2020 DOWN Dating App Review (The Benefits You Want to Know)

Sep 16 2020

At Beyond Ages, we want to give you the ideal suggestions and information and facts to get you out into the dating scene today. With so many dating apps obtainable to us now, we like to verify in on the extra popular alternatives so you don’t have to. If you are looking for a total, finish-to-finish DOWN dating app review, look no additional!

There are a lot of dating apps out there these days, which can make deciding on the correct app very difficult—especially with reasonably new apps like DOWN. You only have so lots of hours in the day, and spending all your time on the wrong app can be really frustrating. Thankfully, we have accomplished the tough work for you.

Ahead of I could create a detailed review on the app, I wanted to place some time into utilizing it myself. I’ve been using it for many weeks now: two weeks as a free of charge user and a lot more than a month as a Premium member.

I’ve been actively swiping every single day for that six week period. That suggests hundreds of profiles and lots of experimenting with my profile and settings. The intention was to go through the motions and actually set up dates so I could talk about the complete method. Some apps have a distinct culture and demand a bit of a unique tact.

This wasn’t just a quick browse. I wanted to be as fair as achievable, and I created a genuine effort to meet true girls.


A Detailed Look At The DOWN Dating App

Initially designed as a way to secretly swipe on your Facebook good friends, Facebook alterations broke that model. As DOWN mentions in their FAQ: 

“As of April 30, 2015, Facebook changed their platform, killing the original concept of viewing your mates and secretly matching with them, with no anyone realizing who makes use of DOWN. Due to these changes, it may perhaps now be feasible for your friends to infer who uses DOWN though applying it themselves.”

Linked by means of your Facebook account, the DOWN dating app is very equivalent to most of its competitors. You set up a profile, swipe to decide which profiles you are interested in and talk to those you match with. The greatest distinction is you have three solutions when swiping.

You can ignore a profile and just move on to the next, swipe up to mark them as “Date” or swipe down for “Hookup”. Rather than just swiping left or suitable for “Like” or “Dislike”, you can now specify exactly what you are interested in.

I’m sorry to say that in my six weeks of working with the app I’m however to get a single match. . . we’ll get into this later. Frustrating, since we place so much time, work and income into these reviews. Look on the vibrant side—at least you know not to devote your cash on it now, ideal?

Let’s take a closer look at how it stacks up against [?]. Soon after all, if an app can not satisfy these parameters, is it even worth downloading? I’ll let you choose.

Our Thorough Review Of The DOWN Dating App


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How several individuals are using this website to really meet people compared to other web pages.

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Does this site take right precautions to safeguard its members, their identity, and their information.

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The DOWN dating app has prospective but, regrettably, it’s a bit of a ghost town right now. In six weeks I got zero matches. Zero.

If this was the very first time I’d ever attempted on-line dating, I’d be particular there’s something incorrect with me! By the final week, I even extended my preferences and swiped up or down on every single single particular person.

I was obtaining desperate for some interaction to report on. Sadly for the developers, the truth that I nonetheless didn’t get a single match is sufficient for me. Following searching by way of their web page, it seems even the devs have provided up. Their last blog post was posted on November 20th last year.

Authenticating by means of Facebook (sorry, you will will need a Facebook account to use the app), it does appear to be protected and properly built. For what ever purpose, their user base just isn’t active. Presumably, they’ve had a bunch of people today sign up, get bored and neglect about it.

All in all, I’d say there’s no point in downloading this app. If you want to actually get some results you are a lot superior off going with . At least you know that you are on an app a lot of guys have had excellent good results with.

Surely, do not go handing more than funds for it. The ads for Premium promise “more matches,” but clearly that wasn’t correct for me.

Positives and negatives

Ever the optimist, I’m going to run through the other aspects I generally cover in these reviews. Just on the off possibility that they might fix this one particular glaring situation and it becomes usable. Matches or not, this will be a full DOWN app review! 

The point is, the app has a bunch of positives, and I wanted to like it so badly. So let’s go ahead and evaluate it relatively.


  • Clean style
  • Intuitive interface
  • Feels trustworthy
  • Nicely-built and trustworthy
  • Needs Facebook to sign up
  • User base appears to be zombied
  • Cost-free version gives continual, intrusive ads for Premium

Profiles, images and members

As I described above, the a single thing I’ve accomplished a lot of in this app is appear at profiles. Hundreds. Of all those profiles I didn’t see a single a single that looked fake. Possibly scammers know better than to target a ghost town?

Considering the fact that you can only from your Facebook or Instagram uploads, it is no surprise the photos seem legit. They had been all your standard fare, though several users have opted to have just 1 in their profile.

Also worth noting, Down profiles don’t give you a space for a bio. It’s just your photos, age and place which makes picking out the right ones even far more vital.

In terms of the ‘quality’ of women, this one was questionable. They appeared to be true people today by all suggests. As an alternative, what I’m referring to right here is attractiveness. To quantify it, I’d estimate possibly 30% of the profiles I saw had been girls I’d notice on the street.

In my private life I’m a really picky swiper. If I had been to apply my personal Tinder habits to this app my swiping would have been pretty limited. Naturally for this review I opened myself up a tiny a lot more to increase the volume of matches and conversations. Clearly, I was not effective.

These apps to tend to run on an ELO scoring technique of some form so I was nevertheless cautious. If you go swiping on everyone from day a single, you’ll basically decrease your score and get fewer matches.

As a final point right here, I did see a lot of profiles from males in spite of stating my preference to ladies. Whether or not this is gay guys setting their gender to “Female” or a glitch in the app I just do not know.

Design and style

General, the design of this app is fantastic. It looks sleek and clean, functions effectively and is incredibly simple to use. Even the absolutely free version has a premium really feel to it which created me so considerably a lot more comfortable handing more than dollars.

Aesthetically it has a very modern look and the animations that overlay as you swipe are a nice touch. As you swipe up and down either a “Date” or “Hookup” overlay will slide more than their profile in case you forget which is which.

This may well sound like a silly detail but given that most persons use dating apps casually, I truly like the thought. You can also scroll back via persons you have swiped on as well which I could see getting beneficial.

Comparing the app style to Tinder and Bumble, I consider it’s perfectly on par. All round I favor the Down interface, my only gripe is the reality that profile pics show up as a smallish circle. While Tinder and Bumble show you photographs about ⅓ the size of your screen, Down shows a circle about the size of your Facebook profile pic.

All in all even though, we’re speaking about quite minor specifics here.

Messaging and chatting

I’ll be sure to report back if I ever get a damn match!

What I can say is that I didn’t get a single spam message of any kind, so that’s nice.

Honestly, this is very frustrating, provided how clean the app is. I started out excited to test this out and write a DOWN app review. I suppose we can not win them all, ideal?

What can you do with a no cost membership

Like Tinder, Down lets you do every thing you need to have to with the totally free version. The way they push you to the paid version is by limiting you to seeing just ten profiles per day.

If the app had active users, I see no reason why you couldn’t be totally productive with the no cost version. It makes it possible for you to:

  • See females in your region (limited to ten per day)
  • Define and edit your age range
  • Swipe on these ten profiles every single day
  • Chat with women you’ve matched with

In terms of dating apps, there’s genuinely absolutely nothing extra that you want from it. See girls, match with them, chat and exchange phone numbers. That is the complete process in a nutshell.


Apart from their continual ad to upgrade to a paid subscription, there are no ads in the Down dating app at all.

This adds to the premium look and feel of the app. I have to admit some course language was uttered many instances when obtaining their ads for Premium though. Swipe, swipe, swipe, ad.  Tap the close button, swipe, swipe, ad. Argh!


The expense of the paid membership is $19.99 per month. Probably a tiny larger than I’d like to see but if the app supplied accomplishment I’d most likely pay it.

The premium membership gives you:

  • “10x extra matches” (technically 10 x is nevertheless so they’re not incorrect)
  • Far more profiles every single day. I suspect it is unlimited but I can’t look to confirm that anyplace
  • “DOWN Compass”. The capacity to view matches from a diverse location rather than just your regional region. Beneficial if you strategy to travel I suppose.
  • Hide your profile from Facebook mates
  • See who has liked you with out getting to match

All in all, these would be useful if the app had active customers. If their user base does boost I’d absolutely recommend the paid version. As it sits ideal now although, save your funds.

On best of this, you can also spend $two.99 for a “Supercharge Boost”. This enhance tends to make you the top profile in your area so you stand out and get much more matches. This enhance lasts just 24hrs.

Down Review FAQ

Ultimately, let’s take a look at some of the most frequent concerns folks have been asking about Down. As often, if you have a query I haven’t covered in this review, let us know!

What is downapp.com?

Down is a dating app created to facilitate both dating and hookups. Similar to most dating apps, you can swipe on these you are interested in and chat to your matches.

The largest distinction here is you do not just swipe ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. As an alternative, you swipe ‘Date’, ‘Hookup’ or skip their profile. 

How do you log into downapp.com?

Logging into Down is performed via the app and requires Facebook authentication. However, if you do not have a Facebook account you cannot use Down.

If you currently have Facebook installed and logged in on your phone, logging in is easy. Open the Down app, tap ‘login with Facebook’ and permit Down to use your Facebook account when prompted.

Down does not post something through your Facebook account.

What are downapp.com options?

The app shop is littered with dating app alternatives. So substantially so that identifying profitable apps can be difficult.

To save you some time and frustration, we reviewed . Take a appear at that review for the best options to the Down app.

How do you use downapp.com for totally free?

When making your Down account, you are automatically logging in as a totally free user. Whilst you can upgrade, it isn’t needed to do so.

The greatest limitation with a free account is you only get to see 10 profiles per day. This could slow down the course of action for you but besides that, there’s no cause you cannot be productive!

See for extra information.

How do you cancel your downapp.com membership?

Canceling a paid subscription for Down has to be accomplished via your App shop (iOS) or Google Play Shop (Android). Follow the actions under for your device.



How do you delete your downapp.com account?

Deleting your Down account is surprisingly simple. 

How significantly does downapp.com cost?

If you don’t thoughts getting restricted to 10 profiles per day you can use Down for cost-free. If you’d like to enhance that volume and get a few added perks, you can sign up for the premium membership.

This paid membership charges $19.99 per month. For a lot more details about this paid membership, .

Is downapp.com legit?

From my practical experience, the Down app is genuine, albeit a ghost town. While I’m nevertheless but to obtain a single match on the app, that appears to be a lack of active users rather than a scam.

Just because you will struggle for interaction does not make this a Down dating scam. Nonetheless, I cannot say I’d recommend installing it.

Is downapp.com a scam or true?

DOWN is a reputable app it just lacks an active user base. Whilst you will be presented with profiles each and every day, they seem to be of users that have stopped working with the app.

You may well read some skepticism on the internet, but there is no DOWN dating scam.

How do you send messages on downapp.com?

As soon as you have matched with an individual on DOWN, you can tap ‘messages’ in the bottom left corner to chat to them.

Like most dating apps, you will be presented with a list of your matches and conversations right here.

How do you search on downapp.com?

DOWN is a dating app rather than website. This suggests you can’t search in the regular sense. As an alternative, the app will present you with potential matches in your location, and you select whether or not or not you are interested in them by swiping.

In DOWN, swipe up for ‘Date’, down for ‘Hookup’ or left to skip them totally. If they swipe up or down on you as well, it’s a match and the two of you can chat.

Can I use DOWN with out a Facebook account?

No. DOWN makes use of Facebook as their safe approach of authentication. They also use it to cut down on the amount of spam and confirm your age. 

DOWN relies on Facebook and Instagram to pull your images also. If you do not have a Facebook account, sadly there’s no way for you to generate a DOWN account.

Does DOWN use my Facebook account to post anything?

No. DOWN only utilizes Facebook for authentication and images. It does not post anything to your timeline or through messenger.

Will my Facebook pals know I use DOWN?

Possibly. If you’re employing the cost-free version and default settings, there’s a slight possibility they can discover you in Facebook’s graph search for the app. There’s also the likelihood you’ll be presented to them as a possible match within DOWN.

If you will need to be particular your Facebook pals don’t know you use this app, there are a couple of items you will have to have to do:

Note that by default you will also obtain Facebook notifications when you have a DOWN match. You can turn this off in your DOWN settings as well. Nobody else can see this, of course, but if you want to retain Facebook and DOWN totally separate, it is one more setting you will want to modify.

Have you tried the DOWN dating app? If so, review it here and let us know how it worked for you!