2020 Cougar Life Review – What We Located Employing The App (For Real)

Sep 15 2020

In our Cougar Life review, we devote hours and hours working with and testing the web site to determine just how helpful it will be for you. We have investigated and reviewed hundreds of dating web-sites in our annual review of the very best cougar dating websites and we have ultimately identified a wonderful internet site worth speaking about!

There are other legitimate dating internet sites out there where you can obtain attractive older females to date but is seriously the only game in town if you are really serious about it. Web sites like and Match have a particular percentage of cougars but practically nothing like what you will find on Cougar Life.

In this review, we will take an in-depth look at Cougar Life using the similar criteria we applied for all of our other site reviews. If you like what you see   and see for yourself.

Our Cougar Life Review For This Year

In our Cougar Life review, we are focused on evaluating if this is a web site that can support each younger and older guys meet appealing females 35+. We are purely focused on meeting women in that age group so web pages that can be excellent for dating in general (like or Tinder) will not rate as highly as a site that genuinely focuses on this group.

To make our reviews a lot more meaningful we also like to have another internet site as a comparison point (in this case ). The ratings are how every site rated overall, not just a comparison amongst the two.

Our team rates each and every internet site objectively based on many hours of independent research, the features every internet site gives, and how it compares with other internet sites. The ratings are the opinion of our editors and their substantial experience.

Our opinion of how eye-catching the typical lady is that makes use of this website and how quick they are to connect with compared to other web sites.

How numerous people are working with this web site to really meet folks compared to other sites.

How quick is this website to use and how rapidly can an average individual begin meeting persons compared to other internet sites.

Does this site take correct precautions to safeguard its members, their identity, and their information.

Our opinion of how quickly an typical individual will be in a position to realize their dating goals with this web site compared to other web pages.

Will the time and money spent working with this web page pay off for an typical individual based on the opinions and expertise of our editors.

Just after spending hundreds of hours attempting out all of the very best dating web-sites and apps out there for meeting desirable women we have discovered the most effective. There are three key groups that can benefit tremendously from applying Cougar Life:

Guys below 35

If you are a guy under 35 interested in meeting a cougar is hands-down the most effective web page out there for this. Each and every single lady on this internet site is interested in dating younger guys AND Willing TO ACT ON IT.

You can find single older ladies on other web pages and some of them may be interested in younger guys but it is actually challenging to inform. Even if they are interested, a lot of them are too nervous to truly do a thing about it. Cougar Life does a excellent job of only attracting girls who are interested AND prepared.

Men more than 35 who can hold up

One particular of the biggest reasons cougars are interested in dating younger guys is that they have problems meeting guys their personal age who can retain up with them. If you are a guy more than 35 who can deal with the challenge will function good.

Cougar Life attracts ladies with a lot of energy and a robust sex drive. If that sounds like a challenge you want to take on this is the web-site for you. If you are a guy who may well struggle to preserve up you can nonetheless locate results but you will have to be far more selective with the ladies you message.

Busy men

If you are a busy guy who does not have the time to commit hours and hours in a bar or club you need to have to be seeking on line. There is no much easier or more effective way to meet a lot of women rapidly. is the ideal site we have found if women 35+ is what you are seeking for so verify them out now!

These are the key positives and negatives we located in our review of Cougar Life. There is undoubtedly a lot to like but no dating app is best. We go into much deeper depth on every point following the higher-level list if you want to find out more.

  • The largest website focused on cougar dating (7,000,000+ members)
  • A surprising quantity of attractive girls (hot but not so hot they are unapproachable)
  • A lot of ladies interested in dating younger guys (as effectively as older guys)
  • Genuinely quick to use and search
  • A superior mix of women in search of relationships as nicely as brief-term flings
  • No females below 35 (in case you have broader interests)
  • Definitely only established in English speaking countries
  • Paid account is vital to get the full rewards

Promising Sign #1 – Experienced Style

Logging onto a cougar dating website and seeing professional net design (like ) is surprisingly refreshing. Just after reviewing so lots of internet sites that appear like they had been made as part of a high school homework project (that didn’t get a great grade) you learn to appreciate real style.

The design is not on the level of a Match or eHarmony but it is certainly far ahead of the pack for web-sites that cater primarily to younger men dating older ladies. Some of you could miss the rows and rows of fake profile photos with half-naked models that you see on the scam web-sites. Unfortunately, you won’t come across them on Cougar Life and will have to settle for the true deal.

Promising Sign #2 – We Found Legitimate Hyperlinks and Partnerships Throughout Our Cougar Life Overview

You are not going to discover links or mentions from , , , , or for any other cougar dating web site. In terms of widespread legitimacy and publicity, Cougar Life is miles ahead of the competition.

The only hyperlinks or mentions that you are going to come across to any other internet site that is focused on younger males dating older girls are spam links and fake internet sites. Spam attracts spam and high-quality attracts high-quality.

The New Yorks Mets even proactively ! No reputable business would even take into consideration partnering with any of Cougar Life’s competitors but they know a genuine internet site when they see one particular.

Promising Sign #3 – The Women Are Not All Models (but nonetheless great looking)

It may possibly sound counterintuitive at very first but you do not want to see row soon after row of gorgeous ladies when you 1st search a dating site. If you see practically nothing but models when you are searching you can be 99.9% sure that the website is 100% fake.

The .1% of websites exactly where you can basically locate that are typically going to be mail-order brides from Eastern Europe or incredibly pricey “escorts”.

What you want to see is what I was pleasantly shocked to locate in this Cougar Life Review. You want to see quite appealing but not “model hot” ladies. You also want to see some typical and below typical searching ladies sprinkled in there as nicely. Essentially, you want to see a tiny bit of all the things as you would expect from a site that attracts all types of ladies.

There are a surprising number of incredibly eye-catching older women on this web page.

Promising Sign #4 – A Lot Of Facebook “Likes”

Over 4,000 people how “liked” Cougar Life or one particular of the posts on their Facebook web page. That goes a extended way in showing the legitimacy of a website.

It is generally a pretty large step for a person to publicly declare to all of the web that they “like” or approve of a particular dating web page. If you have thousands of fans publicly singing your praises to their close friends and loved ones you need to be performing a thing extremely proper.

Promising Sign #five – Millions of Members

When you get down to it the quantity of attractive older women your web site has members is the number one particular factor for most guys. They want to locate where all the cougars are so that they can make contact with them and meet them. In the case of our Cougar Life Review, where there is smoke there is fire.

When you look at a lot of other cougar dating websites you will have a really hard time finding any sort of credible numbers of members. Their reason for that is that there are practically zero ladies on those web pages. Given Cougar Life’s widespread publicity and far superior service, they have been capable to generate a member base of over 7 MILLION users! The only web-sites with comparable users counts are the important dating web pages that cater to absolutely everyone.

We have not been able to obtain the sheer number of older females dating younger guys nor the quality that we saw in this Cougar Life review anyplace else.

Warning Sign #1 – Potential Escort’s Posing as Cougars

When Cougar Life does seem to be the very best cougar dating internet site on the market place we do want to get in touch with out one particular adverse we noticed. There does seem to be a modest population of escorts and other qualified companions on Cougar Life. This is incredibly frequent on most dating internet sites and Cougar Life is not any various. Be certain to use frequent sense when dating any older lady you meet on line and you will virtually certainly have a fantastic expertise.


If you have created it this far in our Cougar Life review then you have most likely come to a related conclusion to us. Cougar Life is by far the ideal cougar dating web-site about. If you are ready to take the subsequent step to meeting a beautiful older lady on the net then be certain to check out our . If you are ready to get began then follow this and begin your absolutely free trial appropriate now! Do not wait till tomorrow. Take that uncomplicated very first step now!

Regularly Asked Concerns About Cougar Life

Below are some more questions that we get asked a lot regarding Cougar Life:

Does Cougar Life work and is Cougar Life good?

As we speak about in-depth in our review above we have identified Cougar Life to be the greatest choice for younger guys to meet attractive cougars. For guys who are 35+ themselves, Cougar Life is also a fantastic option if you can preserve up with the younger guys.

Is Cougar Life a scam or fake?

With so many other cougar web sites out there that are outright scams, it is fair to be a little cautious. In our expertise, Cougar Life gives a strong service that does a good job of connecting males with ladies 35+. Absolutely everyone is going to have a different knowledge but they are going to give you the most effective probabilities of all the websites out there focused on this. In our opinion, Cougar Life is not a scam or fake.

Where is the Cougar Life login (and how to login)?

If you are new to Cougar Life, you can use to signup for a new cost-free account. You will go by means of a regular signup method for a dating web-site exactly where you fill out a small information about oneself and what you are hunting for. When your new account is setup you can follow the exact same hyperlink and click on the “Login” button on the leading left of the screen. After you put in your username and password you can access your account.

How do you use Cougar Life search?

Cougar Life’s search functionality is in fact pretty simple to use. As you can see in the image under, you just need to have to place in the following information and facts to obtain females who meet your search preferences nearby:

  • Location
  • Distance from you
  • Photos
  • Body form
  • Eye and hair colour
  • Ethnicity
  • Language
  • Other keywords and phrases

How can you see all of the Cougar Life pictures?

With a cost-free account, you are capable to see all of the public photos that the women on Cougar Life are displaying publicly. There are additional Cougar Life images labeled as “private” which are only viewable if that lady gives you specific permission to do so. In order to see all of the private images you need to strike up a conversation and ask for them to let you see what they are hiding from the public.

How can you view Cougar Life private pictures and profile pics

On Cougar Life private photos are only viewable if you have permission from the woman who has posted them. You are in a position to view their public profile pics but and private pictures call for permission. That can be granted by the lady at any time you just need to have to ask.

How can you study Cougar Life messages for absolutely free?

However, there is not any way to read Cougar Life messages for free at this time if you are a man. If you want to be able to read any of the messages you get from the girls on the web site you will need to signup for the low-price membership.

Will I get fake messages on Cougar Life?

In our knowledge with Cougar Life fake messages were not an problem. There are a lot of web-sites out there that will send fake messages to people who have recently signed up but not purchased a paid account. This is a trick to get them to signup. While we have been applying Cougar Life fake messages have been not one thing that we came across nor have we heard that they are being sent.

How can I get full Cougar Life site access?

In order to attain full Cougar Life web page access you will have to have to have a paid account. You are in a position to do a lot of factors with the no cost account, which includes browsing profiles, but you will need to have a paid account for complete access.

To signup for a paid account, you will just have to have to login to your current Cougar Life account and decide on the selection to “Upgrade”. Then you can choose which program you want and get full web-site access quickly.

How substantially does Cougar Life cost?

Yes, Cougar life does expense income if you want to be able to use the complete functionality of the web site. Under is a breakdown of the fees for a Cougar Life membership:

How can I get a cost-free Cougar Life subscription

With , you are able to sign up for a totally free Cougar Life account proper now. With this free Cougar Life subscription, you will be able to view profiles for the cougars in your location and appear by means of most of the web page. Unfortunately, if you truly want to message any of the girls or respond to what they write to you a paid membership is expected. With on-line dating you often get what you spend for so this is not a huge surprise.

How can I get free of charge Cougar Life credits?

If you are unable to swing a paid membership to Cougar Life the clear subsequent step is to attempt and uncover a way to get free of charge credits. However, we have however to locate a way to get Cougar Life credits for free. They may possibly sometimes do promotions exactly where you get free credits in the course of specific days but you would want to hold an eye on their social media to make positive.

What are some Cougar Life options?

We invest a lot of time attempting to locate the ideal web sites to meet cougars each year. If you want to see what other web pages ranked nicely check out .