2020 Cougared Review – Is Cougared.com A Terrible Website?

Sep 16 2020

In our Cougared review, we will determine if Cougared.com is a legit web-site worth your time or a total fake. It is this precise question that we have asked more than and over in .

There are tons of fake web pages out there full of fake profiles that want to be avoided. Thankfully for you, we have turn into specialists at spotting fake dating sites and we will use our expertise as we examine Cougared.com.

With a review like this, we like to devote time making use of each the no cost and paid version of a web page to get the full practical experience. We want to know what the true potential is and if it’ worth the dollars.

This also means sending out a lot of messages to different females and in fact trying to set up dates and hookups. If you do not go that far you truly do not know how great a web-site is.

Then we take all of our results and examine them to what we saw employing the finest alternatives out there correct now.

If there are lots of older ladies on Cougared.com a lot can be forgiven. Making a strong member base is the most hard part of constructing a profitable and useful dating web page to come across cougars. Has Cougared.com accomplished this?

Here is our review of Cougared.com so that you will not have to go by means of the exact same encounter.

Cougared Review – Is Cougared.com Legit?

To start points off let’s examine Cougared.com to the very best web site out there right now for truly meeting cougars :

Our team prices every single web-site objectively based on lots of hours of independent investigation, the functions each website gives, and how it compares with other internet sites. The ratings are the opinion of our editors and their comprehensive knowledge.

Our opinion of how attractive the typical lady is that uses this site and how simple they are to connect with compared to other websites.

How many individuals are employing this web-site to basically meet folks compared to other web-sites.

How straightforward is this web-site to use and how speedily can an average individual start meeting people compared to other websites.

Does this web page take appropriate precautions to safeguard its members, their identity, and their data.

Our opinion of how easily an average individual will be capable to realize their dating targets with this web page compared to other web sites.

Will the time and money spent working with this site pay off for an typical person based on the opinions and expertise of our editors.

Hunting at the speedy comparison above you get the idea. In the course of our review of Cougared.com we located a internet site that isn’t even attempting to connect men and women any longer. In fact, they’re a lot more interested in sending you to one more dating website than keep you about.

These are some of the large difficulties we identified:

If you want to a grocery store and they told you to wait outside ahead of they would let you in you would be a small suspicious. You would be even more suspicious if they spent the entire time trying to convince you to go to one more grocery shop as an alternative.

That is what you’ll discover on Cougared these days. They MANUALLY approve all members and straight away attempt to send you to either Adult FriendFinder or Match. Honestly, we feel they have the proper thought! Take their guidance and verify out if you’re hunting for a thing casual.

We initially reviewed Cougared back in 2014. It was truly a legit dating web site back then. Not great but nonetheless somewhat trying to truly function as a dating web page.

Practically nothing has been updated due to the fact then.

They have the very same homepage, the same “member” photos, and the same design. No one can look at this site and think that people today in 2020 are going to have accomplishment right here.

Cougared said it very best themselves, you should really check out Adult FriendFinder for short-term casual exciting or Cougar Life for one thing longer-term. It’s as straightforward as that. Use the links beneath to attempt them for totally free.

Warning Sign #1 – Negative Photoshop


This screenshot of the Cougared homepage is a surprisingly very good metaphor for this internet site. In the background, you have a smiling young man eager to come across older women to date. In the foreground, you have an clearly photoshopped in lady paying no interest to our young cub.

This is precisely how Cougared.com seems to be.

The clear Photoshop and early 90’s internet site style points strongly to Cougared.com becoming a internet site that hasn’t been updated in years. Contemporary internet sites that have an active member base will frequently update their web page, particularly their household web page.

Also, Cougared claims to have 1,000’s of members about the planet is incredibly underwhelming. With web sites like boasting member counts in the MILLIONS this is a actually terrible sign.

Though, when Cougared.com was designed like ten years ago 1,000’s of members may perhaps have been impressive!

or are way greater selections if you essentially want results

You do not have to do a complete review of Cougared like we did to know what you are obtaining into. Your very first impression is probably fairly correct (assuming you have eyes). The truth is you are going to be much better off with either Cougar Life or Adult FriendFinder depending on what you want.

is the ideal solution out there for meeting a cougar if you want to have a thing longer-term. They have more than 7,000,000 active users and the highest high-quality cougars we have found.

They are also entirely focused on helping each younger and older guys meet cougars. That implies that just about just about every woman on the web-site is interested in each younger and older guys. Verify out to see what we imply.

For relationships focused on sex, is by far the finest solution to meet cougars on. Tinder is the only other hookup app of related excellent and there are just about zero females more than 35 on Tinder.

When it comes down to apps and internet sites that can basically help you meet a woman we have not located a much better selection for the vast majority of guys. If you are super superior hunting you can be profitable anyplace but for most guys we suggest AFF. The girls on this internet site are by far the most most likely to basically meet up promptly and are less probably to jerk you around. Our time is beneficial and this is the place where we have observed the most effective benefits, especially compared to the investment on our end.

Because has been about since 2006 they have WAY far more ladies 35+ making use of the app and all of them are interested in a physical relationship, there is no other purpose to be on AFF.

If you are new to AFF and you can see the type of women in your area that use it.

Warning Sign #two – Zero new members nowadays

I’m writing our Cougared review on a Sunday afternoon. Sundays are 1 of the most well-known days for on line dating web pages. With this in mind, I would anticipate to see hundreds of new profiles designed right now on Cougared.com.

Sadly we identified zero new members these days for Cougared. ZERO. Which includes all nations. Which includes each males and girls.

You are not going to uncover older women on a web-site that is not signing up any members.

Perhaps Cougared.com is a closed internet site that does not advertise new members you ask? If that had been the case why would Cougared let you search for them?

Like any other social sites, online dating sites are 100% dependent on regularly obtaining new members to sign up. As soon as the new member pool dries up they turn into an additional MySpace.

Warning Sign #3 – Bait and switch as quickly as you login to Cougared.com

Ignoring the prior warning signs I signed up for an account. The signup method was easy and I submitted my registration. I received the typical “we will send you an e-mail confirmation” notification but under that was a real gem:

“But whilst you are waiting to be approved (go to these other competing web-sites)”

That is ideal. Even before Cougared.com gets you into their internet site they are trying to send you somewhere else. Do you seriously think you will be able to obtain cougars on a website that has no want you to in fact use it?

Seeing a lot of advertisements straight next to their logo really should have been a hint!

Sadly Cougared.com seems to have fallen into a purely advertising function. They lure interested young guys in with the guarantee to assist them come across older girls. Then they try as challenging as they can to send them to one more web-site.

No legitimate web page will do this!

Warnings Sign #four – Only guys are working with this website and not even a lot of of them

To get an even improved understanding of who is utilizing the Cougared web-site and how several actual customers they have we did some digging into their web page website traffic numbers. What we located was quite telling.

Peaking in January of 2014 with about 35,000 users per month getting Cougared.com by means of Google they have been in a nose dive considering the fact that then. Over the past several month there have only been a few thousand users locating the website applying Google.

This is a tremendous adjust. No genuine site can continue to exist and produce a good product with such a minuscule quantity of new customers coming in.

If you appear at any important dating website you will see hundreds of thousands if not millions of people obtaining the web page on a month-to-month basis. Dating websites have to have to have a continual stream of new customers coming in or else the internet site will swiftly empty out.

In our Cougared review we discovered a web page that long ago peaked and had relatively quickly been turning into a virtual ghost town.

With any kind of social web site like this it for the reason that a fatal cycle as soon as the quantity of older females and males interested in dating them start to decline. As populations decline the web page becomes much less eye-catching to new customers which in turn causes an even more rapidly decline.

Warning Sign #5 – No Facebook updates in years

If you want to uncover out if a internet site is properly run and interested in engaging with it’s users you ought to verify out their Facebook web page. In this case we locate a Facebook page that has not been updated in years.

If you find a corporation that hasn’t even tried to update their page in over 3 years you have a trouble. This is suspiciously timed with the sharp decline in the number of customers getting the website utilizing Google.

It seems that right around the time that the Cougared group stopped updated their web site and their Facebook web page the business genuinely started to tank.

Can You Come across Cougars when you login to Cougared.com?


Cougared may have had some traction years ago but is now just limping along to send individuals elsewhere. If you have read this far you are undoubtedly significant about dating cougars. Do your self a favor and investigate our  . Each web-site in the leading list are 100% genuine and will give you your very best opportunity of obtaining cougars.