2020 BlackCrush Review – What we discovered after weeks of testing it out

Sep 15 2020

On the web dating can be an awesome issue so long as you’re applying a good quality dating web page or app. However even though, not all web-sites are developed equal. And you do not want to waste your time on a web site that’s a bust or a scam.

At BeyondAges, we’re all about helping you get out there and delight in dating. To make that come about, we like to extensively attempt out the apps and internet sites we see most talked about on the web. By taking the time to do a full review of each, we can save you a lot of aggravation, effort and money. You can prevent attempting scam web-sites and put your energy into the ones that basically work.

When you’re reading reviews of a possible website you can only trust that you’re acquiring the complete specifics if the individual writing the review made use of Both the free and paid versions of the website/app!

We reached out to 50 girls to start off a conversation. Our target was to see how many real users are truly on the web page and to set up a date with any if they existed.

We place Black Crush via the wringer to truly encounter what this internet site was like as an actual user. We did all the operate, so you don’t have to.

As you can see beneath, this website is a carbon copy of a web site . Quickly, we had a fairly good idea of what to expect from applying this website.

Not to judge a book by its cover though, we went ahead with the comprehensive review. Let’s take a closer appear at what we found.

Our Black Crush Review Expertise

Let’s begin with a fast appear at the basic components that make for a high quality dating web page. We’ve compared it against the properly-known eHarmony for a basic comparison. From this graphic alone, you get a pretty great notion of what’s to come.

Our team rates each site objectively based on a lot of hours of independent analysis, the capabilities every single web-site offers, and how it compares with other web sites. The ratings are the opinion of our editors and their comprehensive expertise.

Our opinion of how desirable the standard lady is that utilizes this site and how effortless they are to connect with compared to other web pages.

How quite a few individuals are working with this website to actually meet men and women compared to other sites.

How quick is this web site to use and how swiftly can an typical person commence meeting people compared to other web sites.

Does this web site take appropriate precautions to safeguard its members, their identity, and their information.

Our opinion of how quickly an typical person will be able to accomplish their dating ambitions with this web page compared to other web pages.

Will the time and dollars spent applying this site spend off for an typical individual primarily based on the opinions and encounter of our editors.

Overall, our recommendation is to save your self the time. Don’t bother producing a BlackCrush account and unquestionably don’t go handing over your credit card facts.

If you are seeking for hookups with single black girls you are going to have a lot superior accomplishment working with in our expertise.

We didn’t come across a single legitimate user on the internet site. It’s packed with fake accounts that push you into signing up for a paid account.

See, until you’ve paid for at least the standard package, you cannot even message any one on the web-site. Though you have got a free of charge account you will receive pretty a couple of messages and IMs from “women” that want to chat.

The hope is you’ll fall for this, think genuine ladies are reaching out to you, and start off paying so you can speak to them. Regrettably although, it appears to be all bots. No genuine messages and no accurate adore to be had.

The only constructive right here is that they’re rather lazy about it. Take the below message for instance.

Lazy messages like this will gradually trickle into your inbox, targeting every step of their method. When you have a free of charge account they recommend that you chat with them (which implies you require to spend).

When you have paid but have a blank profile you get messages like this. When your profile is set up, it’s messages about how you must text them (an further paid service).

Regardless of our general adverse experience with the site so far, let’s get into the detail of the pros and cons of BlackCrush.

  • The spam messages and profiles are lazily crafted and simple to spot
  • The internet site is pure spam
  • No actual customers exist on the web site
  • You will be harassed continually to pay extra funds

The Facts of Our Black Crush Overview

The poor profiles had been our first warning

Prior to the spam messages can begin, the low-high-quality profiles are your initial indication that something is fishy.

Often constructed with poor English and the sort of language men and women just do not use, they feel a tiny off. Too over the major to be an actual woman behind the profile. In most instances, the photographs are overtly sexual also, just displaying a photo of their breasts or lingerie.

Now we know that becoming openly sexual does not mean they’re fake. It’s the combination of getting so more than the leading though also possessing such poorly written attempts at enticing you to chat.

Take this profile for instance. The user ‘urbigtitfantasy’ wants to know “can you make all my naughty dreamsm come accurate?” Oh boy, we confident hope so, shut up and take our money!

It is also worth noting we’re nowhere close to Mount Sterling, Ohio. Not even the place is precise.

In the course of our time spent on the web page and reaching out to 50 “women”, we are but to see a single legit profile. Not a single real message or hint there’s something but spam behind each 1. Just like AffairAlert.

BlackCrush does not fail at design and style

Overall, the design and style of this site is not completely bad. By all suggests, it is a dated style, but it’s functional. Credit where credit is due, appropriate?

Although their option of colour palette might not be the most pleasing, navigating the site is quite easy. Their excessive use of scantily-clad females is a bit more than the major but overall, things could be worse.

In all honesty, dating web sites in common are not about to win awards for their design and style aesthetic. BlackCrush doesn’t fall all that far behind some of the major contenders in terms of look.

Messaging and chatting on BlackCrush

Being that it is a spam web page with no true customers, messaging and chatting is a fruitless venture. 

By all suggests, the interface for each is basic and familiar. Internal messaging feels a great deal like a 2005 webmail interface and chatting is fairly related to Facebook Messenger.

The obvious distinction is that when you message “women” on this web-site, you will get an automated response. It doesn’t matter what you say, you’ll get some type of arbitrary response to suggest she wants you. Now.

Also worth noting, if you want to use the immediate messaging feature, you’ll have to have to pay for a Gold membership. The Premium option lets you message other customers but not chat to them.

What we could do for cost-free during our BlackCrush evaluation

A free of charge membership on BlackCrush makes it possible for you to do two points:

  • Appear at the profiles of “women” in your region
  • Receive continuous spam messages and chat pop-ups

That is exactly where it ends. You’ll frequently get messages and IMs enticing you to talk to them. As soon as you try to respond though, you are reminded that only paid members get to do that.

Eventually, that indicates the web page is useless till you hand more than your credit card — which we do not suggest carrying out.

Strangely, there are no ads to be seen

Interestingly enough, we haven’t seen ads of any sort on this website. When AffairAlert had ads for cam sites and different porn web pages, BlackCrush does not.

You do get constantly spammed to upgrade to a Gold membership but these do not really qualify as advertisements. Possibly they’re nonetheless in the approach of constructing this site up ahead of they monetize it? 

Misleading pricing solutions

The pricing structure for this web-site seems fairly difficult at initially glance so let’s take a look.

For this review, we went with the month-to-month VIP package. Searching at the screenshot above, it seems clear this is the top rated package, correct? No.

While they do not give you any more info right here, Gold is the 1 that gives you the most. It might look counterintuitive at 1st but consider about their purpose and the web site they’re operating with.

Not many people today will be naive sufficient to spend for this web-site additional than after. If they can get you signed up for 6 months straight away, they already have your $69.90. If you sign up for the VIP option though, you spend $29.95 today and you are not most likely to fall for it once again subsequent month.

As a genuine business enterprise, this would be a terrible model. As a spam web page though, it’s type of clever. Just do not fall for it — put your credit card away.

Black Crush Often Asked Questions

To wrap up this Black Crush review we’re going to cover some of the additional often asked questions. If you have a question about this website or the review at all, go ahead and let us know. We’d adore to hear from you!

What is BlackCrush.com?

BlackCrush.com is a scam dating web site. Though it claims to facilitate dating and hookups with black girls, there aren’t any actual customers on the web-site.

As an alternative, the site is created to look like there are true users so you sign up for a paid membership.

How do you log into Black Crush?

To build an account for Black Crush, all you require is an email address. From the residence page, you can produce a new username and password to log in with.

What are BlackCrush.com alternatives?

No matter what you’re searching for in a dating web-site, there’s a legitimate option to suit. Rather than drop a massive list here, go ahead and take a look at our review of .

How do you use Black Crush for free of charge?

BlackCrush.com lets you build a no cost account but it doesn’t let you do a whole lot.

Making use of a absolutely free account permits you to log in and appear at the profiles of women nearby. Seriously even though, that’s about it.

You’ll be spammed with messages and chat pop-ups from “women” who want to chat. Till you hand over your credit card particulars even though, you cannot reply to any of these at all.

How do you cancel your Black Crush membership?

A testament to the spam nature of this site, there doesn’t appear to be a way to cancel your membership. Getting gone through just about every feasible area of the website (including their FAQ) there’s no solution to cancel your payments.

Rather, just go ahead and delete your account:

We’d recommend keeping an eye on your credit card transactions in the following weeks too.

How do you delete your Black Crush account?

Deleting your account is just as very simple. Just follow these actions:

How considerably does Black Crush expense?

BlackCrush.com is presented in a confusing way on the internet site. Here’s a simplified breakdown of their pricing options:

three-day trial: $eight.90

1 month: $29.95

3 months: $49.95 ($16.65 per month)

six months: $69.90 ($11.65 per month)

The 6-month “Gold” package presents the broadest access. Regardless, save your cash as you will not be speaking to any genuine users on this website.

Is Black Crush legit?

Absolutely not. In the month we’ve used this web-site we’ve yet to encounter a actual user.

Each interaction has felt quite robotic and was clearly developed to guide us toward spending a lot more revenue. BlackCrush.com is not a genuine dating site.

Is Black Crush a scam or true?

The Black Crush scam is actual. The whole website is garbage created to get your money and that is where it ends, unfortunately.

We did see some chatter online about a Black Crush scam and we’re sorry to say it is appropriate. Do not hand over your credit card information.

How do you send messages on Black Crush?

Black Crush gives you two options for messaging “women” — each need a paid membership.

You can send “Messages” which are basically internal emails to other members. All levels of membership enable this function.

If you want to “Chat” to other members though, you will have to have to sign up for the six-month “Gold” membership. This permits you to chat to members in actual-time, much like Messenger.

How do you search on Black Crush?

Searching on Black Crush is quite easy. You’ll obtain a “Search for Women” panel on the right of the home web page.

Here you can pick your preferred age range and distance, then hit “Search”.

This will refresh the grid of profiles in the middle of your screen to show profiles that meet your parameters.

Have you attempted Black Crush? Tell us about your practical experience!