2020 In-Depth Review of iHookup – Will You Basically Hookup Here?

Sep 17 2020

When I initial kicked off our iHookup review I didn’t know what to anticipate. Any dating site with ‘hookup’ is suspicious to commence with. But some thing about the ‘i’ in the name created it sound classy, like it was connected to Apple computer systems or some thing. So I decided to check it out to see if it is worth such as in our annual .

I’ll admit, the cover page for the web site is even additional impressive than the name. They have a experienced-hunting logo and a cool turquoise background. There is a very simple layout and the caption “sparks fly” with a picture of a happy couple. This is how we performed our review of iHookup.com:

We spent a lot of time sending out dozens and dozens of messages over a couple of months to a lot of distinctive girls. We message ladies of all levels of attractiveness, race, and interests to get a definitely superior thought of what type of response rates guys will get. We have a lot of achievement on dating apps so we know what a high quality app feels like.

We try to set up dates with as numerous girls as possible and then take all the experiences and benefits we’ve seen to create this review.

Below is our full-length review of iHookup as well as our suggestions for how to use the web page.

What We Learned in our iHookup Evaluation

This review wasn’t for the faint of heart. Study on to discover out more! Initial, a quick overview of what we located and a comparison to what we think is the best choice for most guys to meet women looking for casual entertaining or hookups, Adult FriendFinder:

Our team prices each and every website objectively primarily based on a lot of hours of independent research, the features every single web-site provides, and how it compares with other internet sites. The ratings are the opinion of our editors and their substantial expertise.

Our opinion of how attractive the standard woman is that utilizes this web site and how quick they are to connect with compared to other web-sites.

How several individuals are applying this web-site to really meet people compared to other web pages.

How straightforward is this web-site to use and how immediately can an typical particular person commence meeting folks compared to other web sites.

Does this internet site take proper precautions to safeguard its members, their identity, and their data.

Our opinion of how easily an average particular person will be in a position to attain their dating ambitions with this website compared to other sites.

Will the time and dollars spent applying this web-site pay off for an average individual primarily based on the opinions and expertise of our editors.

If you appear at our all round ratings above it is fairly clear that we didn’t believe a lot of iHooup.com right after spending time employing it. This was 1 of the absolute worst apps we have attempted and would under no circumstances recommend that any one attempt it. If you want a quality hookup app you should go with Adult FriendFinder rather (you can attempt them for free with the links above).

There were a lot of issues wrong with iHookup but the huge three had been:

Any time we click on something, even just navigating around, we would get redirected to the paid subscription page. When you get there they make it actually tough to navigate away so we have been continually hitting the back button.

To make matters worse they hide the cost in really, incredibly, tiny small print under the credit card information. It would be really quick to assume you are acquiring the membership for no cost as an alternative of havig to pay $39 a month!

Even just before we had a likelihood to complete a profile we had been obtaining bombarded with messages. This is pretty much constantly a clear signal that the web site you are utilizing is attempting to rip you off with bots. This onslaught in no way stopped.

There had been also a lot of fake profiles on the web page. So several that really becoming able to tell if there are ANY true humans applying it would be not possible.

Everywhere you look on the web site you see sketchy advertising. You just can not get away from it. It is pretty clear that they are only interested in showing you ads alternatively of basically operating a web-site to meet other men and women.

We didn’t seriously come across a great deal to like in our review of iHookup but right here are the key positives and negatives:

  • Honestly, we could not discover any than a good looking homepage
  • We received a lot of fake messages
  • There are a lot of fake profiles
  • Lots of cam advertisements
  • Lots of adult advertisements
  • Attempted to trick us into paying

Now lets get into the specifics of what we discovered in our review:

Rated R for Rob You Blind

One particular of the initially issues I noticed when I signed onto the website was a little bar on the upper-right corner that said R-Rated. I was, of course, intrigued by this tiny button, and so I pressed it. Oops.
It instantly took me to a further web page with images of scantily clad girls in scandalous poses and even some straight up adult video links. It was, to say the least, not a dating service. Of course, if you click on anything on this page, it asks that you upgrade your absolutely free account to a paid account. It promises that if you do you can have limitless access to thousands of XXX videos.

No thanks.

Dump this app and get actual results with

After spending a small time reviewing iHookup it is quite clear that this app just is not going to provide for most guys. I know your heart is broken by hearing that but you are in luck. You can and in fact get some real results.

Each and every year we rank and . There are a TON of worthless apps out there (like iHookup) but also a couple that are legit, particularly Tinder and Adult FriendFinder.

Fantastic seeking guys seeking to date chicks under 28 are going to do good with Tinder. They are going to get nearly all the interest from the ladies there. Regular seeking guys or guys interested in ladies 30+ are going to be out of luck.

We have identified to be a considerably much better option for guys who don’t have a lot of luck on Tinder. AFF has a ton of ladies working with it (60 million+ active members in English speaking countries) and WAY more girls 30+. They also are a lot less focused on hunting wonderful in a headshot because you have a substantially a lot more expansive profile to show off with.

If you are looking for a quick fling in your hood.

There Are Fake Profiles on iHookup.com

When I 1st signed up for the web page, I was warned that there are ‘Sweethaarts’ on this web site. “What is a ‘Sweethaart’?” I wondered. Perhaps a person just misspelled ‘sweetheart’. Or, possibly they are seriously cute females who have been hugely rated by the community. Unfortunately, no. Sweethearts are, according to the web-site, there to give updates about “special gives targeted to my interests.” In other words, they are fake profiles that are set up by the internet site to make money.

And it didn’t take me lengthy to obtain one of these Sweethearts. In fact, ideal when I logged in, I got a message. It mentioned: “Hi, my name is iHookupKate and I’m an iHookup.com hostess. I’m here to show you the basics and share suggestions that will make your experience satisfying. Believe of me as your community tour guide :)” I clicked on her profile and there had been a bunch of adult pictures of ‘Kate’. She recommended that I upload photographs and get a lot more involved in the website.

I clicked on her profile and there had been a bunch of adult photos of ‘Kate’. She encouraged that I upload pictures and get much more involved in the website. Now, we are going to enable you out here and save some time. You can skip the rest of this review and use your time more wisely on . These are the web sites that can actually get you laid.

iHookup Desires Your Photographs for a Cause

I wondered why this ‘Kate’ wanted me to upload images. What does she care if I have a photo or not? So, I did a small bit of analysis into what the website does my content when I upload it. Here’s what I found out in the user agreement. They say, “By submitting Content material to the Web site, you automatically agree that iHookup and anybody permitted by iHookup may perhaps reproduce, show, distribute and build new performs of authorship primarily based on and including the Content.”

What does that mean in plain english? It indicates that they can take your pictures and words, and reproduce them as ads, new profiles, or whatever they want, with whatever modifications they please. They could take your photo and make a profile for a different dating internet site catering to some strange fetish or one thing. Seriously, I wouldn’t mess around with any website that has a user agreement like that.

It Was Hard to Inform if We Saw Any True Ladies in Our iHookup Overview

I started to wonder if there were, in truth, any actual people on this web-site at all. I started performing searches on the members. A ton of profiles would appear in the benefits, but there was under no circumstances a member count (which is often a red flag for scam internet sites). The pictures seemed legit in many instances, but most of the profiles have been not filled out at all. Offered what the user agreement mentioned, I figure these could be pictures that persons created on other dating internet sites that have been then transferred to make fake accounts. Either way, they didn’t look like true folks made them.

The profiles that were filled out were even stranger. A single of them had the self-description: “Is it you???? Am I wait you all time? I am seeking for a person, who can take pleasure in every day of getting together!” That doesn’t sound like any true individual I know.

Some Members Have Stolen Pictures on iHookup.com

I did a reverse search on Google to see if the pictures of members have been posted anyplace else. 1 of the searches I did had a match. It was with a photo of a lady named Elena on a dating website for Russian ladies. Of course, her name and location did not match the info on the site. Clearly, they had been taking pictures from other places and generating fraudulent profiles.

Yet another weird issue I noticed is that about 75% of the profiles that I saw stated they have been “Native American” even though the people in the pictures looked about as white and blond as can be. What’s that about? These types of strange inconsistencies are big indicators that the website is not what it says.

In my final try to find a actual member, I decided to send a message. I clicked on a woman’s profile and then clicked on the message button. That is when I hit the pay wall.

You Have to Spend to Do Anything

This web page advertises totally free membership. But what is a membership worth if you can not even converse with other members? It is worth totally nothing at all, in my thoughts.

This is a regular scheme for scam dating web-sites. They have fake member profiles who attempt to get you to sign up by sending messages. They lure you in, thinking that maybe you are going to get fortunate, but then as soon as you sign up you comprehend you aren’t even chatting with a actual individual. You paid to send a message to a robot.

It’s not just messages you have to pay for. You have to spend to appear at certain photos, or even read the messages that have already been sent to you. Don’t fall for it!

They Guarantee that You will Hookup, Possibly

On the membership choices web page, the web-site says they “Guarantee You’ll Hookup”. But, of course, there is an asterisk, and some fine print that says they really do not guarantee anything. But, if you don’t hookup, they will give you three free of charge months of membership. Of course, they never ever define what ‘hookup’ means. And, if the website is a scam to commence with, what’s 3 months of totally free membership worth?
This, of course, is just another component of their clever scheme to get your credit card number.

Hyperlinks to Third Party Web sites

Up close to the ‘R-Rated’ button, there are some other hyperlinks. One particular of them says, “Live Chat”. I clicked on the hyperlink, thinking that maybe it would let me chat with other members. I really should have recognized superior.
It actually took me to one more internet site altogether. It was a cam website, with all kinds of adult content. And it asked me to spend in order to chat with the girls. Any dating internet site that takes you to another domain without warning ought to not be trusted. And you unquestionably shouldn’t give these third celebration web sites any funds.The Website Has Sketchy Billing

The Web-site Has Sketchy Billing

For this iHookup review I looked over all of the terms and conditions for the web-site. 1 thing I noticed is that the business that runs the website is situated in Malta. Malta is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Companies generally host their websites in these locations when they want to steer clear of taxes and US regulations. In other words, only fairly sketchy sites typically host in these locations, so that they cannot be held accountable for things like stealing your personal information and facts and credit card quantity.

They even have a clause, in all caps, in the fine print that says, “IHOOKUP RESERVES THE Correct, AT ANY TIME, TO Transform ITS Costs AND BILLING Techniques, Like THE ADDITION OF SUPPLEMENTAL Charges OR SEPARATE CHARGES”

If that does not scare you, I do not know what will.

iHookup Review Verdict – Do not Fall for the Scam

This internet site has great marketing and advertising and design, so it could be difficult to see the trashy scheme underneath. But I have completed the investigation for this iHookup review, and trust me, this place is not exactly where you want to go to meet older girls, or anybody for that matter. Remain far away!

iHookup.com Frequently Asked Concerns (FAQ)

Under are the concerns we regularly hear and tracked down answers for through our iHookup review:

What is iHookup all about?

We go into terrific detail about this in our review but iHookup claims to be a web page that can aid you locate a person to hookup with. In reality, it is far more of an advertisement for other adult web-sites. There are a great deal improved choices for you out there if you truly want to meet a actual person. iHookup is all about taking your revenue.

Is iHookup a dating web site?

iHookup is not a dating site, it portrays itself as a internet site for more casual dating or obtaining hookups. What they have in thoughts isn’t what we would contact a “date”.

Is the iHookup mobile app worth making use of?

The iHookup mobile app is not worth utilizing. The site itself is exceptionally sketchy and you are significantly far better off trying other options. If you want to know what these are, verify out .

Is iHookup a scam or genuine?

We didn’t find anything in our iHookup review that would lead us to believe that this is a true hookup website that is worth your time. There are red flags all over this website that should really send you operating away as quick as probable.

Is iHookup legit?

There are various legit hookup web sites and apps out there but iHookup isn’t a single of them. They don’t have any substantial amount of actual users, they have tons of fake profiles, and lots of fakes messages. iHookup.com is about as far from legit as it gets.

Is iHookup safe to use?

In our opinion, iHookup.com is not secure to use. There are also quite a few examples exactly where they are trying to mislead customers for us to say otherwise.

How do you log into and signup for iHookup?

Before you log into and signup for iHookup we are going to warn you that you are most likely wasting your time with them. If you insist on moving forward right here is what you have to have to do:

What are the best iHookup alternatives?

If you are searching for an iHookup option (and you unquestionably ought to be) we suggest you verify out. You can see which web page or app would work finest based on what you are looking for.

How can you use iHookup.com for no cost?

When you go by means of the signup process you are registering for a absolutely free iHookup account. Essentially employing all of iHookup for totally free is a further story. As soon as you attempt to communicate at all you are prompted to place in your credit card information.

At this time you can not use iHookup for absolutely free except to view their ads and do some simple looking.

How can you get a free of charge iHookup membership?

At this time, there is no way to get a free iHookup membership. This site is incredibly untrustworthy and does every little thing it can to get you to put in your credit card info. Even as a absolutely free web site it isn’t worth your time so you shouldn’t even look at a paid membership.

How do you delete your iHookup account?

In order to delete your iHookup account or to delete your iHookup profile you need to have to follow these steps:

You may well nevertheless get emails from them but this is all you can do to get rid of yourself from their systems.

How much does iHookup.com price?

iHookup tries seriously hard to get you to signup to a paid membership with out inform you how much it expenses. Below is the fine print:

As you can see, they charge you $two for a a single day trial and then the next day begin charging you $39 a month. This is quite sketchy and below no circumstances must you pay for this.