some effort has gone into producing this website seem reputable at 1st glance, a closer appear will inform you otherwise.

The bio text in each profile is amusing at ideal and the chat responses appear to be semi-intelligible bots.

Is Lonely Wife Hookup a scam or true?

Lonely Wife Hookup is a sketchy dating web page. Just like the dating internet sites that share the similar template and tactics, it’s just a facade aimed at tricking you into paying for a membership.

All mentions of a Lonely Wife Hookup situation that you must prevent are completely appropriate.

How do you send messages on Lonely Wife Hookup?

Sending messages on this web site demands a paid account. When you will obtain a lot of messages employing a free of charge membership, you cannot reply to any.

If you sign up for a VIP membership (not encouraged), you can click “Send Mail” from within any profile to message them. Alternatively, you can also click “Start Chat” to begin a chat conversation instead.

How do you search on Lonely Wife Hookup?

You can search for relevant profiles by clicking the search option in the top navigation.

From right here you can opt for from a bunch of solutions like distance, age, only profiles with pictures and many a lot more.

Note that because all profiles on this site are fake, working with these filters is redundant.