2020 Exclusive Review of Hookup Cougars.com – Is It Genuine?

Sep 16 2020

Our Hookup Cougars review has a lot in popular with the old saying that you can’t judge a book by its cover. But what if that book says that it’s about horses, and alternatively it has a picture of a giraffe on the front? Well, it is either a strange, animal-themed joke book, or it’s a total fraud. Either way, I believe it is fair to judge that the book is not to be taken seriously.

So, when I navigated to Hookup Cougars’ website and saw a image of a young woman (she couldn’t be older than 25) in a scandalous position suitable on the front page, I was certainly judging the book by its cover. Why would this internet site, which advertises itself as a location to meet ‘cougars’ have a image of a younger woman on the front? It is practically like they aren’t attempting to look genuine.

When evaluating the authenticity of a dating website (as we do for all of the web sites we consider which includes on ) this is a good initial test: does their content match their name and marketing? The fact that this web page has photographs of young women all over their web page proper from the starting tends to make me assume it’s a Hookup Cougars scam.

The Hookupcougars.com Total Assessment

Study via the rest of this HookupCougers review to see if the inside of this book is as negative as its cover (hint: it is).

No Cougars on Hookup Cougars, Just Cupids

What are ‘Cupids’? That’s a very good question. It is the same question I had when I was signing up for an account on this internet site and they gave me a warning that mentioned, “By proceeding I acknowledge and agree that this Web page involves On the net Cupids® which are fantasy profiles operated by the web site for entertainment and compliance.”

Ahead of I have even logged on, this ‘dating’ web page had admitted that they use ‘fantasy’ (just a good way of saying ‘fake’) profiles. These Cupid profiles are common amongst the scam dating internet sites, and they are a very good way to inform that the site you are on is not genuinely attempting to support you uncover a date.

Cupids and other fake profiles have all sorts of tricks up their sleeve to try to get honest, actual customers to acquire memberships, devote revenue on ‘gifts’, and access predatory, third-party corporations. This is exactly what they tried to do to me on this web site.

has way extra cougars to meet

We attempt not to be as well harsh on web pages we are reviewing but sometimes we just have to come out and say it. In our review of hookupcougars.com we didn’t find anything worth recommending. It is really hard NOT to advise that guys at least verify out Adult FriendFinder (you can attempt them for cost-free with the hyperlinks above after all). We have observed a lot of guys discover achievement using it and most of these guys have been pretty typical in the appears division. With that type of results and how little time it requires to use there truly is not a downside.

If you truly want to discover cougars to hookup with you require to attempt out . You will rapidly see just how diverse issues are when you use a good quality web page like AFF.

Meeting ladies 30+ for some casual exciting is normally a numbers game. The far more selections you have and the messages you send the better results you get. has the biggest quantity of single cougars of any hookup site (they have 60 million+ members) so operating out of choices is not probably.

We review dozens and dozens of web-sites in our yearly review of the major hookup apps and web pages and they have been at the top for a whilst now. Attempt them.

Hookup Cougars Sends Fake Messages and Is Not Free of charge

As soon as I logged into the web-site, I began finding messages and chat requests from all kinds of girls (none of whom seemed to be older than I). This is a big challenge for us and is quite common with the scam web-sites. Now, we are going to assist you out right here and save some time. You can skip the rest of this review and use your time a lot more wisely on . These are the web pages that can truly get you laid.

“Things can get intense in between us if you permit. The 1st step would be to respond child.”

That was a single of the messages I got from a different ‘member’. But why would she want to speak to me? I didn’t have any words or pictures on my profile but. I was just a random screen name. Effectively, I tried to take that ‘1st step,’ I tried to send a message, but that’s when I hit my first paywall. Apparently, you can’t even converse with other members before acquiring a membership.

I looked a tiny closer at the profile that messaged me and saw that she was one particular of the Cupids that I was warned about. In reality, all of the profiles that had been ‘liking’ and chatting me had been listed as “online Cupids”.

The Web page Has a Trashy Layout

Even if I wasn’t acquiring messages from “Cupids,” I would have been suspicious of Hookup Cougars. 1st of all, the internet site has a weird, blue and black color scheme that makes it appear low spending budget and sketchy, like the basement apartment of some drug-dealer, or a second-rate rave in a poorly lit warehouse. It is not a place I want to be.

But that’s just the starting. The buttons and attributes of the web site are poorly laid out. There are two navigation bars at the best of the web page. One particular of them has my alerts, which I am raking up by the minute (mainly because of all those fake messages). The other bar has options like “Find members” and “Adult games” (extra on these later in the review).

The actual search attributes on the site are really hard to discover and navigate. All of this makes me assume that this website isn’t essentially meant to help you date an individual.

Not Protected for Function

Perhaps the most trashy part of the internet site is not it’s terrible color scheme or poor layout, but the quite a few scandalous photos and advertisements that adorn the web-site.

Most of the ‘Cupids’ profiles have adult photographs and dialogue. But the most egregious content material is basically found in the third-party advertisements that are on the site of the internet site. They are mostly for ED medicine, and feature hardcore adult content, which I will not describe right here. I’ll just say that it’s not a superior look, and a clear sign that this internet site is a total scam.

We Had Difficulty Finding Actual Cougars in Our HookupCougars Review

There weren’t any true cougars that I could locate. I did a few searches, including wide searches in important cities, and all I could uncover have been folks who have been ‘Cupids,’ or who looked a great deal younger than their profile said. There was one woman’s profile (see image), which claimed that she was 40 years old, but then had a image of somebody who appears, at most, 22.

When I began these searches, the default age range in the search bar was 18-35. Why would a internet site that calls itself Hookup Cougar have that as their default age variety? I’m not sure how old you have to be to contemplate an 18-year-old a cougar, but I do know that you would be as well young to use a web page like this.

Just like the photo on the sign-in web page, this is a clear sign that the internet site is not essentially what it is marketing to be.

Third Party Promotions

In addition to the vile advertisements on the side of the web page, there are a ton of other third-parties trying to get a chunk of your modify. For instance, when you click on “Live Cams” it takes you to a series of “live cam” models who want to get you to pay for a private show. There are also “adult games” that need payment.

Despite the reality that these third-parties have nothing to do with dating cougars, you could be tempted to use them for ‘entertainment’ purposes. Do not.

I study by means of the fine print in the site’s user agreement, and below the heading “Third Party Links” it says clearly: “You further acknowledge and agree that Publisher shall not be accountable or liable, directly or indirectly, for any harm or loss brought on or alleged to be triggered by or in connection with use of or reliance on any such third-party content, goods or services accessible on or by means of any such website or resource.”

In other words, these hyperlinks are not to be trusted.

Hookup Cougar Will Steal Your Profile!

The info about third parties was not the only scary point I located in the user agreement when I was going via it for this HookupCougar review. There was also a section that said, “You hereby release Us and all other members of the Site from any liability for invasion of privacy, defamation, false light, and associated torts, in the event that your communications or profile are created public – even if they are made public for the sole objective of amusing other people at your expense.”

Properly, that is harsh. They can take your private info and publicize it just to make exciting of you and there is absolutely nothing you can do. Does this sound like a website you definitely want to use?

Web-site Firm Is Situated in Cyprus

At the pretty starting of the user agreement it says that “‘Company’ indicates HookupCougars, with offices positioned at Dositheou, 42 Strovolos, P.C. 2028, Nicosia, Cyprus.”

You may not know exactly where that is. Neither did I. So I looked it up and Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. And, according to Wikipedia, “Cyprus has been sought as a base for various offshore businesses for its low tax rates.” That is not a excellent sign. This web-site not only wants to take your dollars, but they want to store your credit card information and facts in offshore servers. Scam alert!

Their Facebook Page Has No Cougars, Either

I am beginning to believe that the folks behind the HookupCougar scam do not even know what a ‘cougar’ is. On their Facebook web page, they just have a bunch of photographs of young, lovely females. Maybe they believe that ‘cougar’ suggests that someone is young and sleek like the good cats of the American plains? Either way, if you are seeking for older females to date, this is not the suitable location to locate them.

HookupCougars Review Verdict – Don’t Count on Hooking Up Here

Soon after all of the investigation I have completed for this HookupCougar review, I can say with self-confidence that this site is a waste of your time. It’s has an ugly, challenging-to-use layout, it has no older ladies that I can obtain, and it is definitely attempting to take your cash!