2020 Cougardatelink Review: Is This Yet another Ripoff Web site or Worthwile?

Sep 16 2020

This CougarDateLink review is going to be a brief 1. Merely place, CougarDateLink is one of the lowest-rated websites in our . Older girls with younger men is not anything you are going to uncover on CougarDateLink. The closest you are going to get on CougarDateLink is a robot pretending to be an eye-catching older woman trying to lure you into paying for a subscription.

Right after performing so numerous reviews of cougar dating web sites 1 thing that under no circumstances ceases to amaze me is how clever some of these fake internet sites have become. The creators of these sights know exactly who they are targeting and are becoming increasingly sophisticated with their fraudulent activities.

Now much more than ever it is critical to research any web site before signing up to guarantee that you will in fact be joining a site that appealing cougars are in fact on. A great instance of this is our personal exactly where we highlight the absolute ideal web-sites on the web for dating cougars.

CougarDateLink started out searching like a promising web site. The homepage wasn’t more than the major. The design and style was fairly current. They did not even make any outrageous claims.

Sadly, as you will see, further examination proved them to be another web-site out to take your cash without having offering any true value.

CougarDateLink Assessment

Is CougarDateLink Legit or a Scam?

Warning Sign #1 – Lots Of Fake Profiles

The woman in the middle is Katelyn Tarver a singer and actor.

Fake. Profiles. Everywhere. My 1st activity following logging into a new cougar dating web-site like CougarDateLink is to do a Google Image Search on a couple of of the a lot more appealing profiles.

I ordinarily know I am dealing with fake profiles if the benefits show the following:


  • The lady is a qualified model
  • The lady is on dozens of other dating websites
  • The image has dozens or hundreds of benefits
  • The females are clearly in their 20’s but advertised as in their 40’s
  • Profiles show photographs of two unique ladies

Following checking a handful of profiles on Cougardatelink I require to add a new category “THE Image IS OF A CELEBRITY“. That is correct. Whoever is developing Cougardatelilnk’s fake profiles attempted to slip in Catelyn Tarver’s photo as a 30+ year old woman. Don’t really feel poor if you don’t know who she is, I didn’t either (she is an American singer and actor).

Illegitimate cougar dating internet sites are notorious for possessing mounds of fake profiles but this is the initial time I have noticed them try to pass off a celebrity. Thinking about this occurred ten seconds immediately after getting into CougarDateLink I am a tiny suspicious at this point. Most of the other profiles of the extra attractive ladies that I searched look to be fake as properly.

General I do not see any convincing proof that the majority, if not all, of the female profiles on this web page are fake. This is particularly accurate for the eye-catching older females looking for younger guys.

You will have far more “cougar dates” on and

As soon as you obtain a lot of fake profiles, like we did whilst reviewing Cougardatelink.com, you want to run away from that internet site as quickly as you can. If a website desires to place up fake profiles you have zero possibilities of meeting an actual woman on it.

As an alternative, you need to verify out either (if you are searching or a partnership with a cougar) or (if you are really just interested in sex).

These are the major two sites in their respective regions and two of our favorites that have delivered. Each web pages have a lot of millions of members, enable you attempt them for no cost (just click on the links above), and give even average guys a real shot at results with a cougar.

Never waste any much more time with Cougar Date Hyperlink and attempt them out now.

Warning Sign #two – Fake Chat Requests

This was one more 1st for me. I have however to obtain a cougar dating website that has fake chat requests. I am truly a small impressed with how clever they are simply because you cannot chat with a paid membership. I can image a young gentleman who produced the error of signing up for the sight devoid of looking up reviews. Now he is receiving several chat requests from desirable ladies but cannot respond! I bet CougarDateLink has had pretty a few individuals sign up due to the fact of these.

I attempted to chat back to test the applications intelligence but quickly soon after you send your very first message you are sent to the membership sign up web page. I discovered this to be so devious I wasn’t even mad, I was impressed!

After receiving four chat from requests as I sought out real older females with younger guys it became quite obvious that these had been also fake.

Warning Sign #three – Advertised As A No cost Cougar Dating Website But Is not

The website is advertised as totally free in a number of locations but when you get inside you uncover that not to be the case. You can add your profile to the web-site and do incredibly limited profile searches but that is it. You cannot read profile, you can not chat, you undoubtedly can not message any desirable females.

This internet site appears to be 100% made to lure males into subscribing for a quick period of time. Understanding that all new members will straight away cancel once they see what the web site genuinely is they are focused on having whatever funds they can without the need of demonstrating any actual value.

If you strategy on spending any time on this web page you will grow to be extremely familiar with the screen to the left. This is the paid member screen that you are sent to as soon as your try to accomplish something of value.

If this web-site was free of charge I would not advocate you spending any time right here. CougarDateLink has a lot of nerve if they honestly anticipate any individual to spend the exact same price tag per month that you can get memberships for at the incredibly ideal sites we found in our .

They truly are preying on unsuspecting guys who want absolutely nothing far more than to discover older females with younger males. DO NOT Pay FOR THIS Site!

Warning Sign #four – “Enhancement” Products

Appropriate as I was about to leave this web site forever and conclude my review I saw the tab labeled “Sexy Hyperlinks”. What could this possibly be? What treasure trove of knowledge will I uncover here? Oh, it’s this…

This appears risky…

CougarDateLink has decided to travel down the path that we all know one hundred% legitimate web-sites go down. They have decided to sell “enhancement” merchandise for their male audience. Not only can you come across older women with younger men on this web-site you can also obtain a number of other great products. Diet plan tablets? Verify. Extenders? Check. Tablets incase the extender does not work? Verify.

When a cougar dating web site turns into a undesirable spam e mail it is time to pull the plug on the review. I can see with supreme confidence that CougarDateLink is mostly focused with taking your dollars and not with helping you locate older with with younger guys.

Can You Locate Actual Older Ladies With Younger Males On Cougardatelink?

Not Probably!

Check out our to come across genuine web sites that are not total scams!