2020 Happn Review (Can It Turn Opportunity Encounters Into Hookups?)

Sep 17 2020

If you use any well-known type of social media, you have likely come across advertisements for Happn once or twice. We have heard great points and have spent the past couple of months placing collectively a comprehensive Happn review.

It is a common dating app that gets lots of exposure on the internet. (It is also special in that it focuses on likelihood encounters. It makes use of place tracking to connect with you females who have been near you.)

Does all that exposure imply it is a reputable app or are we hunting at a Happn scam? That’s precisely what I set out to learn for myself.

As on-line dating continues to turn out to be the norm, it also begins to attract the scammers. There are so many fake dating internet sites popping up on the web that guarantee the world for a paid membership. Not only do you lose your income, but you are also potentially compromising your credit card.

Rather than spending the time and money attempting these web sites out, we want to do the legwork for you.

I place it to use as a reputable user to see if it is the true deal. I wanted to see if there were real ladies utilizing this web site and if so, if I could successfully arrange some dates with them. I matched with them, had conversations, and set up actual dates.

I did all of this so you can be particular about Happn before you ever even open the app.

Let’s take a look at what I identified.

Our Comprehensive Happn Critique

Let’s commence with a fundamental comparison against Adult FriendFinder. Quickly one of the most prominent hookup and dating apps, it’s a excellent benchmark to evaluate other alternatives also.

Our group prices every single web page objectively primarily based on several hours of independent investigation, the characteristics each and every web page offers, and how it compares with other web sites. The ratings are the opinion of our editors and their in depth encounter.

Our opinion of how attractive the common woman is that utilizes this web-site and how effortless they are to connect with compared to other internet sites.

How lots of people today are making use of this site to really meet men and women compared to other internet sites.

How simple is this website to use and how quickly can an average person begin meeting people compared to other internet sites.

Does this website take proper precautions to safeguard its members, their identity, and their data.

Our opinion of how quickly an typical individual will be able to reach their dating objectives with this site compared to other web-sites.

Will the time and cash spent working with this website pay off for an typical person based on the opinions and knowledge of our editors.

By all accounts, Happn is a strong solution when it comes to the major dating apps out there. Within a matter of hours, I had a bunch of matches, active conversations and two dates set up. Several more followed in the coming days.

Compared to quite a few of the apps I’ve utilized in the previous, the user base seems to be really active. They don’t have the profile volume of one thing like Tinder but the interaction is there.

I’m skeptical about how great this app will be in the lengthy-term for the reason that it isn’t nearly as well-known as a lot of the other possibilities out there that have also delivered terrific outcomes (like ). I have a hunch that this is an app that peaks early and then gets quite dead.

The app is clean, simple to navigate and provides no sign of funny business enterprise going on. If you haven’t attempted Happn but, it could be worth a shot.

The customers of Happn do seem to be extremely significantly on the younger side of things. If you’re 30+ you could possibly struggle to obtain a lot of matches as well.

Nevertheless want far more information? I’ve got it for you! Let’s take a peek at both the positives and negatives of our Happn review.

  • Clean interface
  • Active user base
  • Really premium feel
  • Rapid and efficient profile setup
  • Having two unique techniques of locating women is unnecessary and confusing
  • Smaller sized user base than the important apps

Now, Let’s Get Into How Very good is Happn?

Happn is complete of actual, genuine users

One of the initial good indicators I got when I started this Happn review was profile high-quality. Each single profile I came across looked entirely legit.

The profile photos employed were a mixture of telephone selfies and the type of pics you’d see on Facebook. That is to say they’re legitimate photographs of standard folks. 

No spammy stock photos attempting to imitate a real account and no cringey bio. Just genuine persons generating real profiles which makes for genuine interactions. What a pleasant transform following reviewing so many scam web-sites lately!

The design is intuitive 

The design and style of Happn’s app is fairly clean and straightforward. There’s a lot going on but they’ve managed to make it feel uncluttered and straightforward which can be a challenge.

Every thing you need is organized in tabs across the bottom of the screen. It is a incredibly familiar layout thanks to apps like Facebook and Tinder. All in all, if you have a smartphone and use it for additional than just texting, Happn will feel intuitive.

If I had to choose a unfavorable it is the number of pop-ups they have. These are not ads, just short snippets that are developed to be useful. From time to time it is wanting you to allow notifications or location tracking. Other instances it is explaining how a certain function operates.

That’s fantastic and all but following you have utilised the app for a couple of minutes, these things just turn into a nuisance. It is not the biggest deal but a minor detail worth pointing out.

Messaging is basic (and musical) as far as dating apps go

Offered the minimalist design we identified in our Happn review, it comes as no surprise the messaging is really uncomplicated too.

It feels just like any contemporary dating app, truly. Just tap on the speech bubble tab, select a conversation and you’ll be taken straight to it. The fact they don’t overcomplicate items with a zillion ‘features’ is truly pretty refreshing.

Admittedly I have to question their selection to contain Spotify songs. You can send a song in the conversation and I’m just not confident why. Certain, there’s a dad-joke level of amusement that comes from sending “Call me maybe” but I can’t see myself actually applying it.

Beyond that, the chat interface is extremely simplistic which tends to make it quick on the eyes also.

As for fake profiles and messages, I didn’t come across a single one. All conversations appeared to be entirely legit. As I described above, customers stay pretty active which is a large deal also. Practically all the females I messaged replied inside an hour and conversations were fast.

Also worth noting, you can match and chat with women employing the absolutely free account just fine. The Premium account didn’t make a distinction to the conversations at all.

How does the no cost version of the dating app Happn perform out?

This is a single of these apps that definitely does let you do every thing you require to with the totally free version. Whilst the Premium features are a good touch, they’re only there to give you a slight edge.

All in all, I didn’t feel restricted at all when utilizing it as a totally free member. I was capable to view profiles of girls nearby, match with and chat to them just fine. I had many dates set up before even switching more than to the Premium membership.

Tired of ads? You’ll like Happn

One more element that builds on the excellent feel of the Happn dating app is the lack of ads.

Although truly using the app I didn’t come across a single ad. Interestingly adequate, when I logged out to test several components I was presented with a brief ad for footwear.

They do promote their premium subscription throughout the app but they have to spend their developers somehow, proper?

Does Happn expense income?

Happn makes use of a typical pricing model for the monthly subscription even though the costs seem a little higher.

As is the norm, the longer you sign up for, the more affordable it gets per month. Your options are as follows:

  • 1 month: $33.99 /month
  • 6 months: $20.00 /month (a $119.99 payment)
  • 12 months: $13.34 /month (a $159.99 payment)

When the app is higher good quality and helpful, pricing themselves larger than Tinder and Bumble doesn’t seem smart. Specially taking into consideration the minimal advantage of the premium subscription.

Signing up for a paid subscription will give you these perks:

  • A peek at who liked you, without having having to match very first
  • ten “Hellos” per day (feel of it like a Super Like on Tinder)
  • Unlimited likes (though I never hit my each day limit on the cost-free version)
  • The option to go “invisible” so your account can not be observed for a period of time
  • More privacy controls so you can set what other folks can see in your profile till you’ve matched
  • An ad-free of charge experience

Honestly, of these perks the only 1 I personally locate useful is the capability to see who has liked me. The only explanation I like it is that I’m impatient. I don’t have to do a bunch of swiping to come across matches I get a shortlist to pick out from!

I do promote the concept of paying for premium with these apps to help a excellent product. At $34 /month although. . . I’ll leave that choice up to you.

Regularly Asked Inquiries From Our Happn Overview

Lastly, let’s wrap up this Happn review by looking at the Internet’s most frequently asked inquiries.

The app is quite intuitive but if you obtain your self stuck with one thing I haven’t addressed right here, let us know! We’ll be pleased to find the answer and add it to your review as nicely.

What is Happn.com?

Happn is a variation on the common dating app model. Whereas the significant players like Tinder and Bumble show profiles of customers in your location, Happn requires a slightly diverse method.

Though it nonetheless delivers a Tinderesque solution, the most important feature of the app is based about possibility encounters. Tracking your place, it shows you ladies you have been near that day that fit your selected demographic.

Maybe you drive to function at the identical time each day and so does a different lady you could possibly be interested in. If you both use Happn, you will see her profile on the map and have the chance to match with her.

It is an fascinating spin on the common model. Regardless of whether it’s a beneficial feature or just a advertising and marketing gimmick is hard to quantify. What does matter though is the app works and you can meet ladies applying it.

How do you log into Happn?

You get two options for logging into Happn. You can either connect with your Facebook account for fast and simple authentication or you can use your phone quantity.

Personally, I love the simplicity of logging in with my Facebook account because it requires just seconds and demands no more verification. That stated, I realize some individuals may perhaps hesitate or perhaps do not even have a Facebook account.

Either way, the sign-up procedure is simple.

What are Happn alternatives?

There are far as well many key options in this space for us to go listing them all here. As an alternative, take a look at our review of .

We’ve gone into a little far more detail on some of the most effective selections available suitable now. Go ahead and check it out!

How do you use Happn for totally free or is Happn cost-free to use?

Happn lets you do every little thing you actually need to without having obtaining to pay a cent. You can set up your profile, see girls in your area, adjust your gender, age and distance preferences, and far more.

Premium does let you to see who likes you with out obtaining to match with them, amongst other features. Ultimately even though, none of the premium perks truly make a substantial difference.

How do you cancel your Happn membership?

Like most apps, you have to cancel your Happn subscription by means of your iTunes or Google Play account.

To do this, comply with the actions below for your device:



How do you delete your Happn account?

Deleting your account can be done from within the app. With the app open, stick to the beneath measures:

How a lot does Happn price?

Happn can be applied really correctly for free. If you’d like to sign up for a Premium membership for extra perks, you can do so on a subscription basis.

Below are the pricing choices for the subscription. As usual, the longer you sign up for, the less costly it gets per month!

  • 1 month: $33.99 /month
  • six months: $20.00 /month (a $119.99 payment)
  • 12 months: $13.34 /month (a $159.99 payment)

Is Happn legit?

Yes. In truth, I basically enjoyed preparing for this Happn review. The profiles are genuine, active customers and interaction happens rapidly.

I was capable to set up a bunch of dates really quickly and I’m certain you will too.

Is Happn a scam or true?

Any talk of a Happn scam would be extremely confusing to me. There’s not a single element of this app that suggests it may possibly not be reputable.

By all accounts, Happn is a real dating app.

How do you send messages on Happn?

After you’ve matched with somebody, you can chat to them straight through the Messages tab at the bottom.

Like most apps these days, the interface is quite straightforward and there are no limits to your conversation.

How do you search in Happn?

There’s no way to “search” on an app like this. Alternatively, you set an age range and distance and the app shows you ladies that match those parameters.

With each profile that you are presented, you can choose whether or not you’re interested in them. If you both indicate you’re interested in every single other, then it is a match and you can start chatting.