2020 Cougar.com Professional Review – Is This Web page Legit Or A Scam?

Sep 16 2020

No review of cougar dating web sites would be comprehensive without the need of a Cougar.com review. How could we contact our all inclusive without having reviewing the namesake? We review one hundred+ web sites for meeting cougars each year in order to assist you come across the most effective.

With a name as straight forward as Cougar.com you would hope that they would provide on their promise. You would hope that they would deliver a top-notch site where you can discover appealing older women to meet and date. We took the time to test them out and see if this is actually worth spending time on.

Cougar.com Review – Is this Website Legit or A Scam?

Here is what we located when attempting out Cougar.com for our review:

Cougar.com Review Warning Sign #1 – The girls shown on the homepage are models

When you 1st arrive on the page just after clicking on the Cougar.com link items appear fairly excellent except that now you are on a absolutely distinctive web site (MIlfaholic). The design and style is modern day and doesn’t seem to be from the 90’s. There are a lot of pictures of appealing females. The web-site appears to be a lot a lot more graphic then your standard cougar dating web page but some may well be into that.

As soon as you appear a small deeper items start to unravel. Carrying out a swift Google image search will show that most of the ladies shown on the homepage are experienced models. In truth, there is not a single woman shown that is really on the site.

It is a genuinely poor sign when they try to trick you with a bunch of scantily clad models to get you to sign up. Specially when they appear to be attempting to play it off like they are members of the site itself.

and are the only two web pages you need

As soon as you have spent a couple of minutes employing Cougar.com it becomes fairly apparent that this isn’t the highest excellent website about. We are going to get into the details in extra depth below but you can save your self some time and heading over to now.

With over 7 million members and a population of ladies that are 100% single cougars, they are going to be your best, in particular if you actually want a connection from this. Cougar.com just can not compete at all in terms of high-quality or quantity of single cougars that are accessible.

We got our most effective results from Cougar Life () and consider you will too.

On the other hand, we have all observed advertisements for sites that promise to put you in touch with females interested in a rapid fling. Practically all of them are comprehensive garbage. In our expertise, and we have tested more than one hundred of these websites in ) there are only two true options: Tinder and .

Tinder is fantastic if you want to date women under 30 and are a pretty fantastic looking guy yourself. On the other hand, if you want to date ladies 35+ and don’t take place to be blowing people away with your looks Tinder is not going to do much for you.

We have identified that Adult FriendFinder, which you, has the most single girls 35+ searching for a fast fling of any site we have noticed. They have more than 50,000,000 active members so it tends to make a lot of sense that they would.

If you are looking to meet up with a cougar for some duty-cost-free entertaining they are going to be your ideal bet. Verify them out and see what alternatives you have.


Warning Sign #2 – Lots of advertising for reside cam shows

Once you register items get even worse. Soon after you go by way of the registration approach you are swarmed with sketchy ads. Navigating via the internet site you will see dozens of advertisements for “reside cam shows”, adult videos, and “enhancement” products for males. When a cougar dating web-site immediately devolves into spam e-mail advertisements you know you are in trouble.

Reputable dating web-sites don’t will need to blast their customers with ads. They offer a great service and in return their users happily pay for it. When you have a internet site that appears to be 99.9% engaged in marketing alternatively of supplying a service you know you are in the incorrect place.

Warning Sign #3 – Lots of fake profiles

Getting past the terrible marketing we investigated the profiles subsequent. There have been a lot of profile with photographs of desirable ladies. This is ordinarily a excellent sign and could possibly be able to make up for the scam advertisements and all round sketchy vibe.

Sadly the profiles of every desirable lady we look at have been clear fakes. Most of the profiles made use of pictures of models that can be identified elsewhere on the net. These that didn’t typically had photographs that did not even match. Somebody make an effort, but not too much of an effort, to fill this internet site with the images of attractive females. Sadly it is really probably that none of them have ever actually logged onto this site.

Warning Sign #4 – Fake messages and “Buddy Requests”

The final straw was the fake messages and “buddy requests” that instantly began flooding in right after I registered. This is a favorite tactic amongst the fake cougar dating web sites and can be extremely productive in finding young males to sign up for a paid membership. In our case we received three messages and three buddy requests in less then five minutes.

Now you could be considering that sounds fairly very good. If this was a legitimate site you would be ideal. In this case it is incredibly unlikely that three eye-catching females would message somebody with a blank profile within minutes of them signing up!

Warning Sign #five – This website now forwards you someplace else

It appears like our earlier review was appropriate on the revenue. As of 2019 Cougar.com will now send you straight to an adult site. It would appear that they have ultimately given up trying to convince you that this is a genuine web site and now get straight to the point.

Cougar.com Review Conclusion

It is pretty apparent by now that this site is to be avoided. You will not be seeing it anywhere close to our list this year or ever. It is already tough sufficient to locate and meet desirable older women. You don’t want to waste any of your restricted time or money on a website like this that will not enable you reach your objectives.


  • Paul “Alan” Blankenship
    February six, 2018 at four:25 pm

    Did not see something one way or the other regarding SnapCougars? After reading you short article right here, I do not feel confident in this site now. Can you shed any light upon this distinct website?

  • Anonymous
    August 27, 2018 at 9:34 am

    Excelent… I can say.. That i register and pay ten euros… But 30 minutes was enough to realize that is a scam…

Did not see something one particular way or the other with regards to SnapCougars? After reading you write-up here, I do not feel confident in this internet site now. Can you shed any light upon this certain site?

Excelent… I can say.. That i register and pay 10 euros… But 30 minutes was adequate to realize that is a scam…